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How to Channel Your Angels

Learning to Channel Angels

How to Channel Your Angels I often receive questions like: “Can anyone channel?” or “Can I learn to channel my angels?”

The answer from the angels in response to both of these questions is a clear and resounding, yes!

Channeling The Angelic Realm

You have angels, and you can learn to channel their love, frequency, and direct guidance! On some level, you already are tuning into the guidance of your angels (even if you don't yet realize it as such).

Have you ever received a flash of inspiration, or felt a nudge to go in a certain direction? These are commonly experienced ways of connecting with the guidance of the angels. Have you ever given amazing advice to a friend that you were surprised to have flow through you effortlessly? This is channeling!

With practice, you can learn to channel guidance and frequency from your angels, spirit guides, and even your higher self just about any time you would like.

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Everyone has the ability to connect with the angels, channeling them is just a matter of bringing yourself and your energy into alignment with these powerful and loving spiritual beings to then be a conduit for their messages, love and healing frequency.
To channel the angels is a combination of increasing your awareness of the angelic realms, and getting on the same wavelength or frequency so you can directly tune into their guidance.

It's also important to learn to quiet your mind, and let go of tensions or frustrations so that you can experience the guidance of your angels with clarity and without being bogged down by thought, doubt, or fear from the ego mind.

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When first learning to channel one of the most valuable things you can do is to relax and trust!

Learning to channel
When you call upon the guidance of the angels they will answer… It's then only a matter of aligning your energy with that of the angels, so that you can clearly understand and know the guidance they have for you. In other words, open your heart, and lift your vibration to a point where you are able to resonate with the angelic realm.

Learning to channel the angels is a beautiful thing because it allows you to connect with their love and insight directly. Angels are often showing me how to view events of my life from a totally new perspective, and they open doors I would probably never see, or even consider on my own.

In consciously channeling angels, I am in a relaxed state of awareness as the message from the angel begins to come through. It's almost like I am in a dream like state as I lift in vibration, step back, and allow the message from the angel to be impressed upon my consciousness. The messages from the angels then flow through as a stream of consciousness alongside my own.

With practice, you can learn to shift back and forth from a channeling state to a conscious state in which you can ask questions and talk to your angels, and then shift back into the channeled state to receive the answer.

The wonderful thing about channeling angels is that alongside each message is a powerful and uplifting frequency that brings you healing and love directly from the Divine.

Where Do You Start?

how to channel angels

For me, channeling began with automatic writing, and then really soared to the next level when I took this Learning to Channel Course.

If you want to learn to channel your angels through Automatic Writing, here's a simple process:

Get a pen and some paper, and find a quiet and comfortable place to begin connecting.

Imagine that you are surrounded with Divine White Light. Breathe and relax, and then invite in your guardian angel, or Archangel Michael (who is the easiest of the Archangels to hear), and ask a question.

“What message do you have for me now?”

This  a good question to begin with to get the energy flowing before diving into your deeper and more specific questions.

You do need to have some sort of intention when channeling, as angelic guidance comes in response to a question or intention.

If you feel like you're at a point in your life where you're not receiving angelic guidance…  It may simply be because you're not directly asking your angels questions!

When it comes to working with the angelic realm, asking is a pre-requisite to receiving… So start here!

Once you ask for your angels to connect with you, give yourself space and permission to relax, let go and open tune into the subtle energy and guidance of angels. By focusing within and consciously opening your heart, you're able to experience an elevated vibration most conducive to channeling angels.

Being “clear” is also essential to receiving accurate guidance when channeling angels. To clear and center your energy take a few moments before you begin to breathe, relax and feel your awareness, energy and personal power fully returning to you in the present moment.

Let go of thoughts, feelings, and tensions stored in your mind, body or spirit. You can imagine handing these denser vibrations over to your angels, or simply releasing them into the light.

Release any attachment to the outcome, and simply be present and aware. Ask your angels to come into your space with the healing, frequency and guidance which will most serve you now.

Write down your question… It also helps to mentally visualize your question and to even state it aloud…

Then, while simply focusing within, open to the guidance of your angels. Imagine you are turning away from your ego mind and focusing on love. This allows the guidance of your angels, and the voice of Divine love to flow through you.

Write down what comes into your mind. At first, it may seem like you're making it up, but just write it down anyway. As you write one word another word will follow, and as you continue a channeled message from your angel will unfold. The pen may even start moving on its own… or you may sort of hear a word, and as you write it another comes into your consciousness.

Release the need to judge what is coming through, just write, remain present, and experience the energy, message and presence of your angels.

It may take a bit of practice to really get this. At first, you may write some of what your ego is thinking, as well as some bits and pieces of the message from your angels. Don't worry… just keep writing and practicing, and after a few pages of writing in this way, your angels message may begin to flow more clearly.

Channeling angels is a journey which involves trust, patience, and persistence.

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When you receive information that is inspiring, uplifting, and loving, it is likely from your angels. Act on any guidance you receive which you resonate with, and release anything that doesn't feel right or feel good to you. No need to judge, just let it go and know that the more you practice, the more you will be able to clearly, accurately, and easily channel your angels.

You can channel! I will be putting out more information on this in the near future. For now… you can ask your angels to help you learn to channel and they will open doors for you, and help to pave the pathway for you to experience, comprehend, and clearly channel their messages, guidance, and healing into being.

Step back consciously into a state of love to allow the high vibration energy and messages of the angels to flow through.

Enjoy the moment, the connection, and enjoy the journey.

With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler



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