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Hearing Your Name Called and Nobody Is There? Find Out What It Means!

Have you ever experienced this where you hear your name being called, but then when you turn to look and see who is calling you there's no one there? This is a relatively common phenomenon, and no it does not mean you're going crazy!

There are many reasons why you may be hearing your name being called…  Keep reading to find out why this is happening!

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What It Means When You Hear Your Name Called & No One Is Around



The Scientific Reason

Hearing your name called and nobody is there? Find out what it means!

Hearing your name being called when no one is around is actually so common that it's been studied scientifically. From a psychological perspective, there is not a direct correlation between this and further mental health issues. So what does it mean from a scientific perspective?

Psychologically, hearing your name being called with no one around is a sort of auditory memory that is activated and replayed in your brain.

Auditory memory is one of your brain’s processes to take in information that you hear (sound, voice, audio), and store that information until the next time you recall it. People that can listen to a song, and figure out how to play it on a guitar without knowing the chords have an excellent auditory memory. Animals, such as parrots know how to say “hello!” and mimic different sounds and noises because of their strong auditory memory.

Your auditory memory can replay the sound of someone's voice saying hello, or calling your name in a way that's so vivid you actually think for a moment that they're there!

This strong level of auditory memory is most commonly experienced this when you’re either falling asleep or right after wake up in the morning. This state between waking reality and the dream world is called the hypnogogic state, and its where your conscious and subconscious mind are meeting and interfacing.

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The Metaphysical Perspective

Although there is a scientific explanation for hearing your name in the form of an auditory memory, there is also metaphysical connection as well.

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Let’s dive into this, starting with why you would hear your name.

Your Name Is A Big Part of Your Identity

So first and foremost, your name is a symbol of your identity. It's a symbol of who you are within this physical realm.

When someone calls your name, you can't help but turn and look and sees who's there. This is the reason why spiritual beings would use your name to call you too.

It's because it gets your attention.

So if you hear your name being called, the most common metaphysical reason for this is that a spiritual being such as a loved one in spirit, a guide, angel, or even your higher self wants your attention.

When you hear your name, it may be that a spiritual being is reaching out towards you with a message, with guidance and validation that they are here with you.

When this happens, know that you have the ability to shift your awareness within.

To go deeper. To find the space between your thoughts and just be, and breathe.

Instead of trying to make anything happen, be open and receptive to what else may be present from the realms of spirit for you to tune into.

From a metaphysical perspective, when hearing your name, you are essentially tapping into the realm of spirit through clairaudience, through your Throat Chakra, the energy center that allows you to hear in spirit and receive messages of guidance.

Learn more about how to Open Your Clairaudience Here

The Entrance Point To Receive Guidance

Hearing your name is the entrance point to receiving guidance, it is an initial alert, like a telephone ringing letting you know there is someone on the other end of the line wishing to speak to you.

When you hear your name and remain in a calm, relaxed space where you're focused within you're then able to tune into more!

This receptive state happens frequently as you're drifting off to sleep and right when you wake up in the morning. Again, this is the hypnogogic state, and when you're in it, your ego mind is much quieter and more receptive to allowing messages from Spirit to flow through to you that would normally be filtered out. A part of what your ego mind does is focus your awareness in the physical plane, but when your ego is half asleep, the higher spiritual realms have a way of flowing through to you.

So, if you hear your name when you're laying in bed… Before you get up before you sit up in bed and look around, just take a moment to really relax back into that hypnagogic state, that state of almost sleeping but still retaining consciousness, and with your eyes closed, scan the energy around your room and noticed you perceive any different quality of energy in your space.

Perhaps you notice an incredible light. Tune into that. That's often how angels often appear within your mind's eye.  Higher spiritual beings will alert you to their presence when you begin to look for it. Their energetic signature is that of light, high frequency, calm presence, and incredible love.

If you tune into the presence of something in your space but it feels negative, heavy, strange, or honestly, if you get freaked out or scared, call in Archangel Michael to surround you with light, to protect you, and to release any negative beings, attachments, or earthbound energies into the light.

When you ask for Archangel Michael's assistance with this, or you can ask your guardian angels, Yeshua, or whoever you feel comfortable with… Then feel their presence enter in as your space is cleansed and filled with love, light, and peace.

Discernment is key, but honestly, if your energy is clear and you're in a relaxed state of warmth and love, the beings you will be in resonance and alignment with are your personal angels, your loved ones in spirit and your higher self. When these beings reach out to you by calling your name, they're not only reminding you that they’re with you, but they're also calling out for your attention, reaching out to you with more guidance.

Think of it this way… If you're walking down the street and a friend sees as you and calls out your name, that's not the end of the conversation. Calling your name is just used to get your attention. Its the introduction or entrance into a deeper conversation.

So after hearing your name, to go deeper, the next step is to clear your mind, open your heart, and tune into your central core of light.

Connect with your central column of light and allow your mind to relax and your heart to open. Just observe and with practice, more guidance, inspiration, insight, messages from spirit can flow through to greet you because when a spirit is calling your name that is a sign that there's more. And the fact that you heard your name means that you have the ability to hear and receive deeper guidance.

Receive Guidance: An Internal Experience

The rest of the guidance you receive from Spirit may arrive in a more internal sense. So don't get attached to hearing your angels in the same external way you heard your name being called. You may hear your name externally but then go within your heart to receive the rest of the message.

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Whether or not you receive the deeper messages available to you in that moment, know that hearing your name is a connection with something beyond physical reality and signifies that you do indeed have the ability to hear in the higher realms of spirit.

Even if hearing your name was just an auditory memory response, that physiological response comes to you in the exact same way your guides and angels can use to communicate with you. So you can take it as a sign that you indeed have the ability to hear the messages of spirit, it just takes opening and developing this subtle psychic sense.

The way you strengthen open your communication with Spirit is through willingness. It's maintaining warmth and presence in your heart.

When you hear your name, it's natural to begin focusing all of your attention outside of you, rather than within to hear what else is there for you. This external focus is backward though when it comes to receiving guidance from Spirit and makes the rest of the message harder for you to receive.

This is why it's so key to relax…clear your mind…open your heart, and allow the guidance to come in.

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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Melanie Beckler

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  1. I heard my name being called last night while awake. It was a more stern clearer then normally when I hear it.

  2. Over the past few weeks I have heard my name being called, I have even answered, and know one has said a thing,
    Last night I thought my wife told me she’d loved me and I answered out loud I love you back, she hadn’t said a word

  3. This has been recurring more often since I filed for divorce, although it happened sometimes prior to that. Sometimes it is soft, and sometimes is sounds like someone is right next to my ear. I can't decipher whether it is a man or woman's voice. It can be a whisper, or a full out loud voice. The thing is that some times it is while coming out of sleep, and sometimes I'm fully awake while alone in my house. The other day, I was in full sleep cycle, and a loud wolf whistle came out of no where and pulled me straight out of deep sleep and upright. That was a new one. It kind of scared me because no one wants to think they are sleeping alone in their house, and someone might have entered.

    I've had spirit visits before from my dad and my mother in law. It would take a novel to explain. From the time that I was a child, I was terrified of "ghost interactions". However, I also knew that I had extrasensory abilities. I never heard my name being called out loud until I was a much older adult. I appreciate the information of recognizing something is trying to get my attention. I'd wondered about it, but thought I was just hallucinating. This information gives me a place to search further inside.

  4. On 2 separate occasions I have heard a mans boice whisper my name into my ear, one was about 9pm, other about teatime. I also have a weird way of knowing things I shouldnt, or even before its happened. Although I know events that have happened are true and very real, why do I always try to rationalise.

  5. I was alone in my room on my iPad and everyone was asleep my parents weren’t home and I hear someone whispers in my ear “Melanie “ in a female voice

  6. A friend and I were sitting in the attic, my painting studio, my husband
    Was down in the living room. We all heard very clearly “Hey Kathy”. My friend and just thought it was my husband, and my husband thought it was
    My friend. It was none of us!

  7. I’m researching to try and find out why a female voice calls to me by my first name. It has happened several times over the last few years and always while I’m resting, about to fall asleep. It’s always very clear but there is never anything else; just the name. So far I haven’t found a satisfactory explanation. Help!

  8. The first time I heard someone say my name I was around 38 to 40, I’m 57 now. It was a woman’s voice, every time I’ve heard the voice it’s been a woman’s voice. It was so loud it woke me straight up. The voice wasn’t yelling, although it felt like my entire body heard her. When I looked around there was no one there. I looked over at my wife at the time & she was still sound asleep. I have never felt threatened or scared when I hear the voice. Over the years I’ve heard this woman call my name, It seems to be the same woman every time. Last night I heard the voice again, but this time it was different. This time the voice sounded… Ummm, stressed maybe? Almost like she was pleading with me to hear her call. This morning is when I decided to go online & try to find out what hearing the voice meant when I came across your video. Over the past 5 years, I’ve been going through my own personal awakening that started when I was introduced to the book “The Power of Intention.” Then I started reading books from Zukav, Ruiz, Tolle, Dyer, Rasha, Walsh, etc. I’ve also learned I’m an empath. I find being alone in nature, having conversations with myself are freeing & comforting. I’m now a single dad raising two kids. I also left the Mormon church. I know the voice has a purpose in my life. Today I’m trying to learn how to “communicate or understand why the voice is attempting to get my attention.

  9. I been hearing my name since I been a child .im 43 now and it’s not when I just woke up or about to go to sleep it’s been while I’m wide awake .what does this mean??

    1. Last time i heared my name called out was in work o was cleaning and my name was said i looked round noine there and this was in a shopping mall there have been other times too once when i was in my teens on my bike my dad jogging we are in nature and i got a fright when my name was called looked round noone i knew that it was from the divine realm ❤️

  10. Hello, I am from western Africa and hearing of names can be a bad omen around here. Not trying to be a pessimist but believe me there’s a particular kind of voodoo that can be used on someone. Their name is called with it thrice and if they answer the third time, that would be the last thing they’ll say before giving up the ghost. It’s no joke, I’ve witnessed someone claim to hear their name being called and died on answering. It’s very common around here, almost everyone knows it. I’m not saying there isn’t a good side to it as well, but the bad also exists.

  11. I heard my name being called yesterday by a woman while I was asleep. I woke up say yes and nobody there. It has been happening for nearly ten years and always by a women. My telephone rings when I am asleep and I answer with nobody there. Not sure if the ringing of telephone is in my mind or if it rings as am asleep. That happened twice last year. I can hear my sister talk to me and she’s in the next room.

  12. I am going through an awakening as of October 11, 2019 and 2 weeks ago I was getting up in the morning and I heard a male voice call my name, but no one was there. Then it happened again the other day with the same voice calling my name while I was waking up.

    I am also seeing blue angels, green angels, and white angels, faces of people from a different time period, flashing numbers, words, and phrases, as well as a beautiful garden, a universe full of stars, and most recently a church or cathedral.

  13. I remember hearing my name 3 times. Two times, I remember when & where. The 3rd time i can’t remember.

    First time, I was fast asleep and I heard my name as if someone is waking me up. It sounded loud and I instantly opened my eyes and my heart went racing. I knew it was not someone actually calling me. It was this voice that is coming from a different realm. But the tone was alarming. Nothing happened after that. No guidance, no message, nothing. I had a spend sometime relaxing myself.

    Second time was after I dropped off my mother at the airport after her short visit to me. I took good care of my mother on that visit. She told me that she felt very happy with me. After I left her at the gate, I went to pay my parking ticket. And I heard my name again loud & clear. The voice was that of a friend of mine. Again, despite the fact that I glanced around me, I was certain it was not an actual person but a different realm. Again, no guidance or message after that. Just some racing heartbeats because the volume seems to be loud, not too loud but loud enough to get my attention without any hint of doubt.

    There are a few times in the past, where I felt joyful as if an angel kissed my cheek and the feeling stayed with me as if this angel kept me company for a while. But no guidance or messages.

    I am aching & desperate for guidance and clear messages – have been for the last 9 years. That’s 9 years. Despite the meditation, the praying, … the connection seems broken. Sometimes there is faint connection that my mind easily labels as “Placebo”.

    It feels as if I am trying to get a hold, or reach for, or relentlessly jumping to get a grip of a realm that is not easily accessible to me. After a while – and I praise myself for being so relentless & patient – you just lose interest or maybe lose faith in the idea of connecting to the angels or the idea of them being around.

    Thanks for reading.

    1. I wish this website had been available to me as a teenager, thirty years ago. My cousin had died and I believe that is what prompted the auditory callings. It scared the life out of me while it was happening. Around the same time I was waking up in the middle of the night seeing various colored “sparkles of light” is all I can call them. Usually white, but sometimes blue and orange, I would see these little flashes anytime during the day after the initial wake up calls. It weirded me out so badly, I couldn’t be alone in a room without a radio on. Guess I missed out on something pretty mystical because of fear I was going nuts.

  14. I have been experiencing this pretty regularly over the past 3 years. Also for the past 3 years, I have become nocturnal, lol. Because I have my nights and days mixed up, I tend to be up during those quiet hours of the late night and very early morning. During that time, is usually when I hear my name being called. The strangest part of the whole situation, is the fact that 95% of the time when I hear my name being called, I recognize the voice instantly. It’s never scared me to the point I get all worked up about it, but it does usually catch me off guard and startle me. Just like it does, when someone sneaks up behind you and says boo, lol. The voices I hear usually belong to people that I have been close to at one point and time in my life. I have also been going through a lot of personal issues over these past few years. I believe that hearing these certain people call out my name, is their way of letting me know that they will always be there for me, even the ones that are no longer here on earth, but that are looking down from above. I now know that I have Angels watching down on me from heaven and I have ordinary people here on earth walking along with me, that I believe are special enough to be called Angel’s too.

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