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5 Ways to Ask For Help from the Angels

How to Invoke Powerful Angelic Assistance!

  1. Mentally Ask For Help.

The simple truth is this: You don’t need a formal invocation or prayer to invoke angelic assistance in your life. Angels are able to hear your mental plea, and so if you are sincere in your request they will hear you and get the message to step in and help. There is not a one size fits all way to do this… So I would encourage asking for help from your angels in a way you’re comfortable with.

You can ask God to send angels to help heal your current challenge or situation, or you can directly talk to your angels and ask them to assist you in your life. Some people worry that by calling on angels directly they’re letting down God or turning their back on their connection with the Divine in some way. If you feel this way, ask God to send angels to help you, but also know that angels serve according to God’s will and God wills the angels to support you… So whether you ask God to send them, or call upon the angels directly you’re in full alignment with Divine Will.

How you mentally ask is also up to your interpretation. You can state your request in the form of an affirmation such as;

“I am now surrounded by angels.” Or “Thank you, angels, for helping me to heal my relationship with my brother.” Alternatively, you can plea for your angels to help;

Angels please help me to make healthy choices in all areas of my life.”

Or “Angels… I’m hurting, and need your help. Please step in and assist me.

  1. Ask For Help Out Loud

Just as you would ask your angels for help mentally, you can verbally phrase the request. Sometimes this method can be helpful if you’re getting pulled into a downward spiral of negative thought, or if you’re wondering if your angels are really hearing your request for help.

If you do choose to ask your angels for help aloud, I recommend finding a quiet peaceful place in nature, or in your home where you won’t be disturbed and verbally let your angels know what you would like their guidance and assistance with.

  1. Write Your Angels a Letter

This method of asking your angels for help works well when there is something weighing on your heart… Get it out and onto paper.

Feel free to be completely honest with the angels regarding how you’re feeling, and the hurt, anger, anxiety, or confusion you may be experiencing. Don’t worry about being negative here… Sometimes the best way to let go of negativity is to get it out. Once you’ve written about your challenges and problems, write… “Angels please help me to resolve this.” Or “Thank you angels for helping me through every aspect of this situation.”

  1. Visualize Angels With You

How Many Guardian Angels Do We Have? When you imagine you have angels all around you, you are tuning into a powerful way to call them into your presence.

For example, if you’re nervous about an interview you have… Ask the angels to help in one of the above ways, and then also imagine angels all around you as you head to the interview, and present with you in the room when you’re there.

If you’re feeling sick… Visualize angels all around you flowing Divine love and healing energy into your presence.

If you’re worried about a family member, imagine them in a happy, positive state with angels all around them helping to create blessings in their life.

However you imagine or visualize your angels is perfect. The reality is angels are spiritual beings and can take many forms depending on how we perceive them. So go with what works for you whether that is glowing orbs of angelic light, or beautiful beings with halos and wings… When you visualize angels around you, you’re effectively calling them into your presence.

  1. Feel Into the Energetic Qualities of the Support you desire.

The final way I want to cover on how to ask the angels for help is to simply feel.

Uncover the Unusual Secret to Develop your Intuition and Receive Direct Angelic Guidance This method can take two main forms.

The first way is when you’re feeling challenged, angry, upset, etc… Allow yourself to fully feel the challenging emotion, and then ask, or simply imagine the angels taking the dense emotions and feelings from you and releasing them into the light. Then imagine they are being replaced with high vibrational angelic energy of Divine love, light and compassion. Witness and feel the shift. This is a powerful way to work with your angels.

Next is feeling what you would like your angels to help you create. Say you would like your angels help manifesting a new job. Tune into the essence of what you want out of a new job, and tune into the feeling it would create in you. Act as if and feel good about the new job you’re creating, as if you already have it. When you’re fully in the vibration and feeling of having what you want to create… Think, say or just feel in your heart: “Angels, this is what I want to create… Thank you for helping me to fully align with it.”

Again, there is no one right way to ask angels to help you. Play with the above methods, combine them and add to them to find a way that works for you… The important part is to remember than you have angels with you always, and they’re ready and willing to help when you ask, and invite them to help out in your life experience.

Invite the Help of Angels Now!

Right now… Place your left hand over your heart chakra (right in the center of your chest) and place your right hand on top of your left.

Take a few moments to just breathe, relax your mind, and soften your focus… Consciously choosing to direct your attention within.

When you feel relaxed, present, and centered…. Think or say something along the lines of:

If you want help... Ask the angels for guidance and assistance in your life. Check out my full article for more tips and how to guidance for invoking the help of real angels now. #angels “Dear angels,

Thank you for your presence in my life. I now invite your direct help and assistance. Guide me to more fully align with my highest potential. Help me to let go of limiting beliefs, thoughts, filters and perceptions that block me from Divine love, and keep me in a lower vibrational state, unaware of your presence.

Help me to choose love in the moment, to be alert and aware, and to bring positive change, growth, and transformation into my life. I welcome your guidance and assistance, and ask for you to help me notice your presence as you guide me to a more fulfilling life in alignment with my authentic truth, and my highest soul purpose.”

Open your heart to invite the energy of the angels in… Then take a few minutes to just be, breathe, and know that you have angels with you.

You may want to close your eyes and just feel and experience and light of your angels, or you may want to write down your inner inspirations into a journal.

When you feel complete, thank you angels, and honor yourself for taking this time to align with angelic presence. Now moving forward, your angels can help out… But it’s also up to you to pay attention, follow your intuition, and keep asking for the angels to help you uncover your next steps to aligning with the fullest expression of your potential as a soul in this physical life.

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“Angels Help!” How to Ask the Angels for Assistance!

Spiritual guidance for invoking the Help of Angels with important tips and insight into how to ask for angelic help in your life. I'm sure you've heard it before… That angels honor your free will and will rarely intervene in your life without express permission, and its true! And yet at the same time, your angels want to help you. The simple solution? Ask the angels for help!

Angels are Beings of Light who reside in the higher dimensions and who are present in your universe to be of service. You always have access to angels, and with a simple thought, request or plea you will draw them to you. It is according to Divine will that the angels serve and help you in your life.

You can ask angels for help with little things, when you encounter huge problems, or when you need guidance regarding challenges.

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Angels can help open the lines of communication between you and another, they can soothe your emotions, protect you physically and spiritually, and they can change the vibrational energy field around you to help you manifest positive experiences in your life.

Angels are in your experience to serve and love, and they are reaching out more and more towards humanity now…

They sincerely want to help and serve… But again, they honor our free will and creativity, so to invite their assistance, we must ask for it.

The more you ask your angels to help you, the more easily they are able to offer you assistance in your life.

Your guardian angels may nudge you in the right direction, encourage you, or leave you signs of their presence without your asking, but they strictly honor your free will and your opportunity to choose your way in life, so they will not directly interfere without your permission.

When you do ask for help, angels have powerful support to give and can help out in any area of your life and the lives of those you care about… So ask!

How to Ask the Angels For Help

Asking your angels for help really is simple, but many people over think it, feel like they’re doing it wrong, or worry that they’re missing an important component.

In most cases… That missing component is vibration! Because angels are high vibrational spiritual beings, to tune into their help and presence takes relaxing your energy and raisign your vibration so you can tune in…

And not only ask the angels for help, but then open to receive their clear guidance, healing frequency and wisdom to assist you in your life.

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Your angels want to help you and are already leaving you signs, nudging you in the right direction, and helping out behind the scenes…

But for them to really help you open to the full high vibrational light of your soul, and the full amazingness you are here in life to experience, you have to invite them to help.

The good news is inviting angelic help is so easy…

Go with the way that feels right for you, but do be sure you ask!

Melanie Beckler

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  1. I could use more help of the angels. Everyday is a struggle with my depression and anxiety and I need more positivity in my life. I feel like I’ve been cursed sometimes.

  2. I'm very grateful for making me to understand power of Angel and I promise I will use it as a secret weapon because lately I've been battling depression please my dear angel I need directions I need courage bless me with wisdom change me angel please guide me from my enemies thanks u for answering me

  3. Dear Angeles,
    I am deeply grateful for your guidance and support. I would like to know what is my life purpose.
    With utmost gratitude I request you to heal my life at this stage and lead me to my path. Bring my life to calm and quiet flow. And please convey my blessings and humble regards to those blessed ones who cared for me.

    With humble regards

      1. Melanie really received the information needed to connect if only my life would stop 🛑 for this ,, oh it has l have nothing to lose and everything to win ,, I’m getting tired of having no support I give give give ,, and get controlled , I am open to meditate and receiving the answers I seek ,, threw my spirit guided angelic beings from another dimension tune into my changes help resolve my past present future being to align for a much more beautiful second half of my earth existence ,,

  4. I strongly believe that Guardian Angels and Archangels are GOD’s emissaries and bearers of good news. Before I get into my vehicle every morning, I ask St Michael the Archangel and all the Archangels in heaven to come down and surround my vehicle and remove all seen and unseen negative energies that surround my vehicle and to guide me safety to my destination.

    I can tell you this……. I’ve never had an accident…… the Archangels have also protected my vehicle from other vehicles.

    I am currently going through a rough time with my finances and debts and I ask my Guardian Angel and all the Archangels in heaven to intervene and help me find a solution and means to free myself from my debts and financial distress.

  5. The last three yrs have been quite difficult, mood swings, hearing my name being called when I’m. home alone. Ecstatic one minute, then feeling normal next. I am noticing all the signs, finding coins, noticing the numbers, feathers. Read countless books on Angels after being saved by Spirit Guide or an Angel. Don’t know whether I am an Earth Angel or Earth Elermental, they both seem to cross over. Any thoughts or guidance would be helpful, Namaste.

  6. Hello, I was wondering if praying to the angel Michael is a good thing when feeling the presence of something very negative.

  7. Angeles are very helpful in deed. Any time I speak to them,they come to my aid. Am grateful for them. I wish them Glory from the most high.
    My dear Devine Angeles, I thank you for every moment in my life. Please Angeles, I ask you a favor of money to solve my financial problems and ask you to guide me,my family, loved ones and enemies. Thank you

  8. Thank you for your article. I have had a massive spiritual awakening the last few months, and have been reading and listening to a lot of content to further understand this experience.
    I have tried the angel connection, and I just get nothing. When I think I am getting something it really just feels like my own mind as it doesn’t feel right or give any clear direction.
    I am at a loss on what to do with further guidance. Are you sure this angel thing exists? I am not saying that to be mean, I am just curious if the answers we get are just our own thoughts.

  9. Um… I am feeling really down now, my puppy is having a lot of problems right now, and I could not do anything without her. I have trouble contacting with people, but she is my best friend. What should I do?

  10. Dear Melanie, this was indeed a very clarifying text for me and the advices enclosed in these words were just crutial for my understanding about this matter. I feel that the angels communicate with me through sincronicity in numbers and I’ve come to learn how to interpret some messages through another website of a bright soul as yours, but I was not really sure before about how to ask for their help and (I did it mentally, as you described, but I was not sure I was doing it right); your words feel me with light with this matter and therefore I am very grateful!!! Thanks!

  11. I had an MRI yesterday, and after I went into the tube, realized I was cold, Anderson scared. I mentally asked for help, and suddenly felt each hand being picked up and held. Thought it was my deceased parents, but later thought it was certainly angels assisting me in remaining calm. Made it through that MRI, and another one, back-to-back feeling like I was safe and protected.

  12. I keep seeing and finding feathers in the most unusual places, yesterday night i found a small feather its striped black and beige its beautiful, what does that mean.

    would love to know.

    thank you

  13. Yes to live near a forest is on my wishing list. I have a holy respect for trees and am especially fond of the needle ones. The atmosphere around them in the sunlight is magical and to lean against them has such a wonderful energy. I always think one should be grounded like a tree.
    Lovely article!

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