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Goddess Provisions Review

Reviewing the Goddess Provisions Monthly Subscription Box

Goddess Provisions Box Review For the past few months now, I've been receiving the Goddess Provisions Box in exchange for sharing pictures of the box on my @askangels Instagram

And I must say… I have really been loving getting the box in the mail each month, and so I figured it was high time for a Goddess Provisions review.

So Wait… What Is The “Goddess Provisions Box”?

Goddess Provisions is a monthly box of products specifically curated to nurture your inner goddess and support your spiritual practices.

Essentially you get 5-7 unique products each month, neatly packaged in the signature purple and white Goddess Provisions box.

Included products range from teas, superfood snacks, spiritual tools, crystals, oracle cards, beauty products, essential oils, and room sprays… More than a couple of boxes have had wonderful candles in them too which I LOVE.

Its always really fun and exciting the day this box shows up in the mail… I mean who doesn’t love getting a little high vibe care package every month?

So How Much Is The Box?

Look inside the Goddess Provisions Box in the Complete Review.

Goddess Provisions states on their website that in a monthly box you’ll receive anywhere from $80-$100 retail value worth of products for only $33 per month … Or you can drop the monthly box payment down to as low as $27.75 by paying for a year up front.

One of the things I’ve been loving the most about this subscription box is that they feature such a wide variety of great products sourced from small, independently owned businesses I probably never would have heard of, but have really been LOVING some of the products now that I know about them.

Each month has a different theme like Self Care, Moon Magic, Abundance, Faerie Magick, or Crystal Magic.

Learn more about how to subscribe or order a single box here >>

What’s Actually Inside The Box?

The Box offerings change every month depending on the theme…

But here’s a look at the January 2019 “Manifest Abundance Box” From Goddess Provisions so you can get an idea of the type of products that may be included when you order.

Manifest Abundance Box from Goddess Provisions – January 2019

Goddess Provisions Review - Manifest Abundance Box 2019

Mindful Wealth Affirmation Cards in the Goddess Provisions Box

Mindful Wealth Abundance Cards – Retail Value: $29 …

This is an Abundance Affirmations deck designed to support in cultivating a conscious and purposeful relationship with money while improving financial wellbeing.

If Abundance Affirmation cards are something you’ve been wanting… These alone pretty much make the box worth it. $29 seems a bit high for this deck, but it is an indie published deck which is probably why.

Not a deck I probably would have personally bought… But I can say that these abundance affirmation cards are very well done and I’ll enjoy having them.

Abundance Room Spray in the Goddess Provisions Box Adoratherapy Abundance Spray – Retail Value $15

This 10ml “Room Boost Spray” is made from a blend of patchouli, cinnamon, cardamom, bergamot, clove, frankincense, vetiver, oak moss and jasmine…

Intended to support you in aligning with the flow of prosperity and abundance, it’s great to spray around the room, on linens, or to tuck in your purse to use as needed.

Soulku Unakite Necklace – $22 Retail Value

Unakite is a wonderful stone to help you stay balanced, and to release any blockages you have around money. It’s also a great stone for transmuting the harmful effects of EMF’s…

I love unakite, and crystal jewelry in general… And this necklace is super cute, light and dainty. I’ll definitely be wearing it and was excited to find it in my box!

Abundance Gem Essence Root and Sky Abundance Gem Essence – Retail Value $10

This gem essence is designed to be taken internally under your tongue or you can add it to your water to support yourself in magnetizing more success and abundance.

I just tried a drop under my tongue and it really doesn’t have much flavor, just a slight sweetness from the organic vegetable glycerin that is the base for the green calcite, amazonite, jade, and blue apatite gem essences.  When added to my water I can definitely feel it raised the vibe! A quick and easy way to crystal charge your water… Didn't really know Gem Essences were a thing, but I'm excited to keep using it this month!

Abundance Ritual Candle in the Goddess Provisions Abundance Box Cottagewicks Abundance Ritual Candle – Retail Value $20

I love candles and GoddessProvisions really chooses some great candles to include in their box! $20 is more than I would pay for this small candle alone… But as a part of the box, I love it.

This orange ginger soy candle smells great – And it’s adorned with citrine and pyrite to bump up the abundance vibe!

Clear Quartz Cluster in the Goddess Provisions Monthly Box Clear Quartz Cluster – Retail Value $7

Clear quartz is such a powerful ally for manifesting because you can charge it up with your intentions. The small quartx cluster that came with my monthly box is really a nice little piece I’ll happily add to my crystal collection.

Finally… With each box you get a art postcard and a digital bonus.

The digital bonus this month is a Mindful Wealth Book about uncovering Limiting Beliefs from the same author of the Mindful Wealth Oracle Cards.

So that’s the January 2019 Goddess Provisions Box…

All in all I think it's a great selection of products designed to help supercharge your intentions and bring you into alignment with the flow of abundance…

Learn more about how to subscribe or order a single box here >>

What do you think of it? Have you ordered a box from Goddess Provisions or would you?

So much love and bright blessings your way,

Melanie Beckler



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