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Do Some People Have More Angels Than Others?

“How Many Angels Do I Have?”

An interesting question popped up this morning in the private facebook group for members.

One of the members was shocked and confused when she had a psychic reading with a medium who told her that she had more angels with her than just about anyone she had ever seen before.

And so her question is, “Do some of us really have more angels around us than others?”

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Here's part of what I wrote in response:

From my experiences doing angel readings and tuning into the energies of others, it's true, that yes some people do have more angels with them than others.

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But the thing is, it's not because they're any more “special” or any more loved than anyone else, because of course we're all equally loved, guided and supported by Spirit…

Rather, when some people have more angels with them, it's because those angel are needed to help them with their mission…

Maybe they're energy healers for humanity as a whole, social entrepreneurs who are in the public eye, teachers about angels, undercover lightworkers, or any other number of life purposes that would involve having support from lots of different angels.

This is the first reason, and the second is quite simply that angels do not normally interfere in our day to day lives unless specifically asked to do so.

If you don't ask… Your angels stay back, overlooking from a distance. It's not that they're not there, and they are definitely ready and willing to help, but they're not in close enough proximity for a psychic to notice when scanning your energy during a reading.

Do Some People Have More Angels Than Others?

Keep in mind, at any one point in time there is SOOOO much happening in spirit across the lines of time, and psychics naturally tend tune into what is the most obvious, natural for them to tune into and also, the most interesting to them!

Angels vibrate at a much higher frequency than our deceased loved ones, than most spirit guides, and ancestors too… There are many mediums who are able to clearly tune into the messages of angels, but there are also those who cannot. Tuning into angels versus deceased loved ones, or fairies, or elementals is a matter of frequency, like setting your psychic dial to a different station.

But regardless of what frequency you're currently tuned into, when you do ask for your angels to be with you, they always step up, step forward and show up for you in your life.

So really, just like the woman who posted this question in the group, it's likely that most of the members of the angel solution, along with regular visitors to, have more angels with them than many other people…

This is not because you're more special, more loved, being rewarded, or anything like that…

Rather it's because Angel Sessions, webinars, meditations, and group conversations about angels bring the angels closer to you!

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The more you talk about, think about, read about, enjoy, listen to sessions, meditate with, and ask your angels to be with you … the more they are!

So if you want more angels to be with you… Invite them in!

And if you want further support increasing your connection with the angels…

Check out The Angel Solution membership and join our private group on facebook.

With love,
Melanie Beckler

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  1. Since I was 8, I have felt as if there are always angels around me. My mom committed suicide in 1972 and visited me that night. I have had three very close brushes with death and have amazed doctors each time with my very speedy recovery. I have asked the angels for help and more than once have felt their hands on me. I also have a strange connection with animals, it’s as if they know what I am thinking. Is this anything new to you? Is the loss of my mother at a young age the cause of this? I am now in my fifties and the connection seems to get stronger as I age. My pastor says that I have been touched by the Holy Spirit. I would like to know more about this.

  2. Dear Melanie hi…i was born in 4 April Cyprus small island in the mediteranian sea…i now facing a very difficult time..i dont have a job and i would like to know if i have a guardian Angel ..i need his help desparetly…

  3. Hello, wanted to say that I love your posts, they really help me with everything and elevating to my higher self! Wanted to know if you would do an article on animals sensing spirits. Our dog, looks and grows in 2 spots in our house, a window behind our tv, and a side door leading outside! This started happening after my mother in law passed away (I lived with her) and my Mother also passed a week before! Thank You!

  4. I would love know many angle I have please . What every else you tell me please 3-21-1968 born 7:30 pm New Orleans

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