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33 Signs Of Indigo Children – Are You An Indigo Child?

Indigo Children

Who Are The Indigo Children?

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Indigo children are souls present on earth now to help realign humanity with our authentic truth as multidimensional, spiritual beings.

They’re often called “system busters” and are usually intuitive, strong willed, incredibly bright souls who don’t seem to or want to fit into the system. They’re the rule breakers, and are here with a special mission to help humanity evolve and move toward a higher level of consciousness.

In the case of Indigo’s this work is often through helping break down and shine a light upon the old and outdated aspects of the world that are ready to be changed, dissolved, or shifted.

Most agree that the soul group of Indigo chlidren began arriving in the 1970’s, with the majority being born in the 1980’s and 1990’s (though there are still Indigo children being born today). This does not however mean that all children born since the 1980’s are in this group… Many souls incarnating on Earth are still bringing a great deal of karma and past life challenges to work through and resolve. Once these karmic soul lessons have been learned, all beings can tap into the power and possibility for transformational change carried by the Indigo, Crystal and Rainbow “Star kids”.

What Is The Purpose of Indigo Children (And Adults)…

The primary purpose for the Indigo’s is to help to free us from all of our past limitations and to break down our old and outdated habits and beliefs.

Indigo’s are here to challenge our way of thinking which clears the way for the Crystal’s and Rainbow’s to accomplish their missions.

These Indigo kids (many of whom are now adults) are old and wise souls returning to Earth to lead us toward greater creativity and cooperation and to pave the way for a more spiritual and connected society.

Important Jobs to Do

Most of us carry the belief that we are separate from each other.  You have your own mind and body, your own thoughts and feelings, and your own life.  Indigo Children know that this isn’t true.  They are here to eliminate this old belief and bring us closer to the truth:  we are all one. We have forgotten the connection that exists between our minds but an Indigo has an inner knowing and a deeper understanding that includes psychic abilities.

When humans started to think with ego, rather than feel through spirit, thousands of years ago, we lost the ability to remain tapped into the collective consciousness. The more we came to rely on ego and intellect, the less awareness we had of our intuition. Indigo Children have come to remember their true selves and to help others do the same.

The average Indigo came into this current life time with many challenges and previous karma.  Their work is to learn the lessons, resolve the karma and old patterns, and then ascend to be natural spiritual teachers and leaders. Because of this, you’ll find that many Indigo’s have known from an early age that they are special, with an important job to do here. This causes some to feel completely at ease in this life and others to feel constantly outside.

Indigo’s are often born with clairvoyance (clear seeing), claircognizance (clear knowing), clairaudience (clear hearing), or clairsentience (clear feeling). They can easily connect to the angel realm, detect dishonesty in others, and have an uncanny ability to read others and situations. For the most part, they are confident individuals with a high sense of self-worth.

They are here to smash our false beliefs and remove obstacles.  To do that, they have been gifted with warrior personalities, psychic gifts, and a strong intuition. This combination of gifts insures their success in clearing the way and helping to begin humanities journey to our natural next step.

They can however be addiction prone, sensitive to toxins and chemicals, and can even tend to get in trouble as they smash preconceived ideas and are very comfortable “breaking the rules”.

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Traits of Indigo Children

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Indigo Children are here to show us that, really, we are all Star Children. Every soul on the earth is at least a 7th dimensional spiritual being… And it's time to reclaim this spiritual connection and power.

The Indigo's mission is to point out that we have all chosen to attend the multidimensional school on Earth, and by intentionally opening ourselves up to the Divine, we can remember our true selves.

Indigo children remind us to access the collective love and wisdom of humanity, while at the same time helping us to leave behind all that no longer serves us.

With love,



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