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channeled messageDearest one, indeed, I, Orion, am present with you now in frequency and in spirit. Know that you are safe and you are protected and you are supported now in letting go of the realm of mind and entering into the love that is always present and which expands and elevates in frequency when tuned into. Tune into the love, for love will guide you in the new energy, in this now. Have you noticed that much in your world has changed? Indeed now, everything is anew and so the old ways of relating to each other and to your earth must be reviewed and reevaluated. The security and stability which you used to rely upon has shifted.

To find balance in the new paradigm, in this now, to find the balance, your process is threefold.

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First it is essential to unite with the divine and with divine love. Now, this is not something that is outside of you. Uniting with divine love means to notice and be aware of the divinity flowing throughout all and your part in it. Daily returning to this knowing through practices of mindfulness, through meditation, stillness, taking time to simply be. It is through quieting your mind and dropping into your heart that you are able to experience fully the divine nature of all, to understand the divine intelligence that makes up all, to honor all divinity and to realize your part in it. You are one with the divine love that is present throughout all form and throughout all energy, indeed. Mindfulness, through quieting your mind, opening your heart and entering into the realm of love. This is an essential component of finding balance in the now, in the new connected paradigm in which you live.

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From your connection through quiet mind and open heart, divine inspiration is available to you. Divine knowing of your next steps, of your path, of actions which will inspire positive change in your life and in the world.

Quiet your mind, open your heart, and drop into, tune into inspiration from the divine and then take action, act upon the guidance you receive, act upon the nudges of your soul and of your angels. These nudges of divine love seek to carry you forward on your path of awakening and of finding balance in divine love and in taking inspired action in this new paradigm. Action is essential to accomplish your divine purpose. Inspired action is essential to finding fulfillment, divine love, and balance in your life.Through mindfulness, being aware, still, calm, present, tuning into the void, tuning into love, tuning into the divine, and from this, knowing what actions will serve, and taking inspired action.

A third facet of balance in this new energy is taking time to play, taking time to enjoy, taking time to allow your inner child, your inner playfulness to rise to the surface. To accomplish this facet of balance, awareness is required. For you must be aware of what brings you joy, aware of what you are passionate about and what is fun, what forms of play you enjoy that are in line with increasing your vibration, with continuing on your path. Taking action simply for joy, this is a form of creativity. Playing and honoring your inner child, letting your inner child be healed in this now with the freedom to enjoy the moment fully, and forward through a daily practice of meditation and mindfulness, through inspired action upon the guidance you receive in your meditation, and through balancing yourself out with fun and play and enjoyment, you achieve balance in the earth paradigm of the present.

Balance in the new paradigm of love and earth, for with this balance, you are leaving behind stagnant ways of being. You are leaving behind past obligations and duties and stepping into living the path inspired by love, inspired by your heart, and most importantly inspired by awareness and presence in the now.

The now is where it’s at. As you release the past, pain, and pleasure, as you release the old and enter into the still of the present moment, feel the calm awareness of the divinity running throughout all, and your part in it, your oneness with earth, with the sky, animals all creatures and beings. See your oneness with all and the divinity of all through the still of your mind. Feel through your activated heart and awakened spirit, for inspiration is yours. The knowing and wisdom of the universe is effortlessly tuned into through your open heart and you will be guided by quieting your mind and listening to the voice of love you find therein.

You will know your next step on your path. Inspired small steps forward will lead towards large advancement and momentum and balancing this all out, completing the link of balance with time for pure enjoyment, pleasure, fun, play, playfulness of your heart and soul, allowing your inner child to express and enjoy will enlighten your vibration even more, will lift you even more, and will empower each other step along your process, will enable your time of meditation to flow more effortlessly when you honor your desire to play, to enjoy, to be free. Freedom, balance, love.

I wish to touch a bit more on inspired action, for simply being balanced and taking no action is not really balance, for you are a creative being, you are a divine seed present in physical form to create. And so as you do not give yourself permission to create, as you repress the action that you are inspired to take, blockages are formed, stagnation sets in. But when you take action, even unknowing where it will lead or where you are ultimately headed, but taking action inspired by your connection with love and with your heart, your creativity is nurtured and grows. Your spirit receives healing, fulfillment is closely aligned with this three fold divine balance, which you are able to begin tuning into immediately today.

Be aware, be present, quiet your mind, and tune into the divinity of all. Dive into it and feel your oneness therein. From this connection with divine love, through your open heart, through tuning into the still, silent, calm of the void, clarity can be found, certainty will be aligned, knowing of what is next comes into focus and then take inspired action which will propel you forward on your path of awakening and your path of returning fully to divine love, to the ability to remain in love in every moment regardless of the outside world around you.

And then play, honor your playfulness and know that playfulness and enjoyment elevate your frequency, elevate your spirit, assist you in staying in joy and love more effortlessly. Be aware, connect with divine love, know your next steps, take inspired action, recover with play and with joy and balance in the new paradigm, in the now, can be achieved and attained. Much growth, much progress, much forward movement in the direction of your ultimate divine blueprint, your purpose is aligned. Let go of old ways of being and enter into living inspired, balanced love.

I’m Orion and you are deeply loved. I leave now, but first infuse you with love’s blessing, with frequency, and with light. Let your energy lift and ground this now into your experience to share with all, to benefit you, to benefit all, for all is one. All is connected and all is divine. Be aware of this and this awareness will serve you greatly. I am complete for now and you are so dearly loved. Many blessings of frequency, of hope, of love, and of divine balance. And so it is. And so it is. ~Orion, channeled by Melanie

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Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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