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What is a Fairy? 18 Truths About Real Fairies And Their Spiritual Meanings

Fairies and Angels- What's The Difference?

Fairies and Angels What's The Difference? Fairies, much like angels are inter-dimensional beings who live in a realm between realms.

To be more specific, they occupy the etheric (and sometimes astral) energies of the Earth and Nature.

Fairies are real spiritual beings, just as angels are real spiritual beings but they exist at different levels of vibration, have different roles, and varying levels of consciousness..

There are many different types of nature spirits, and elemental beings who occupy nature and serve the Earth.

One big-difference between fairies and angels is that fairies are much closer to the Earth plane than angels.

Another big difference between angels and fairies is that angels are spiritual beings whose purpose revolves around carrying out the Divine will and serving humanity. Fairies roles on the other hand largely revolve around serving, taking care of and nurturing the Earth.

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Why More Fairies Aren't Seen…

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In the cycles of human evolution, there was a time when the majority of humanity was more perceptive of the etheric energies of the Earth, and could see and regularly interact with the faerie realms. This is why there is such a great abundance of Faerie lore that is strikingly similar from a number of different vultures and traditions.

Today, humanities awareness has become more logical, and we are less open to perceive the spiritual realms from an ordinary state of consciousness.

Fairies, elementals and nature spirits however, absolutely still exist and play essential roles in the how the Earth thrives and operates.

Today, as humans individually and collectively access a higher level of intellectual clairvoyance, the fairy realms are becoming accessible and perceptable again.

Real FairiesWhat Do Fairies Look Like?

There are many types of spiritual beings who occupy the etheric and astral levels of nature.

The 4 main types of elemental beings are:

Gnomes – associated with the Earth element
Undines -associated with Water element
Sylphs – associated with Air element
Pyraustas (salamanders) – associated with Fire element.

Many of the nature spirits we've heard of in lore or stories are actually these elemental beings.

For example, leprachauns, dwarves, and mountain elves usually refer to Gnomes, or the earth elemental beings.

The nymph and nixen of fairy lore who seduced men with a single glance are Undines, water sprites or water spirits.

There are however nature spirits who do not neatly fit into one of the groups of Elemental beings.

These faeries such as flower faeries, tree elves, and nature sprites support the plant and animal kingdom in numerous ways.

What Do Faeries Look Like?
Fairies are non physical beings, and so how they appear to you may be different than the truth of their energetic stream.

Some may see faerie beings as having blond hair and blue eyes, and look just like Tinkerbelle, while othertimes having wings like dragonflies, butterfly or dragonfly-like appearances, and others just appear as shimmers or sparkles or light, or even as a blobs of grey or dense energy.

One thing to keep in mind is that when fairies meet you, they will judge you based on your energy signature, and on how you treat Nature, and they will then act accordingly. If your energy is aligned with love, you'll likely only meet fairies of the light, and they'll be gentle, uplifting and loving. But if you're in fear, doubt, and uncertainty while disrespecting nature, the fairies you attract may present you with some tough lessons.

Fairies over time have gained a reputation as being ‘tricksters' and there are many legends of fairies actually stealing babies, and causing all kinds of havoc during high energy dates when the lines between realms were thinned.

The reality of the nature of fairies is that they have free will. This free will choice equates to the simple truth that some fairies are polarized to the light, in service of the Divine and of others, and some are polarized to the dark, in complete service to self.

Regardless of their polarization, all fairies have a symbiotic and mutually beneficial relationship with the Earth.

Fairies mentor and guide plants, animals, and minerals in a manner quite similar to how our guides and angels serve us. For humans who are closely aligned with nature, and walking a path of love, fairies may choose to offer guidance, assistance, and may choose to energetically appear.

All of the fairies I have ever experienced,  are committed to their mission of helping earth, and serving the plant and animal kingdoms. Some fairies (polarized to the dark) may trick and mislead humans who are abusing nature. Fairies who serve the light love helping humans, especially those who help the earth. With love and light they remind us of the importance of being joyful, playful and of being light hearted and having fun.

Are Fairies Real? What is Fairy Dust?

‘Fairy dust' is the energy signature of the fairies, and it can be felt when fairies are coming and going, in the most lovely way.

One of my favorite things about fairies is that they remind us of the magic contained in all of life, especially within the natural world.

Do you want to connect with and experience real fairies?

If you want to get in touch with the fairies, the easiest way is to do so is to attune your energy to nature, as fairies are essentially nature spirits, and closely tied to the Earth energy.

You can build an alliance with the fairies by helping nature, radiating love and joy, and by connecting and serving the trees, water and Earth.

Fairies are also closely tied to the energies of magic and intuition. Like humanity, fairies too are ascending, and they respect those who consciously walk a path of spiritual growth, love, and ascension.

The lines between realms are definitely quickly blending now, and in gardens, in nature, by the Oceanside, and near streams I have seen a number of fairies appear.

When connecting with the fairies, it's important to remember that your energy plays a huge factor in what you will attract. If you're in fear, or doubt… Call upon the angels instead of fairies, as angels completely vibrate with love and light, and your energy level will issue no detriment…

But if you are in a vibration of love, and you desire to serve and assist nature, there is great fun, learning, healing and magic contained within the realms of the fae, otherwise known as the fairies.

Fairies of the light will joyfully remind you to play, dance, sing, and enjoy. They also have a deep level of mastery of all earth related issues, including security, stability, home, family, money, gardening, and taking care of animals. Fairies are more than happy to help you in one or all of the above areas, if you are willing to do your part in taking care of the natural world.

Just keep in mind, that if you're disrespectful to animals and to nature, the fairies may judge you, and then mischievously trigger challenges, tricks, and obstacles on your path. I've helped people who have unconsciously and unknowingly attracted the challenging lessons of dark elementals, and it waas not pretty.

But ultimately, most fairies do want to help, and if you are committed to walking a path of love, the fairies you attract will be as well.

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When it comes down to it, the mission and purpose of the fairies is pretty simple. They exist to serve and assist nature, and they want for nothing more than to work with humanity to restore the natural world to her Divine splendor.

If you feel drawn to help the Earth, and you are able to maintain a vibration of love and not fear, reach out towards the fairies, and they will respond.

The Realm of the Fae is ready and willing to work with us once again, to serve nature, and to peacefully and consciously co-create a beautiful reality together.

Have you experienced the magical realms of fairies? Leave me a comment below to let me know about your experience!

With love, and light,

Melanie Beckler

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  1. When i was a little girl i was given a gift from my auntie which was a rose quartz Crystal point that had a silver fairy on top of it sitting and holding a quartz crystal ball. Every time that I’d go outside my backyard i bring that with me and i would sit or sometimes lay on my stomach under a huge bush and I would talk to the fairies and play with my rose quartz point eventually the silver fairy broke off the point and i placed it under the bush. After that i saw a fairy in my garden, although it was more like a skeleton that was dug up by the adults that looked like a tiny humanoid creature.

    I went outside less and less, and i started to see sparkles and grey orbs and other spiritual stuff. But i kept continuing to talk outloud, i had a lot of fairy statues and my bedroom was pink and purple with a strip of fairies around the middle of the wall. I have yet seen an actual physical manifestation of a humanoid looking fairy but I’ve seen angels and spirits and also a draconian/dragon.

  2. I had a reading once from a a white Witch who told me that I had alot of faires around me. I’m not sure what that meant or what kind of faires but since then I’ve always been interested in finding out more.

  3. Hi there Melanie,

    Love your information here, I am learning to open my intuition and started a couple of years ago. I was sidetracked and am now seeing the signs that it’s time for me to open back up.

    I am looking in to faires, or angel fae. I have recently video on my home camera an entity. I can’t define. As close as I can come is a fairy. Very interesting… I have gotten videos in the same area of my house, my house is very spirit friendly, and i have awakened in the last couple of years, learning how to open myself. Thanks for the information.

  4. So I have thought I have been crazy for what I saw. I was on my way back from picking up my grandson and driving down the road I saw what I thought to be a fairy hovering right above the road I was driving on . This has bothered me a little because I can’t explain it I don’t know exactly what I saw except for a silhouette of what I would call a fairy. I do not know what that means. I believe in angels and spirits but I never considered fairies to be real. And I mean no disrespect but I can’t explain what I saw and I was hoping you could give me some insight. Thank you for your time

  5. I seen one come through the wall and Look at me then backed back in to the wall and i was in bed the out of my box a little one poped out of the box and buzzed about then stoped on the wall then faded away in to the wood it was so cool I was like a big glow worm with a wasp tail and just so calm when we locked eyes I did not freak out I felt left asking what did that mean for me and them

  6. Hi ,
    Love light n peace to you I encountered a fairy few days back I was sitting beside the small garden in my home and was listening to some Buddha chanting and suddenly a little fairy came and sat on my lap for 5 min observed her it’s like she/ he (fae) was trying to say something but as she was smaller than a baby mosquito I was not able to listen a single thing but I was noticing her activities and I took her picture and made a video . And whenever I go out with a intention to see fairy I literally see them I just. Now went out and ask them to appear and swear to god I saw 2 of them but when I try to show my sister or momy fae try to hide herself Since I know I am in a spiritual journey from past 4years I am experiencing so many things like in my dreams I see gods n goddess I go to the temples many times I myself made a Kundilini symbol in my dreams I saw fairies in my dreams and seeing number sequences every single day 11:11 is my favourite no I see this number everywhere every single day and now it’s common for me … my life journey is was not been so simple I have gone through hell in my life in my Twinflame relation last year 12 July 2019 I lost him he died it was a heart attack but he comes to my dreams every now and then I miss him hoping he will come back one day 😌I am dolly by profession I m an HR belongs to India m 29 yrs old and not yet married I dnt know what life holds for me I dnt feel like to live but being a Leo women i m strong enough to go through my bad Times and experiences universe has to offer me and wait for the divine timing to work in my favour one day .. 🧚🏻‍♀️⭐️Bless you sending positive vibes love & light take care🍀⭐️🦋🦄🌈💚

    Thankyou MELANIE please advice me what ever you will say will be valuable to me and will be close to my heart I will take it as a spiritual advice from u 💝💜💚♌️

  7. Dear Mellanie,
    In this lockdown my joy is walking in the woods. I discovered things that I have never seen. One of the things I was drawn to, while I was in the woods alone, was the thought of fairies. I found one place hidden in the roots of a tree that I thought was a little house for fairies. I look and look, I took a picture from the hole inside and when I say the picture there is a white blurred image which looks like a little person with wings. Was it a fairy or my imagination? I went back the next day and I covered the hole`s surroundings with wood sticks trying to block the place for people not go there. Then I made a painting for the fairies. Thank you Maria

  8. About 5 years ago I started seeing spirits. First my grandmother came to me in the middle of the night and shortly after that I was seeing spirits on a regular basis. At first I was terrified but I have come to accept it as a gift. It started happening after my daughter was born and I think it’s because of her. So this morning I was sleeping and felt a tap on my head. I woke up and saw what I think is a fairy. I think it was male and he was all gold in color. Then he was gone and now I am curious about fairies. It was definitely a cool experience and I hope to have more!

  9. Great article: two evenings ago, I had an interesting encounter with what I can only call a will o the wisp. I was sitting facing the Gulf of Mexico on the full moon night, (special moon it was, can’t remember which one>) and, very quickly, in the middle of my vision field, overlooking the water and facing the moon, a swirl of greenish blue something, lit up the sky and seemed to be only a few stories high to the front and over my head, It hovered for only a small time, and then it moved weirdly in spurts, but also very fast, backwards in a straight line, stopped and reformed into the same green blue swirly ball, and then just vanished. That was the entire encounter. I think it might have been a fairie. Or, a Fairie fire. or will o wisp or ghost fire, one of those things. It was cool, I love coming into contact with weird things like that. But, who know what it could have been. I have talked with a few sailors, live in a small ocean community of fishermen and sailors, and non so far, has said they have had a similar encounter, so it must be fairly rare. Fairie Folk Rule!

  10. Hi I just found your website here. Very interesting. So I am a little plagued by something that happened the other night. In my greenhouse. See. I decided to build one over my deck for all my pretty tropical plants while I survive the winter on my vineyard. I have a degree in plant biology and (I hate these titles sorry) but most definitely hit all the buttons of an intuitive empath and in the craziest of ways (note highly misunderstood label these days because to walk that path means to kill your pride all day long and seek meekness, humility, and compassion above all). Anyway. So I get attacked from time to time from “let’s call it, the other side” and in rebuking that in the name of my savior Jesus Christ…which always works…lo and behold I decide to grab my kitty cat and head inside. No sooner than I’m walking toward my front door….I see these two beings like as if I had eyes In the back of my head. This happens to me sometimes, seeing things….so, when I did every hair on my body stood up and I was like…..”um ok so that’s crazy”. And what I felt was as if these two beings were there to maybe “cleanse” the area. Not sure. That’s the only impression that comes to mind. They didn’t feel like bad entities but they weren’t necessarily angels. At least not sure. Now. Side note. One of my best friends is ten and she has fairie friends. And talks about them.

    So here’s what I saw. Two beings. Both had wings of some sort. They looked like elves with butterfly wings. The wings had three cokors. I think. Not sure one was dark maybe dark blue? That was the main color. The next was possibly germ and maybe with some yellow highlights.

    Now. When things like this happen and all the feelings are so real….I’ve come to this conclusion that it something through the veil… least that part I know.

    Can you shed any light on this?

  11. My entire life I’ve never had metal images, unless I was asleep, then they were vivid. Last month I went to a self hypnosis class, naturally I saw nothing but darkness. Last week when I went, the instructions were to send out a white light into the universe. I saw myself as pink fairy emitting a pink light. When the session was nearing the end and we were told to pull the light back in, I saw a rainbow of colors in the shapes of orbs. I was ecstatic that I actually saw visual images! Then later on, I wanted to know what it meant. Now I know that pink is representation of love and joy. Maybe the fairy was helping me send my inner love and joy into the universe. The return of the multi color energy has me conflicted. Were the orbs from the universe or energy from the other participants? I am an empath, so there in lies the confusion.

  12. Hi Melanie
    I was meditating and did some I work clearing my chakras today. It turned out to be so magical and nearing the end, when I recalled rainbow sprinkles that came over me yesterday, I was visited by a fairy. She had no face or anything, she was rainbow like, I could see her little wings and had light coming in through her from the top and out the bottom.

    I read up on this and found this article.


  13. Hi! Yes I have a great orb video that I think may be fae related. I’ve also had many dreams about them. Ty for the posting!

  14. I have xanios with a Xana. Once I took them to fairy land to take them for a field trip for three days to get things in order. I love them and her with all my heart.

  15. I just had a beautiful dream of a fairie. It was a rainbow looking fairie of purples, yellows and pink. Believe a Male fairie but he seemed lost and I saw him from me driving my vehicle and noticed him flying above like a orb with wings. he flew in a canopy looking tent made of wood cedar. I communicated talking, telekenetically and speaking to it it’s ok and I care, loving, and letting know hes ok. wont hurt him. Told him to it’s ok to go back home. He felt lost. Very vivid dream and beautiful…

  16. I like many others, feel strange posting this but I witnessed something extraordinary today. I was playing outside with my little ones and our cousin and we looked up and saw what appeared to be a neon pink butterfly with a black body. It was exquisite! It was very happy and playful and even tried landing on my little one’s nose. But it almost noticed it had been spotted and flew in a huge circle and then straight up and disappeared when we tried following it. It was incredible though. As it turns out we were by the garden and it was a beautiful sunny day and there were tons of flowers near us. I’m sure it was attracted to the happiness of the area and the children playing. I looked up pink butterflies and they don’t exist. Maybe one of nature’s rare anomalies..or maybe…a fairy? We felt very blessed and uplifted after viewing this beautiful creature. A true blessing!!

  17. I feel strange to admit I am searching for an answer to what my sister in law and myself saw on Christmas 2 years ago. We were in my living room taking pictures of our two 4 year olds playing with their gifts when all of a sudden a small white glowing winged figure appear right in front of us. It was only for a second. It flew up then down a bit and then disappeared. We both exclaimed “What was that?” At the same time. When people in the other room said what she said an angel, while I said a fairy at the same time.
    We were and still are in a bit of disbelief. It feels odd to know exactly what you saw and describe it but still have no idea what you saw at the same time. Then we looked at the pictures and sure enough a streak of white light about 6/8 inches wide was there! Unfortunately you cannot make out any shape of wings, but you can tell it is in the middle of the room. Not just a light from outside casting on the kids because the angles would be bent, this is a straight line of light.
    Again I know what I saw, what we saw, but still have no idea at the same time.
    I lost my father 20 years ago at 18 and my mother 4 years later.
    I am also a reasonable person, some would even say skeptic, but I know what I saw on Christmas.
    I can’t shake needing to know more. If anyone else has seen the same or possibly also has pictures? Thanks

  18. Hi Melanie,

    I got told that fairies and gnomes live and like my yard and home. What can I give them as an offering? I don’t know anything about elementals. I want them to feel welcomed and loved. I also got told they are playful and can cause havoc. Like electronics breaking. And my things are dying on me. Hehe

    Thank you 🙂

  19. Hi Melanie and All,

    I thought I would make a posting here because, believing that the Fae are God’s creatures, just like us, I naturally also believe in Ghosts, Angels, and Demons. I don’t feel any incompatibility between accepting the Fae and believing in a Higher Power.

    However, although I have always been interested (for some reason) in Arthurian Legend, and the relationship between Merlin and Nimue, I am not sure that I gave much credence to the existence of the Fae in the real world. Now, I know better, of course, and the experience has enriched me.

    I live in the Uk and long before I encountered the Fae, I knew I had sensory abilities. One still night in August many years back now, as I fished in my favourite field on my own, the moon was out, and bats flitted around, a voice from nowhere simply said very clearly in my ear, ‘This One’. I froze a full minute before turning around. No one and no thing was there. I did catch a fish but it was deformed… The following night, back in the Bed and Breakfast I was staying in for work reasons, I had a bad dream – the loud hubbub of voices approaching. In the dream, I did not wish to meet it. A fierce yowling of a cat started up (we had just lost our big black cat – Bruno). The rabble retreated and I woke up. Strangely, years later, for no reason, I had the same dream, but this time, I was cast in the role of a White Wizard hurling incantations at it – which, again, put it to flight. The following week, I returned to my flat. That night, there were scratching sounds above my head – unusual because any birds that might get in there always roost at night. The following morning, Saturday, at 7 o’clock, a sound started up. I thought it was someone mowing their lawn until I realised it was coming from my kitchen. A battery-operated scourer had switched itself on. It was strange because both my lady and I had tried to switch it on, but were unable. Also, it had the word FAIRY on it … I decided to ask it to come with me back to the field. As I returned from the field that evening, one of the resident horses seemed to appear with a loud snort in my ear when I was trying to heave my tackle over the gate. Once over the gate, the horse was gone. I thought it must have walked out of view since the gate is in a corner. I climbed back into the field and walked fully into it. There was no horse anywhere. I was puzzled but hoped I had left my invisible friend there – I had not! Sunday morning in the kitchen, I turned very sharply (almost as if prompted) and caught the smell of something decaying, quite a strong smell. I sniffed all around but could not find the source anywhere. I didn’t feel it was particularly malevolent, but I felt it was quite powerful. I wanted it out and with the help of The Divine and much mental effort, I managed it. Instantly, I was rewarded with exceptional good luck for the rest of the day – almost as if the other Fae (for there must have been more than one fairy in attendance) didn’t enjoy its company either! Fishing the same field years later, sat between the mighty hawthorns (where I have, incidentally, seen the classic winged 4″ fairy moving at breakneck speed in the day time and as an orb of blue light at night) I caught the same smell about one rod length out sitting over the water.

    Recently, I have come to think that far from being malevolent, it was trying to tell me something. For, at the time of the first visitation in my flat, the water was healthy and weedy. Now, years later, the bottom is more muddy, more stinky – the very smell, in fact, of that entity – probably because the herbicide sprayed on the field by the farmer in springtime to provide better pasture leaches into the water and stunts the weed growth. I always thought of it as a water spirit, different from the land-based ones I usually encounter.

    Since then, I have been ‘played’ with, just like they do with other animals, I have heard their music, smelled their food, seen them – once in the field, once in the house – , had my name called out to me softly on the wind, been on the receiving end of their ability to shape shift and control animals – cock robins are a favourite, I think, and the religious association is also particularly apposite. None of these things were sought or asked for. They just happen. I try to keep my thoughts pointing Heavenwards whilst trying to respect their habitat. I am pleased to say that the new owner of the place has promised to plant flowering scented water lilies, at my suggestion, which should be welcome to Man, Fairy, and Fish…


  20. I am still trying to find myself and where I belong and why I am the way I am? I am here I’m not sure if I’m an angel or a fairy I float it’s hard to keep my feet on the ground I’m wondering why and will it go away I also have humming in my ears continuously curious about that could you help me I would appreciate it Cindy

  21. I had a dream Early Monday morning about a Fairy I saw floating in the air. It was of many Beautiful pastel colors. In my dream I captured a photo in my Cellphone to keep.

  22. My mom just moved to 18 acres in TN – nothing around but tress,streams, and waterfalls. She said something touched her hand while sleeping and she hit it, then looked over and saw a orange and yellow multi colored multi winged fairy with armor on. She said it was a guardian fairy. Is there such a thing as what she saw, and guardian fae? Please send an email if you have an answer. Thank you. She also has stage 4 cancer.

  23. My 8 yr old granddaughter has 3 fairies that visit regularly. She describes the wing colors each has. I introduced her to botanical oils. She calls them potions when she gives them as gifts. I was wanting to make sure these visitors were of light. She awoke one morning and my son she had the most amazing night. She said she’d be flying all night.

  24. I have about 2 hours of amazing video and endless pictures of group of fairies that visted me almost a year ago and i have only showed one person and what i have learned ftom there visit will amaze all that see it and what have learned will change a lot of people to believe in the after life im not lying this is real and i have keeped it secret up untell 3 weeks ago and plan on keeping some there secrets for ever

  25. This is the first place i wrote or told anyone about this experience. I haven’t told anyone because i was afraid they would think to was crazy. I saw a circle of fairies on the beach. They came in from the water as a light and make a noise. I had the urge to chase the light and found myself amazed about what i saw. There were men and woman tinker bell looking and glowing, i was in shock. They were beautiful, i saw them communicate but didn’t hear them. They didn’t even acknowledge me. I have been researching ever since. I have been having a increase of different experiences throughout the year and don’t know why. Also that day on Fort Lauderdale beach my friend who was with me and said he saw something he could not explain. He didn’t seem to want to talk much about it. Anyway that was my experience any info is appropriated through email. I often wonder if it was merely timing that i got to see them or a deeper reason.

  26. I was glad to come across your article. Yesterday, my 5 year old daughter told me that fairies aren’t real because her Kindergarten teacher told her:(. Reading this helped me to find some of the right words to explain to her that they are real. Thank you!

  27. Greetings everyone!

    I’m not knowledgable on the ways of Fairies, but I had a curious experience lately. I have always been a lover of trees, of plants and enjoy gardening and getting my hands dirty in the earth. This passed year, here in Cape Town, South Africa, we have had a water crisis. And this year had made me sad as strict water control had forced us all to follow rules in water usage. My small garden had suffered greatly. I had foregone gardening for the time being, though it weighs on me.
    That said, has it opened my mind to the field across our house. Its wild. And amazing. Long grass, wild flowers, naturally streams. I have been drawn to this field since we have moved into the house four years ago, but recently with draught, I have been even more pulled toward it because it’s always green and moist and lush.
    Yesterday, I fell asleep in my daughter’s bedroom, it faces the field outside. It was late afternoon, right about sunset time, and I woke up from my nap with a bright, golden hue in the bedroom and a silvery ring of a bell. The sun was low, and fell into the room through the windows, and everything felt lit up around me. I felt at peace. And very calm. I closed my eyes, and then a woman appeared before me. She had a white gown on, her hair long and golden, she wore a crown of flowers. She gave me a small smile. Then she held my face between her hands, she kissed me. Just a small, delicate kiss on my lips. I wanted to talk to her, ask her things, but chose to remain silent and just enjoy her presence.
    She, the lady of sunlight as I like to think of her, spoke to me. She told me to wake up, and be inspired.
    I opened my eyes, and turned toward the wall. The light falling through the window, made interesting shapes on the wall…it look like rainbow butterflies. Slowly, the light faded and the butterflies of light too.
    I’ve been looking all over the internet for what this means? What I do know for sure was that she was benevolent and peaceful. When I went about the evening’s tasks, her calm and love stayed with me. All the sadness I’ve felt in me seemed to have left me.
    Can someone help me with this? I’ve never had something like this happen. And even though I was partly asleep, and partly awake, somewhere in the middle. Something tells me that this was not a usual dream.

  28. I recently received a channeling and was informed that I was very important to the Fairies and the shifting that is going on, I have connection to all elements and animals. I am just now researching what this all means and I am so excited to connect and spread love to the world. It has been to long. I also had the honor of the dragonfly on water before the channeling. so wonderful seeing live this way. I am willing to be all I can be.

    1. I recently saw my first fairy at same time at night as someone else around week of September 17 does anyone know why? What are little orange glowing gentle pulse little orange lights mean?

  29. I am a fairy, once a proud princess of a kingdom, now temporarily living among humans in an effort to aid life here but also within myself to ascend.
    Sadly I was born into darkness and I hate humanity for staining my heart with sorrow and anger!
    I am torn as I love this world and some people but so many make it a goal to act upon stupidity and hatred.
    Thusly I am never going to incarnate upon this lowly, primal and ignorant world again!
    I have been fed doubt, fear, shame, pain, despair and rage. No one understands.
    My element is fire. I apologize but now that is what I want, for much of this world is to see that fire and I wish, in the back of my mind, the council act upon the humans as a parent or elder should and discipline these misbegotten ingrates!

  30. The other day the weather wad very hot, we are in a rainy season, but it hadn’t rain for two days. I felt as if the plants, trees and flowers from the garden needed water. So I had to carry water, going in and out of the house for several times until all plants were watered. While I did that I was talking to them, telling them that they are beautiful and stuff. At night when I went to bed, I heard a small sweet voice that said my name. Since it was dark I couldn’t see anything, but a picture of a fair wad sll I could think of. So I’m not really sure, but I feel like I had a contact with the fairies.

  31. I live in Fairyland the highlands of Ontario Canada.
    And I share their realm always too many experiences and genetics to comment but if you would like to chat about the little folk I am always open to discussion and interested to share some of my experiences.
    I am also a Meadowcrofter and practitioner of herbal majik.

  32. Three day ago I was walking through woodland in County Durham in the UK and as I was with my dogs and my husband we were walking in a popular spot where a old castle had remains as I was walking behind with my camera snapping shots.. a little voice in my head said.. welcome to the fairy realm I repeated to my husband out loud welcome to the fairy realm and he just laughed at me! So I said out loud ok then if there’s any fairy’s elfs gnomes pixies or nixies or angels or even my spirit guide come to the camera and show your self’s to me and make your self’s known. As I continued to snap photographs of the woods and flowers as we carried on a little robin flew down next to me as I tried to get the perfect shot it flew away. But then a rather large wood pigeon decided to take its place as I took the pictures. As we carried on path a raven flew down next to me squawking continuing to make noise I told my husband and dogs to stop and put the two dogs on there leads. Up ahead there was noise coming from a motorbike the gypsy boys were playing on there bike riding through trees disturbing the quiet peace of the woodland. Did this bird warn me of what was ahead and put the seed into my head to get the dogs and be careful ahead. When I got home and inspected the photos on the camera I noticed a few pictures had captured some things that weren’t on the photo I had taken at the time of inspection. One picture had a large round clear silverish orb with eyes and a face looking at me. The second picture had what appeared to be winged like blobs of very bright glowing balls of light with a orange yellow goldish outline hovering above a wild plant ( this is the picture from when I asked them to make there selves known) and the third picture is a very similar orb to the second picture but in the distance behind my dogs when I zoom in there is a face of a young girl top half of a body watching from the distance and this orb beside her with this orangey yellow glow with a bright white inside.
    Did the faerie realm and the elementals welcome me to there realm and warn me of what was ahead and to be on guard? Who knows! But I do know for sure was they spoke to me as I entered the pathway and made there self known to me by appearing for my camera and I’m happy with that.

  33. I was meditating last night and I came across a tree with a door on it there was two cherubs at the door I entered through the door and inside fairies were inside

  34. I was wondering as I was reading the article: is it possible that a fairy decides to be born to the third dimension again, as a humane being…
    I have read that angels can do that- appear as humanes on Earth.

  35. Out the corner of my eyes,I’ve been seeing small dark figures dart behind trees or structures around where I’m walking. It could be just my imagination, but I know that fairies exist so I’ve also considered them. I also had a dream last night that I was walking a narrow nature trail and a small, glowing green fairy appeared in front of me, started dancing and vanished… I wonder if there’s a relation?

  36. I have encountered a few of my spirit guides, but never a fairy. I actually don’t know much about them. That’s what led me here. I was practicing Reiki on a client the other day and I got a very loud message that a fairy named Nell was a guide for this client. She said she could “help him see.” And explained that he had the gift but didn’t know how to use it and wanted to know if I would be helping him. She was very playful, and invited me into her garden where she lives. She told me I could visit her too if I chose. I have never had encounter like this before. I do frequently get messages during Reiki, but it’s always an angel, ascended master of a relative of the person. Is this unusual?

  37. I woke up last night and seen a beautiful golden fairy hovering over my husband as he slept.
    It stayed quite still for a few minutes but then vanished as my brain activated with questions. Beautiful! I hope I see it again ❤️🙏🏻🌹

  38. I found your page, because I don’t know much about fairies, but have always been deep in other kinds of spirit/ angelic/ alien/ animal communication. Last night, I had my third fairy encounter: I was unexpectedly visited by fairies who were happily busy throwing handful after handful of their golden dust on me as I lay in bed. I was enchanted, but lay there absolutely silent for fear of accidentally saying or asking the wrong thing.

    I think you are totally right in that fairies have egos and will judge you, as opposed to angels who do not have egos and who will not judge you. I say this, because it’s almost impossible to say the wrong thing when talking to an angel, who doesn’t judge you, but WOAH, you’d better be careful what you say to a fairy!

    My first encounter with a fairy was a few years ago. A female fairy appeared to me one night, and we had the most amazing conversation until I said the wrong thing, which caused for her to become angry with me. While having the conversation with her- which was going well for quite some time- I thought that she could feel in my energy my high level of respect for her and how honored and grateful I was that she had come to visit me, so that when I was momentarily overcome with the enchantment of her and said, ‘you’re such a pretty little thing,’ she wouldn’t take it only on face value and assume that I was insulting her. Well, of course, because she had an ego, I insulted her with my stupid remark! Weird stuff happened to me in my life for the next few days. The moral of the story is to never, ever tell a fairy that she is a ‘pretty, little thing’ unless you want to face the consequences! 😉

  39. I saw little people come out from behind my books on my bookcase, from a distance their spirit was dark, but I know they are connected to the earth and earth spirits are generally darkish, yet they were very kind and loving and I felt no fear, anger or any type of negative emotions coming from them. I was sat up in my bed in spirit and watching TV; I had a fairy child in my hands and I was moving him around playfully in circles (going wee) The mother fairy was beside me on my unit and was a little worried for her son (which is understandable) she thought at first I might be being rude about there size and said to her young one that, ‘he’s taking the fun out of our size’ I assured her that I would never do that to any of them. I put him down carefully and laid back down. The I noticed quite a few behind me watching TV with me; out on the shelf other’s were coming out to join; some at first popped there head around books and saw me looking quickly moved back behind the books, some came out and I waved at them. I actually heard a few say, ‘look, he’s waving at us’ and they waved back. Some were jumping of the bookcase and climbing up the bed to join the others, I even notice one throw teeny weeny small piece of rolled paper being thrown. I wasn’t sure if they were fairies at first because they didn’t have wings or anything.

    Until in my dream I was in a class creating magic dust, here’s the account: In this dream I was in a classroom stood up with other pupils and we were using magic to create something for a test, we all had a small ornamented bowl and were to swirl our hands above the bowl thinking about something; (I cant remember what that was) and after a few seconds I managed to create a reasonably solid salt lookalike crystals. Which were blue and white, the teacher was going around inspecting people’s bowls and contents before the class finished to grade them; he managed to inspect another’s and mine before class was over. It wasn’t until we came back to class later that he was handing out grades in brown A4 folders; he handed mine and a friend shouted out to me at the same time, I turned and looked at shouted I had failed got an ‘F’, but when I checked the file it said ‘grade passed’ I mistook the F’’ for fail, but it was meant for fairy as in fairy dust.

  40. I’ll never forget but when I was about 4 I went camping with my parents and their friends out in the wilderness and I remember seeing one of my parents friends, a woman sitting under a tree and I ran over to her and asked what she was looking at and she responded the fairies, look closely. As I looked closer I saw small yellow bursts of light buzzing around the tree materialise and they were in human form, I was so excited and shocked I ran over to my mother to try make her see but she could see nothing and said I was being silly. I sat back down with the woman and she gave me a a small clear pebble with rainbow colours in the middle of it’s inside and she said the fairies gave it to her. I was so ecstatic and happy I saw fairies but I think the reason I did was because I was such a loving and happy child, polar opposite to what I am today but I’ll never forget that experience I’ll always cherish it and I swear by it nearly 17 years later, I am however devastated I lost that pebble it seemed to have just gone missing one day. I always hoped to see them again but unfortunately I haven’t and it might be to do with the fact I don’t bear the same energy as the happy fun loving oblivious child I once was

  41. I have had the blessing of entering the realm of the fae in out of body experience and its so magical.I have no control over the visits they happen out of the blue and some knowledge of healing methods is then revealed.

  42. I’m what one would refer to as a Christian in beliefs,but fairies are real and do wear boots! Ya gotta believe it! For real!

  43. Are fairies real. My favorite fairies from ferngully are Crysta,Pips and other fairies. I would like to meet them. Fun Fact: Pips is falling in love with Crysta and he was Crysta’s best friend.

  44. I have always love nature, being around them and cares. But I had never heard of such beautiful creature like “fairies or little people,” since ever I was born, until days ago. Some days ago, while I was coming back from work, heading home. On my way home, I bought a movie called “tinkerbell” and some POP, 😉 just to keep my company, while watching the movie but don’t really know what the “tinkerbell” is all about. While viewing, I couldn’t realized when I started fallen in love with these creature on the screen, for their loving kindness and very beautiful towards each other and even to human-beings as if it were real, though I only believe it was just a movie after all. A few hours later, I felt so tired and wanted to sleep, so I turn off the TV and go to bed. When I got to the bedroom, then I realized that I couldn’t sleep either instead, my mind keep telling me “you have to believe.” Believe what? (asking myself) fairies! fairies! fairies! (my mind) Hey! are you out of your mind? (asking myself) Now completely confused. So, I pick up my laptop, now researching for what is called FAIRIES and completely believe and find out that what I was watching in a movie wasn’t just a drama, but real. I can end up telling you that these things you called things are not THINGS, they are human-like just as you are and also people like you. Can’t wait to meet these people someday.

    1. I don’t think I called fairies “things” … they’re highly evolved spiritual beings who can teach us a great deal about balance, respect and love for all beings.

      Thanks for your comment! Glad to hear you’ve been called to learn more about the realms of fairies.

  45. My parents and my brother, together, bought 140 acres in southern Ohio in the early 90’s. This acreage is surrounded on 3 sides by state game lands and is very secluded. There was a small home on the property that burned down, and a barn. My brother and parents both built new homes. The barn is still there. They began to notice dark rings of green on the property, sometimes with flowers growing in the dark ring. They would appear, then be gone, then a new one would appear somewhere else. A friend of my brother’s came to visit and saw one and told him that they are fairy rings. My mother, who was in her late 70’s at the time and had a love of anything paranormal, was intrigued. She went to the library to research it further and learned that, if you make a wish in the center of a fairy ring during a full moon, it will come true. One time, she noticed one not far from her house. (They were usually out past the barn, across the creek and over in a meadow far from their houses.) By chance, there would be a full moon in just 2 days. She hoped it wouldn’t be gone before then. The day of the full moon she went out into the center of the fairy ring and set a 5 gallon bucket down so that she could find the center in the dark that night. She later went out, under the full moon, and made her wish. She wished for 3 things: They had built 2 new homes, but ran out of money before they could build a garage, so she asked for a garage. She also wanted a large pond that they could stock with fish for the grandchildren who would come to visit. And finally, she asked for roads or passages so that they could easily explore the property on golf carts and quads that they owned. Soon thereafter, a logging company came and showed an interest in logging on the property, which was about 95% woods. My brother was hesitant at first, as he didn’t want to spoil the pristine property. The agent for the logging company assured them that they wouldn’t do anything to destroy their property, and the papers were signed. The logging company came in over a period of several weeks. The foreman got to know my mother and took a liking to her. One day, he told her that she had a little piece of heaven out there in the middle of nowhere. My mother told him that the only thing that could make it any more special would be a pond. The foreman told her that they could do that for her by digging out an area and redirecting a portion of the creek. He added that they already had the equipment there to do it, and he would have his men do that for no cost to them. (SHE GOT HER POND) When the logging company finished, it was as they promised and you couldn’t even tell that logging had been done…except for the trails/dirt roads that they had to put in to get to the trees they wanted. (ANOTHER WISH – THE ROADS) And finally, after they were paid for the trees that were harvested, they were able to build a 4 car garage (WISH #3) as well as an addition on my mother’s house and a jacuzzi spa. All 3 wishes came true within a few short months of making the wish. You may say this is coincidence. My mother believes it was her fairies at work. Years later, my husband and I and our 4 boys went to visit. It was just after a flash flood and the creek was swollen and the culvert near the barn was almost washed out. My 12 year old took his grandmother’s camera out and took pictures. It wasn’t raining when he took the pictures. In fact, the sun was out and it was beautiful. When the pictures were developed, there were several that had orbs in them. But more than just orbs… they appeared to be moving, with a streak behind them as something moving very fast. One is very obviously going around a tree and another is coming out of the culvert. My mother believes those are her fairies.

  46. Hi Melanie, Thank you for your information as I too believe in them and have a large realm that lives with me and are mainly in my back yard and in the only tree I have back there that I dedicated as the Tree of Life. I have been involved in paranormal research, crossing souls to the light and since the early Fall of 2014 enjoying the Fairies that show up in photos. I have not seen one with my eyes (yet lol) but I am keeping the faith and believing I will some day. I have taken at my home literally thousands of photos and a great deal I have are of spirit orbs, angel orbs, Fairies in many forms, nature spirits and so much that would blow you away. I am very blessed to be able to experience this divine life and never take them for granted. I protect them, give them love and keep my light shining for them to see. Thank you again for your information and if you chose to check out my group you will see lots of photos and posts about all of this, there. Be well and happy. Love and Light, Marion Logan

  47. II like reading your stuff on angels, and fairies. I have this lets call it gut feelings that come true in my dreams, I have seen peoples faces that are going to die, and i can’t help them. I get a real sick feeling,that means trouble is coming. I need some one to guide me on this.

    1. For Delphinee on 4-11-2015, I am not sure I am supposed to be able to comment on here for her, but I know someone who has also had knowings about people dying; she says she puts their pictures on her fridge and her coffee table so she can be reminded to pray for them; I have had many premonitions of mass transit accidents, which are also a struggle to deal with emotionally, but a friend I confided in told me that her grandmother did also and that she meditated with imagery of God’s white light surrounding her and protecting her which I did and found greatly comforting; I eventually prayed for God to take these away from me because they were so disturbing and I was so unable to do anything but pray about them (which is not a “just”, by any means), but it did give me great comfort and God did immediately take these away from me. I have begun to consider that time as my wake up call for listening to God. If you look at 1Corinthians: 13, 8–13 you may find some comfort. Peace be with you 🙂

  48. Thank you the advice was so helpful I am going to try that but how do the fairies look different?☺also how long does it take to actually see them?⏳⌛⏰

  49. Hi, I have some Faery oracle cards and I decided to do a reading last night. I did a reading for my year ahead which included my past and present. My present card was Merlin which means teacher, he will lead me to people that can teach me.

    I have been investing in a lot of different personal development products and trying to work on myself. The other day I purchased a system called Tapping and listened to it but when it came down to doing the real work on myself I stopped like I always do. This morning I was checking out my emails and clicked on an email about foods which is unrelated to personal development. I was clicking away when I cam across an article called Emotional Freedom Technique. As I was reading it I realized that it was about Tapping. There was so much more information about how to use Tapping to help you get over all of your past traumas. I was absolutely amazed how I managed to find this article. I am really going to use this because I see it as a sign that it can really help me and when I get good at it I am hoping to help my daughter with her anxiety issues that she has been seeing a psychologist about for a while now.

    Later on in the morning I decided to go sit out in the sun on the lawn for a while. One of the other cards I had last night was the Faery Queen that wants you to follow her. While I was sitting on the grass I had a dragon fly flying around me for about 5 mins. It was really amazing. I felt like they were sending me a message. When I am out in nature I feel at one with everything around me. Now I have stumbled across your blog on Fairies and here I am. Too much just for coincidence.

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