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Top 5 Full Moon Crystals & Charging Crystals Under the Full Moon!

Top 5 Full Moon Crystals When the Full Moon illuminates the sky, it is the perfect time to get your crystals out, supercharge your intentions, clear your energy and manifest positive blessings in your life!

To fully make the most out of the powerful energy window of the Full Moon, here are my top 5 Full Moon Crystals that have powerful qualities to support you during the Full Moon! You'll also learn how to properly cleanse and charge your crystals under the light of the Full Moon!

These crystals are perfect to use in conjunction with the Full Moon Ritual I channeled to support you in recharging your energy, releasing what no longer serves, so that you may allow your Highest Divine potential to manifest in your life.

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And now… Lets dive into the Full Moon Crystals!

5 Crystals To Use During The Full Moon

Full Moon Crystal #1: Selenite

Selenite Crystals and the Full Moon My first favorite crystal to use under the Full Moon is Selenite. Selenite is actually named after the Lunar Goddess Selene, which gives you some insight into its profound connection with the Lunar energy.

In addition, Selenite is an incredible bringer of light. It's a crystallized light that just radiates so much joy and peace and positivity. The Full Moon is known to bring up lower emotions and fears and insecurities. Selenite can help you to process those. It has an incredible way of repelling and neutralizing negativity and density and tension that may come up amidst the backdrop of the Full Moon Energy.

How To Cleanse Selenite

One thing I do want to mention about Selenite is that it's commonly said that Selenite does not need to be cleansed because it works to transmute negativity. And this is mostly true, however, I have encountered, back in the day when I was working at a crystal shop, some Selenite did store dense energy.

If you've never cleansed your Selenite, it is a good idea to cleanse it. The easiest way of course is to set it out at night under the light of the Full Moon.

Use Selenite and its energy under the Full Moon to supercharge your intentions and support you in manifesting more joy and love and blessings into your life. Also, use it to cleanse and release negativity, distortion and heavy emotion that you may still be holding onto.

Either side of the coin, Selenite is a powerful ally. This remains one of my favorite crystals. It's so incredible!

Learn more about Selenite here.

Full Moon Crystal #2: Moonstone

Moonstone is a perfect stone to use amidst the Full Moon My second favorite crystal for the Full Moon is Moonstone! Moonstone is a powerful ally in helping you to tune in to the Full Moon Energy.

As you could easily guess from the name, Moonstone is also closely connected to the lunar energy. Moonstone also connected to the energy of the Divine Feminine. And so it supports Divine Feminine qualities of intuition, psychic ability, and flowing with grace and ease.

It can also bring up lower emotions and insecurities, revealing what has been hidden in the shadow with the light of the Full Moon illuminating the darkness so that you can integrate and release.

If you're incredibly sensitive to energy, wearing Moonstone on the Full Moon may feel like a little much for you and that's okay. Just know that you can take it off and just hold it for a while or set it down, but that the Moonstone is helping you to tune into the Full Moon energy.

Moonstone is a very powerful Full Moon Crystal, and will help you connect to integrate your full, true self.

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Full Moon Crystal #3: Amethyst

Amethyst is a great Full Moon Crystal My third favorite crystal I love to use during the Full Moon is Amethyst.

Amethyst, while not specifically connected to the Full Moon, has qualities that are just so supportive during Full Moon Energy. And one of the reasons that I picked Amethyst as a Full Moon crystal is because it's beautiful Violet Energy vibrates with the violet ray band of frequency. And so it has the powerful ability to transmute lower emotions, negativity, fear, insecurity, density into the light.

Amethyst can help you navigate the heavy energies that may be coming up within you or within other people around the Full Moon. Amethyst can help you not take on energy from others, but then also to face what's coming up within you to not try to bury it, but to face it so you can transmute it into grounded and authentic spiritual power and light.

Amethyst also helps to ground Higher Spiritual frequencies into your physical life and it is a great stone for heightening spirituality, boosting your intuition and again is just such an incredible ally during Full Moon energy.

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Full Moon Crystal #4: Labradorite

Labradorite carries both the energy of the Sun and Moon The fourth crystal I want to share with you for the Full Moon is Labradorite. Labradorite is really powerful for tuning into Full Moon energy and also experiencing profound transformation.

Labradorite is sometimes called the Shaman's stone and it is connected to both the energy of the sun and of the moon. So it has both those sources of light on the inner and outer planes of manifestation and can support you in revealing what in you needs to come to light.

It reveals what is in you that is out of balance, what in you has been pushed into shadow. Labradorite has a way of bringing those things up to the surface and then again as you're noticing what the theme of these Full Moon crystals, heightening your intuition, boosting your sense of Spirituality, connecting you with your guides and supporting you in ushering in positive transformation into your life.

It's a powerful stone for spirituality and awakening in general but is also great to connect with and use amidst the backdrop of Full Moon energy.

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Full Moon Crystal #5: Clear Quartz

Learn why Clear Quartz is a perfect Full Moon Crystal Our fifth Full Moon crystal that I wanted to share with you today is Clear Quartz. I use a particular Clear Quartz that originates from a Lemurian seed crystal. It is a kind of special quartz which means that the knowledge and light tied back from the time of Lemuria is seeded into this crystal.

Clear Quartz in general is the most versatile crystal of all because it is highly, highly open to intention.

And so I wanted to include Clear Quartz as a powerful Full Moon crystal because the Full Moon is a powerful time to re-infuse your intentions with light and positive energy. And you can actually focus your intentions towards the Clear Quartz.

Check out my video on Programming Crystals to learn more about that so that the Clear Quartz will then hold that intention and support in anchoring it into physical manifestation.

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A great way to ally with Full Moon Crystals to anchor your intentions is to create a Crystal Grid!

Learn how to create a powerful and yet simple crystal grid here.

Full Moon Ritual: Charging Your Crystals During The Full Moon

Charging Your Crystals During The Full Moon So those are the 5 Full Moon Crystals that I wanted to share with you. And yes, the Full Moon is a powerful time to charge or clear your crystals.

The way I see this is that crystals, when they are cleansed, when their energy is clear of distortions or negative energies that they've taken on from human beings or from the environment, they don't need to be charged.

However, the Full Moon energy has a way of supporting them in returning to their authentic divine crystalline state. Crystals are the perfect manifestation crystallization of Divine light into physical form, and so they are allies in supporting us as divine beings in more perfectly embodying our Highest Divine light. The Sun is a wonderful way to cleanse and charge your crystals.

Charging Amethyst During The Full Moon

However, for a stone like Amethyst, sunlight will actually fade it, so you never want to put Amethyst sitting out in the light of the sun because it will damage the stone and change its vibration. However, putting it out under the light of the Full Moon is a wonderful way to restore its authentic energy and help it to shine so bright so that it supports you in your life.

Which Types of Crystals To Charge During the Full Moon?

With crystals that are connected to the Moon energy, such as Moonstone, Selenite and Labradorite, I will charge my crystals under the light of the Full Moon.

When you leave them out under the light of the Full Moon, it's a good idea to set them down on the ground if you can, on the soil of the earth to ground their energy and then just put them where they can get an unobstructed dose of moonlight.

So not like under an awning or right at the base of a tree that's going to block them from receiving that moonlight. Even if it's cloudy and gray, the moonlight will still shine through.

Please note that Selenite will be damaged if it gets too much water. And so if it is going to rain, you probably don't want to put your Selenite out in the rain where it can be damaged.

Tips to Intention Setting and Grounding Your Crystals

  • Set your crystals out on the ground under the light of the Full Moon and then leave them out overnight.
  • And then in the next morning when you go to pick them up, tune into them and then this is where you can check out my process for programming your crystals.
  • Essentially setting your intention for the vibration you would like the crystal to help you manifest and that combination of cleansing and charging your crystals under the light of the Full Moon and then setting your intention is a super powerful way to use them during the Full Moon energy in and of itself.

More Tips and Advice For Creating The Perfect Full Moon Ritual

Learn more about how to create a magical sacred space and intention with your crystals during the Full Moon in the Full Moon Ritual E-book.

It’s a supportive guide to helping you to connect with the Full Moon energy to release and let go of what's no longer serving you and to call forth the brightest possibilities from the vast fields of infinite possibility for your life.

Keep shining, have a beautiful now,

Melanie Beckler



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