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How to Connect With Your Higher Self– Do This Now!

Embody Your Higher Self

How to Connect with Your Higher Self Your Higher Self is the True You. It is the higher Divine aspect of you that is fully connected to the All, and as a result of this expanded awareness and presence is able to clearly guide and support you in living your most vibrant life.

Whether you are aware of the presence of your higher self, or not, they are always looking out for what is best for you. Your higher self guides and supports you in becoming aware of your innate connection and oneness with the Divine and All That Is.

In this article, you're not only going to learn how to connect with your Higher Self, you will also experience this direct connection so you can embody the higher light frequencies of wisdom, love, that are in direct alignment with your core truth.

How to Connect With Your Higher Self

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Check out the Archangel Michael meditation mentioned in the video here:

Embody Your Highest Self Now >> 

What is the Higher Self?

Your Higher Self is the higher dimensional aspect of you. It is the part of you in complete alignment with your Divine I Am Core existing outside of the realm of duality and illusion, outside above the 3D. . It is the higher part of you that is fully aware of your oneness with the All…  With Source, the Divine, the Infinite.

It is the part of you that is aware of the specific purpose and mission you as a soul incarnated here in the physical, to experience, and because of this awareness is able to guide and support you in anchoring this higher purpose into your physical life.

Benefits of Connecting with Your Higher Self

There are really so many benefits of connecting with your Higher Self including that this connection empowers you to perceive from a Higher Divine perspective, to clearly know your best steps, and to simply observe your present situation from the lenses of Divine Love, from Higher Knowing and Divine Truth.

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There are in terms of your multidimensional nature, different aspects of your Higher Self across different dimensions.

But today, we're going to focus on connecting with your Highest Divine Self, your Highest Divine Light and that part of you that is one with Divine I AM, All That Is, and that can best support and guide and assist you in your life.

Reconnect with your Higher Self

You have an innate link with your Higher Self. To reconnect with it, it's about clearing your mind, silencing your thoughts, and tuning into a relaxed, present point of awareness, being fully here and now.

When you're relaxed, you're then able to consciously call in light around you in a way you can feel, perceive and experience.

You're then able to call forth your Highest Divine Self to lower down and to move in all around you… To embody through you.

Remember that you can do this! As you relax and allow this Higher Self embodiment is able to naturally happen…

Here is a simple practice to align with your Higher Self.

Spiritual Growth and Embodying Your  Higher Self

Ultimately, spiritual growth is the process of embodying your Highest Divine self more and more as you go about your everyday life.  And practices like what we’re about to dive into will help you to consciously call forth that experience, to create a tangible and real shift in the moment.

So let's go ahead and do this now!

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10 Steps To Connect With Your Higher Self Meditation Practice

  1. Sit and close your eyes and just begin to direct your attention inward.
  2. Breathe in. And as you inhale, imagine that you are breathing divine golden light in from all around.
  3. Let it fill your abdomen, the central column along your core.
  4. And as you exhale… let go… breathe in Divine light. And as you exhale, release and let go of all that no longer serves.
  5. You can then think or say, “I now call in my team of guides, angels and Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed Light, support me and now tuning into, connecting with, and embodying my Highest Divine Light.”
  6. Now allow your awareness to focus within, focused on your heart, allowing your heart to glow with brilliant Divine light, allowing your mind to be clear and calm, to glow with Divine light and to radiate golden light around you.
  7. And then tuning into your abdomen. Allow your abdomen to light up with golden light shining around you. Breathe… relax…
  8. Become aware of the presence of your team of guides and angels that are all around, loving you, supporting you, blessing you with divine light, love and healing frequency. Breathe the light in.
  9. Exhale, and let go and now become aware from above, from off in the distance… an incredible light enters in… the light of your Higher Self, the light of the Highest Divine Truth of You moving towards you, moving down and all around.
  10. You can imagine that the light of your Highest Divine self begins to connect with you through thousands of strands of light that connect you from where you are in the physical with the Highest Divine Light and Truth of You as the strands of light connect with you.

Feel your vibration lift, feel your energy, relax and open to receive the frequency transmission of love to receive your Highest Self. Allow your Higher Divine Self, your light, your truth, wisdom, bliss, power to anchor down all around you.

Your Highest Divine Light, anchoring through clear mind, open heart and through willingness. Your abdomen will center, your Highest Self anchoring through you.

Keeping your mind clear, focused on your breath, present in this moment now, you can then receive guidance from your Higher Self as well as a profound frequency shift from changing your state of embodiment through awareness.

In addition to being aware of yourself as a physical being, a personality self, present in the physical world, you can retain awareness of the Higher Divine Truth of you and your Higher Self, which has so many benefits in your life!

Ask Your Higher Self For Help

Now you may feel inspired to adjust your posture a bit so that you begin to sit in a position more conducive to embodying your Highest Divine Light, to allow your higher light to circulate through your being, embodying the Divine Truth of You.

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You can sit in this state, your Higher Self State, embodying your Highest Divine Light with your mind clear, your heart open and willing to receive, ask, or simply allow:

Higher Self, what guidance do you have for me now?”

What do I most need to know now and receive?

Your higher self may simply respond by sending a feeling of love, a blessing of frequency, or you may get guidance as to the next step you can take to more fully embody your divine truth and to progress on your unique soul path and mission in this life.

Ask Your Higher Self For Overcoming Obstacles

If there is a challenge or a struggle you're currently facing, you can bring that into your awareness, bringing that to your Highest Divine Self, to receive that Higher Self guidance and perspective about the situation, about what you can do, about how you can respond or simply about how you can observe it in a new way.

Allow yourself as your Highest Self to simply observe your life, your personality, your challenges, blessings, experiences through neutrality, not judging which is in duality, but simply observing, which is the perspective of your Higher Self, which is able to view things from above, to, from outside of time and space. Offer you clear guidance and assistance in the here and now.

Love Anchors Your Higher Divine Light

Feel that Divine Higher Self embodiment, the higher light and love circulating through your energy and through your entire being. And when you are ready, when you're complete, you can place your hands over your heart and just think or say,

I love you. I love you.”

Through love, anchor your higher divine light into this present moment in time through you.

Embody Your Higher Self Meditation

Go deeper into just really shining and embodying your Higher Self.

I also have a full 35 minutes of guided meditation with Archangel Michael, guiding you to relax, let go and merge with your Highest Divine self.

Click Here to Access the Higher Self Meditation with Archangel Michael

Try it out to Embody your Highest Divine Light! I hope this has been helpful simple practice to support you on your spiritual path.

Remember that at any moment, at any time, regardless of what is happening in your life, you can choose to shift back in perspective, out of the perspective of the lower ego mind and back in to the perspective of your Highest Divine Light and Truth that is able to observe with neutrality and then offer profound, clear guidance for how you can proceed from this moment now.

Embodying your Highest Self and shining your Divine Light in every moment..

Creating ripples of positive energy out, beyond you and through your elevated vibration…

Magnetizing back to you the highest and best opportunities on your Divine Soul Path to uplift and improve your life and to shine that light forth beyond you to bless, benefit and assist All.

I love honor and appreciate you.

With bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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Please comment below and let me know your experience with this Higher Self Practice!

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  1. Hi Melanie ,I loved this meditation I really felt my higher self come through with great peace…..Thank you for your kind gift as I will try this process again own my on…..I realise how much I need to get quiet so I can hear and be at peace..Much love to you

  2. Loved this, thank you Melanie. Your messages always seem perfectly aligned to what going on for me. Very Grateful xx

  3. Thank you Melanie, for these 10 simple steps that are very helpful.
    God bless you and have a Happy New Year.

  4. Melanie,

    Thank you so, so much for this technique. I look forward to listening later to this higher self meditation and the channeled Arch Angel Michael meditation. I don’t see where to give you a thumbs up but wish I could give you a double thumbs up.


  5. the first time I did your meditation The shaft of white light I always see suddenly had a blue color that seemed to melt down the white light. Then everything turned purple and a scene opened all around me. There were beings standing before me with blue skin and looked like bald aliens. This was the first time I ever saw colors and beings, although they did npt speak I could see them clearly. What was that?

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