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Essential Oil For Protection!?

Thieves Essential Oil For Protection Thieves Essential Oil for Protection

It’s raining and stormy outside today. I’m actually traveling in Australia at the moment, and there is a huge tropical storm in the area, so no hiking in nature or exploring beaches for me today, and instead of hunkering down in my tiny accommodations, I’m sitting in a bustling café working on

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I am actually quite grateful to be here, it is cozy, and there is a lively vibe here, with lots of other people happy to be indoors and out of the rain. But, there is this one guy a table over from me, and he really seems to be miserable. I’m really empathic, so I noticed his vibration right away… Plus he keeps coughing, sniffling, and really doesn’t seem to be feeling well.

In addition to sending a little light his way, I took this indirect encounter as a reminder to strengthen my psychic protection, and to boost my immune system and physical health!

How am I doing this?

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A few ways actually. The first is with light and Angel Energy Healing.

Surrounding yourself with an orb of Divine light is a simple and easy way to protect you from energetically absorbing negativity from others. Just ask your angels to surround you with Divine light, and an orb of angel energy healing to cleanse, protect and uplift your energy.

Archangel Michael is also a wonderful ally for psychic protection, and the simple request of “Archangel Michael please protect me physically and energetically now”, is enough to invoke the assistance of this powerful Archangel who oversees protection.

thieves essential oil The second method I’m using to protect myself energetically, and physically through boosting my immune system, is by pulling out one of my favorite essential oils, which is the Thieves blend from Young Living.

Thieves essential oil is a blend of pure clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon bark and eucalyptus essential oils. Thieves has a spicy, warm and uplifting aroma. It has been university tested, and was found to be effective for boosting the immune system, supporting physical health and well-being, along with cleaning and disinfecting.

To tap into these benefits, I put a couple of drops of Thieves in my hands, and rubbed them together. I then breathed in the delightful spicy aroma with the intention to boost my immune system.
This is actually something I do on a regular basis, whether it is before getting on a flight, or when I encounter someone who is coughing and sneezing, repeatedly.

After a moment of inhaling in the lovely aroma, I then rub my hands on the bottom of my feet with the intention and knowing that I am protected, healthy, and vibrantly well.

Spiritually, as well as physically, Theives essential oil is cleansing and purifying.

You can diffuse the oil in a room and the aroma is incredibly effective in purifying and cleansing negative emotions, and releasing dense energetic vibrations. On the other hand, if you’re on the go like me, you can just put a drop in your hand and breathe in the lovely scent to tap into the benefits… Both work
The vibration of Thieves is in alignment with protection, and it works both physically and on an energetic level. It is great to use to shift out of negativity, fear, or other lower vibrations and back into a sense of security, peace and well-being.

Thieves essential oil also works to block the energy of psychic attack, and will shield you from many forms of energetic negativity in addition to all the immune boosting benefits.

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This is one of my favorite essential oil blends that has numerous uses at home, and it’s one that I always bring with me when I travel.

If you have not started tapping into the benefits of essential oils, yet, Thieves is one of the most beneficial oils you can start with to help you boost your immune system and protect your energy.

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