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Friday the 13th Spiritual Meaning

Are you superstitious? If so, you may consider Friday the 13th to be an unlucky day. There’s actually a name for this condition. Its called paraskevidekatriaphobia.

Not kidding!

Researchers estimate that 10% of people in the United States have a fear of the number 13.

Thirteen and especially Friday the 13th has long been considered to be unlucky in Western culture and countless superstitions coincide.

80% of high-rise buildings “don’t have a 13th floor” opting instead numbering floors like: 12, 12A, and 14. You’ll also be hard pressed to find an airport with a gate 13, or a hotel or hospital with a #13 room.

Not to mention entire horror movie series have been named after this “spooky day”. Plus, researchers verify that not only do people eat out and travel less on a Friday the 13th, but indeed more accidents do tend to happen, which isn’t all too surprising to me, since after all, consciousness creates.

But why is it considered to be unlucky?

In doing some digging, no one knows or is in consensus as to exactly why 13 is considered unlucky, though there are a few theories as to the origin.

One theory states that the superstition around 13 has to do with there being 13 disciples at the last supper the night before Jesus’ death on Good Friday.

Another theory revolves around a Norse myth, where 12 gods were gathered for a dinner party. The trickster god Loki came uninvited to make for 13. Loki killed Balder (son of Odin and Frigg), and the whole world went dark, the Earth mourned, and it was a bad and unlucky day.

What is really interesting though, is that there are also references to ancient times, where 13 was actually considered to be a good and lucky number!

The Egyptians for example considered 13 to be a lucky number, representing 13 rungs on the ladder leading towards the spiritual completion of the soul.

In astrology, 13 is associated with transitions, and with points of death and rebirth. This could be one of the reasons why its feared, because as humans we tend to fear and resist change. But death and rebirth are natural phases of life. A great example of this is when a child turns 13, its the death of childhood, childhood is now over, but that means the teenage years begin.

In numerology, number 13 signifies upheaval… The destruction of the old, and the beginning of a new cycle. Each season lasts 13 weeks.

Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine

There are also very strong correlations between Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine.

In my opinion, this is really what’s at the root of the superstition and why 13, and Friday the 13th have become so feared!

Throughout the course of the year there are 13 Moon cycles and a female on average experiences 13 periods each year.

The moon represents feminine energy and is connected to our emotions and sensitivities.

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In ancient times, when a woman was bleeding she was seen to be deeply connected to the goddess, with direct access to the magical powers of intuition, and the forces of rebirth. When ovulating, she was honored for her body’s ability to create new life.

When a woman’s cycle is in sync with the moon (which was largely the case before the advent of modern times and artificial light) she bleeds on the New Moon (representing death) and ovulates when the moon is Full (rebirth). The midpoint in this cycle? Day 13 (transition).

13 has a potent spiritual, yin, and feminine energy. In patriarchal times, feminine energy is often feared and perceptions of the feminine distorted.

We are largely taught to fear the power of the feminine as being destructive, dangerous and evil, rather than to hold it sacred.

Rather than seeing 13 an unlucky number, I see the number 13 as holding a potent Divine Feminine energy. It’s a number of transition, death and rebirth, fertility, blood, and power.

Friday the 13th and the Divine Feminine

It is said that before patriarchal times, Friday the 13th was not feared, but actually honored and celebrated as a day of the Goddess. A day to honor, celebrate and hold sacred the Divine Feminine within us each and to honor the cycles of life, death and rebirth we all traverse.

Friday the 13th holds wisdom when you’re receptive to it. It is a powerful day to plant the seeds of intention in the womb of the infinite Divine Mother. A potent time to honor the feminine forces, and celebrate the wisdom, beauty, and challenges faced by us each as we journey as souls.

Will you hold Friday the 13th sacred or remain scared?

Read my post about the difference *and similarity between scared and sacred here:

The Meaning of Sacred Versus Scared

Friday – Freya’s Day

Another layer to this puzzle of Friday the 13th and insight into the spiritual meaning of this powerful day can be found in the origins of the name: Friday.

The name Friday comes from Old English and literally means “day of Frigg”.

Frigg is the Norse goddess of love, fertility, and motherhood. She is often seen as the same being as Freya, goddess of beauty, fertility, sex and war.

Friday is also associated with the planet Venus…

Which of course is well known to have a feminine energy. (Men are from Mars and women from Venus after all LOL).

Friday’s are the perfect day to relax into a feminine flow of creativity, beauty, and receptivity.

And Friday the 13th?

Not an unlucky day at all, but rather a day of the Goddess and a day to celebrate life and to honor the Divine Feminine energy within and around us all.

With so much love and bright blessings,



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