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 Ego… Should You Love it or Kill it?

EgoI'm sure that at some point you've heard about the ego. You likely have experiences with ego (of self and others), and you've probably heard someone somewhere talking about the death of the ego… You may have even put in some conscious effort to transcend your ego mind.

But what is ego really? Should you strive for the death of the ego, or is it more beneficial to raise the vibration of the ego, and bring it into the light?

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Let's start by looking at what the ego actually is.

Ego is essentially the identity of the self… Not your true self, but the image of the personality self created at the conscious and subconscious level.

Ego is the part of you, that you recognize as you. It's your self image of who you uniquely are as an individual, separate from other people, places, and things in reality. Ego is your personality and it is comprised of your constantly changing thoughts, beliefs, and emotions that you relate to and identify with.

Ego is an energy, and it has a purpose, it plays a key role in creating your life experience… Your ego can motivate you to take action and create. It may push you to accomplish more and strive for bigger and better things. But the ego also engages in drama, gets hurt, offended, and judges reality and others. The ego, otherwise understood as the personality self, is strengthened through attention, and it responds to and is motivated by fear.

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The ego can be tricky, manipulative, and really quite harsh. It survives and thrives on fear and separation and is very self preserving. It works to maintain what is, and keep separate the boundaries between you and everything else in the world. The ego causes you to think ‘I am me' and other people, places, and things are not. According to the ego you are separate.

With awareness, you can start to see that your ego, and your notion of who you really are is illusionary. The ego is web of beliefs thoughts, and feelings which creates reality, and paints the picture of ‘who you are'.

Beliefs may seem unchangeable, but really they can be changed. As you learn and grow and change your beliefs, who you are changes… And yet your ego doesn't die. Rather, it evolves to a higher state of consciousness, and with empowering beliefs and choices in the moment you're able to be more calm, comfortable, aware, and present.

Death of the Ego.

So should you strive to kill the ego? Is the death of the ego the goal?

I would dare to say no. Enlightenment comes through meditation, contemplation, and release of judgment. This raises the vibration of the ego, ‘bliss-es it out' and changes it, but it doesn't die. Raise the vibration of your ego, by taking control of your thoughts, beliefs, and feelings, and put the ego to work as a servant instead of allowing it to master your life.

Instead of killing the ego in hopes of finding peace, choose to step into awareness, release judgment, and bring the ego into the light and into your heart to transcend it's fears, doubts, drama and separation.

Ultimately, there is no separation between self and others… When you raise the vibration of your ego, this oneness can be sensed and felt. Authentically, you are not separate, but rather you are one will all, a part of everything, connected to All That is.

As you raise the vibration of your ego, as you align with an enlightened perspective, you no longer need to cling to beliefs which were actually limiting you. You no longer need to judge everything in your world… You can simply be present. Be aware of your oneness with all and go with the flow of life that you are one with.

An enlightened ego leads to increased personal power, well being, emotional stability and love, because you see everything as one.

When you're able to see the oneness that you are apart of there is nothing that needs to be fixed or judged because it simply is. You're one with the one energy flowing throughout and making up All That Is.

Most people never reach a state of total oneness and complete enlightenment. But the stage is set, so don't let this stop you now. From wherever you are, there is room to progress further.

On the scale of ‘ego evolution' every step matters. Moving from a state of complete separation, in judgement, fear, and only wanting to serve the self to becoming more open minded, present, aware, and aligned with an expanded perspective will align many blessings throughout all. Whether your beliefs allow it now or not, you are one with All That Is, and so your energy in every moment impacts everyone and everything.

As you progress forward in awakening. Becoming more aware of the oneness energy, and bringing your ego into love and light, you're able to live without so much anxiety, nervousness, and drama. You're able to be aware of your thoughts, beliefs, and energy, and you're able to take control.

Learning to quiet your ego mind is essential. For this meditation is hugely valuable. But by even becoming aware of when you are judging, how much you are judging and working to limit your judgments, consciously stepping back in perspective to just observe, will help you to advance further in your awakening of love.

Most people judge life constantly. There is another way to live. Imagine being present in the moment, just being, and allowing whatever happens to simply be. Imagine responding to whatever is with love and compassion. Just thinking in this way will help you move along the path. The path of awakening, of increased awareness, the path of oneness, the master path of love.

Are you ready to bring your ego into the light?

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Stop feeding your ego. Lighten it up, and help it transcend. Practice non judgment, tolerance, compassion, and awareness. Release drama, guilt and blame. Choose love, and be present here and now. Progress further in the oneness, love, and light that you authentically are. Merge with your authentic self, which is connected to all, which is love, and light, and is one with All That Is.

With love,

Melanie Beckler

“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.”
Albert Einstein

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