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5 Clear Signs You’re An Earth Angel – How to Know For Sure!

Top 5 Earth Angel Signs!

Earth Angel Signs Could you be an Earth Angel? I’m about to share with you the top 5 Signs you are… But first…

What is an Earth Angel anyway?

An Earth Angel is essentially a higher density soul or a high vibrational being who has chosen to incarnate into 3D physical reality in order to be of service, to accomplish a mission, and to help create positive change.

Earth angels are here now as a part of this group of souls who have all incarnated here and now, to together as one, assist through love and service in elevating the vibration of the collective consciousness of humanity. Bringing about a new paradigm of greater love and peace and harmony on earth is the overarching goal…

So, how do you know if you are an Earth Angel? Here are the top five signs.

Top 5 Signs of Earth Angels

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Number one – You've always felt that you’re here for something bigger.

Do you feel like you have some higher purpose or mission …? Even if you don't yet know what it is?

This is a big sign that you may be an Earth Angel, and the reason for this is that all Earth Angels, and higher density beings, incarnate within physical reality with a specific and multifaceted purpose and mission.

We all pass through the veil of illusion and forgetfulness to be here though, so that's why it may still be hazy as to what the specifics of your mission are… But that underlying feeling, sense, and knowing that you are here for a reason, that tends to stay, and tends to wake up first, so that you embark on the path of seeking, learning, entering inward, to remember and discover why you're really here.

Waking up and remembering is key so you can step into your role as an awakened Earth Angel, accomplishing your mission through being of service in the highest interest of all.

Number two – You’re acutely aware of the challenges facing humanity and Earth.

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The second sign that you’re an Earth Angel is that you can see the challenges, struggles, atrocities, and hardships facing humanity, facing the planet, and happening on the earth.

You see beyond the veil of illusion in a way… Seeing beyond the glamour to witness the underbelly and to witness the struggle, and the duality. Awareness is essential so that you can then recognize the areas where you can be of service and assist in creating positive change.

Seeing and being aware of the challenges is a requirement to then being able to show a new way.

One of the challenges for Earth Angels with this is getting weighed down by the massive scope of challenges facing humanity. So one of the keys awakened Earth Angels learn to master is how to retain a state of neutrality. This empowers you to witness the challenges, without becoming emotionally and vibrationally weighed down by them. Neutrality empowers you to truly become an agent of change.

To enter into the matrix in order to transform it.

Number three – You’re highly sensitive.

The third sign of Earth Angels is a high level of sensitivity. Really, this is sensitivity on all levels.

The reason for this is that as spiritual beings in physical form when we open to our higher light and spirit, there’s a natural sensitivity that occurs. So as a higher dimensional being incarnating into physical form, much of that sensitivity remains even after passing through the veil of illusion.

As children, many earth Angels are very sensitive to busy places, even to foods and toxins to substances, as well as being sensitive to the hardships and challenges in the world and the struggles that others are going through.

This sensitivity, while before awakening may seem like a curse… After awakening and claiming your power, learning to set healthy boundaries, and learning to gain mastery over your energy becomes an incredible gift.

When mastered, sensitivity becomes an open doorway for higher spiritual connection and for authentic experience of the higher realms.

Being sensitive is often like a precursor for really being able to create positive change in the physical, because with it you have a very deep level of understanding about the challenges and struggles others are facing.

When you become aware of the challenges, without being weighed down by them you’re able to be a part of the transformative solution.

Number four – Connected to a Higher Power.

The fourth sign you are an Earth Angel is that you’re connected to a higher power.

You are connected to the higher light and guidance of spirit. It may not be a totally conscious connection, but somewhere deep down, you have a knowing that we're not alone on Earth and that there is higher guidance, higher intelligence, and support available in the realms of spirit.

Earth Angels also tend to have an affinity for Angels. You may have had an Angelic or spiritual experience, an Angelic encounter, or you just know and sense at the core of your being that you are guided, supported and loved by the Angels.

Number five – Feeling like you don’t belong.

Finally, the fifth sign you are an Earth Angel is a feeling of not belonging… This could take the form of feeling like you don’t fit in like you’re different from your family, and from most of humanity, or at times can honestly make you feel like a bit of an alien.

You may feel like the entire collective conscious is happily going along with the status quo, while deep down, you know that something is incredibly off and that there’s another way.

This feeling of not belonging is both a sign of being an Earth Angel and it’s also a beautiful and powerful thing.

For most earth Angels, this feeling is very much a challenge especially growing up, going to school and not fitting in, and really just feeling like an outcast in society… This often brings about a longing of wanting to go home, of wanting to return to spirit, to leave this 3D physical world and venture back into the infinite fields of love and the higher dimensions of peace and light and truth.

But I can assure you, that when you wake up to your mission and when you claim your power, there are so many beautiful gifts and opportunities and potentials within physical reality for you to thrive.

When you step into alignment with your mission and making a difference in the world in the highest interest of all through being of service towards others, in a way that you love and enjoy, life takes on a magical, beautiful quality.

You may still feel like you don't fit in. I certainly still have felt that way sometimes, but its no longer painful because you know that you’re not meant to fit in. You’re not meant to be a cog in the wheel. You are meant to help bring about positive change and transformation. That is why you have a feeling of not belonging! So rather than trying to push it away or mood alter or numb it… Embrace it!

Embrace that you are different and know that you are here to show a different way, to live in harmony with the earth, to live in peace and love with one another, to live with vibrant wellbeing and radiant joy.

Aligning With Your Earth Angel Purpose

So, how do you do that? How do you align with your purpose?

Well, start by focusing in on what you’re curious about. What are you excited about? Where does this interest intersect with being of service towards others?

What is one little thing you could do that would bring value to the lives of others, that would bring value to humanity and to the collective consciousness?

Start asking yourself. “How can I be of service? How can I bring value to the lives of others?”

Being of service is the direct path to aligning with your Earth Angel mission and your purpose for being here. Really, being of service opens the door for you to embody more of your most vibrant wellbeing and your highest vibrational life.

Being an Earth Angel doesn't mean perfection. We are all still human beings. We still have challenges, healing struggles, opportunities for growth and lessons to learn, but throughout that all, there is the overarching mission to be of service, to create positive change and to show the way how to live with greater light, harmony, joy and love.

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So, those are the five signs you may be an Earth Angel.
Comment below and let me know how many of these signs you resonate with.

Do you feel you might be an Earth Angel?

You don’t have to have all of these signs to be an Earth Angel, and I guess a really major final sign of being an Earth Angel is that you feel you are one. You resonate with the idea and you are excited to step into more of your truth as an Earth Angel here on Earth, to make a difference in the lives of others and in the world.

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I hope this was helpful for you. If you would like to learn more about earth Angels, check out 31 More Signs Here! 

With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. All of these signs register with me.

    I just recently realized in 2017 I've been moved to a different Earth… this one. My Earth is very different. Sounds crazy, but so very true.

    On the old Earth and especially here, I fit all 5 of your descriptions.

    After moving here many, many "paranormal" events have been taking place for me. One major one is constantly seeing synchronicity numbers. 1111, 444, 555, 222. EVERYWHERE.

    There is so much more. I'd love to share my experiences with you and hear about yours. This place is like The Land Of The Lost for me.

  2. I really do think this is me I have always felt different i cry for others but it gets to much for me I have to lock myself away because I feel so much pain in others .I also know am different but until I read your post I couldn’t understand this .I live in a remote place in Scotland. But suits me well but get really frustrated with people sending out wrong messages to people. Also I am highly sensitive witch hurts me cause I can’t fit in

  3. I finally understand much of my life. I’ve wondered many times why I am here and what am I here to do? Raise kids. I’m 69 raising a great grandson but I now realize that is just one part of my purpose here on earth.
    Thank u

  4. Hi…I too have all of the signs. I’ve known that I was different for a very long time. There are so many things that have happened over the years…so many people asking for advice, babies and animals staring at me, people being drawn to me, etc. Especially now with this crisis going on. I’m not sure what to do at this point but I know that people need me. Any advice would be helpful!

  5. I have all the 5 signs!!!!! I’ve been seeking the truth my entire life and I feel like I just found out about the truth behind all these feelings and thoughts! It’s been both a hard and beautiful journey so far, the hard part was the feeling of being different and an stranger… and the beautiful part was whenever I’m connecting to my inner self and the higher power I feel I’m connected too… it brings tears of joy into my eyes and I feel burn in my chest and it’s an over joy… I really need to find my path…I’ve been waiting for a long time…

  6. I pray to God that I can achieved what God wanted me to do or to be. I thank God for this awakening and gifts. Im grateful of this blessing. Lord please guide me,protect me,teach me and continue to love me and also the people who are important to me.

  7. I am an awakened earth angel, Starseed and empath, and each day is a struggle due to being in the lowest feeling family one could possibly imagine. I feel like Hell is right here on earth and never want to return here again. I am working on healing my battered and tired soul but the struggle is real.

  8. I have just started to work with my angels using meditation! It’s been absolutely amazing some of the things I have seen and now understand. I do believe I am an earth angel everything you said is who I am. I have suffered such traumas which I now know why and it’s all about helping and supporting people especially children! I was shown in my visions that I am the protector of children! I was shown passed lives and I saw Ark angel Michael oh my god that was an amazing experience !! He was in his Armour with his sword ! He landed like a marvel character in my room !! Just wow !! Never seen an angel before !! It’s an amazing feeling understanding why you are here! I know that the 7 cycles of life that you are meant to live I have lived all 7 in this life time! Which explains so much ! But no matter how much I have been through I have always had the sense that I know I’m not alone and never have been that is over whelmingly comforting !!!

    Thank you love and peace to you x

  9. A few days ago I had an awakening that opened up a part of my spirit I had stuffed away. I began seeing all the times in my life people reacted to me in a way I couldn’t explain. I was compelled to search Am I an Angel. I match all 31 characteristics. I even already owned a deck of Angel Oracle cards that I bought many years ago but never used to their potential. I asked the deck if I’m an Earth Angel and what my purpose is. Twice the Guardian Angel of Children came up. I have been noticing signs and feeling their presence around me like I did as a kid. I have always felt this radiant energy always pouring from me and I have the ability to heal through my energy and touch. I’m not sure exactly what to do, but I’m going to really start researching this and find out what I am. Your site has already been helpful. Thank you.

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