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7 Crystals For Anxiety & How to Use Them!

Anxiety is something that so many people today are struggling with. According to researchers, upwards of 40 million adults — or almost 1 in 5 people, experience anxiety disorders in some way.

This was all based on data pre 2020 by the way, and I’d wager that amidst the present exceptionally stressful times, the number of people experiencing anxiety is even higher.

Anxiety is in and of itself a normal mental/ emotional response to stress and dangerous or unknown situations.

Anxiety is a sense of alertness, unease, and stress that is a result of your mind and body being placed “on guard” so that you’re ready to be able to quickly protect yourself from danger.

The problem is when anxiety becomes overwhelming. When dread and uncertainty about the future or the unknown become constant, so the body and mind don’t get a chance to de-stress and unwind. This creates a vicious cycle of staying in an anxious state for long periods which can become debilitating.

Anxiety disorders can be filled with overwhelmingly negative emotions for those who experience them. These states of inner turmoil can bring a sense of dread and at times extreme discomfort. This is amplified by the constant over-stimulation of our modern world, and an almost continuous barrage of negative news through programming and social media.

So really, if you’ve been feeling anxious, or extra stressed and worried right now, know that you’re not alone… But also, know that there are things you can do to help relieve anxiety and let go of stress. One of those ways is through working with certain crystals!

Crystals Are Nature Allies

Crystals for Anxiety

Crystals are our natural allies from the Mineral Kingdom. They’re formed deep within the Earth, and because of this deeply grounded origin, they hold the template for deep grounded presence and they can help you to ground and center your energy if anxiety arises.

Crystals also have angelic beings of light who are present in the spiritual world behind them (as above so below) these higher celestial beings behind crystals have an incredible amount of support, guidance and  healing light that they can offer.

Learn more about the connection between crystals and angels here >

Mother Nature is a Powerful Healer

In addition to countering anxiety with crystals (which we’re about to do a deep dive into) Mother Nature herself is an incredible ally and brings powerful earth healing. 

Spending time in nature is one of the best ways to counteract anxiety.

“Forest Bathing” or quite simply, spending time in a forest setting breathing, is being studied and scientifically proven to improve positive emotions while reducing tension, anger, fatigue, depression, confusion, and anxiety.

Learn More About Forest Bathing Here >>

Living completely immersed in nature is of course, almost impossible in our modern age. And if you happen to live in a busy City, or need a way to counteract anxiety at times when you’re not able to peacefully be and breathe in nature… Healing crystals can be a great way for dealing with stress and anxiety right where you are as it arises.

Using  Crystals For Anxiety

Crystals each have unique properties and healing abilities that can help to promote the flow of life force energy through your body, mind and spirit.

There are almost countless crystals that could be used to counteract stress and anxiety, but here I’m going to share with you some of my top picks for anxiety support.

Learn about these Crystals for Anxiety briefly here, and then keep reading to learn methods for how to use any crystal to curb stress or anxiety attacks!

7 Crystals That Help Ease Anxiety

Blue Lace Agate

Blue Lace Agate Tumbled Stone Blue Lace Agate exudes a peaceful energy of calm and tranquility. This makes it a wonderful stone for counteracting nervous tension, stress and anxiety. It's a wonderful teacher for learning how you can stay in a calm and peaceful state amidst challenges, stressful situations and tense moments in the external.

Gazing into Blue Lace Agate’s soft blue bands can bring an almost instant soothing effect for your mind and emotions. This makes it great stone for helping to soothe an overactive mind and to calm and dissipate nervous energy.

Blue Lace Agate also helps open the lines of communication so you can speak your truth, and yes even helps open communication with the angelic realms who shower you with love, peace and blessings in the moment too.

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Kunzite Crystal for Anxiety Kunzite is one of the ultimate Divine Love stones. It's clear and calming energy can help you to learn how to reduce the patterns of anxiety that may be prevalent in your life. It can also help to bring a sense of gentleness, love and comfort to you in times of feeling overwhelmed or distressed.

Kunzite also works on an energetic level to help release energy blockages, and to dissipate negativity and emotional baggage in your field (physical, mental, and emotional). It does this through gently uniting you with the flow of Divine Love so you can then allow it to circulate through you.

Due to its deep connection with Divine Love, kunzite can also help to strengthen your auric field, and connect with a sense of empowerment that you can begin to shift and live in a greater state of love and receptivity in your life too.

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Green Aventurine

Green Aventurine Green Aventurine is a true stone of the heart whose energy resonates to help harmonize, protect, heal, and even bring awakening to the heart center.

Green Aventurine’s bright green energy is particularly soothing and can be an incredible ally for working through emotional issues, as well as relieving stress and anxiety. Green Aventurine vibrationally and energetically reminds you of your ability to co-create with Spirit through love, bright blessings and joyful possibilities in your future.

A great stone for meditation as well due to its heart centered and calming properties.

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Green Calcite

Green Calcite Green Calcite exudes a peaceful, calming and balancing energy. This makes it a great ally for helping to soothe your emotions, ease anxiety and bring a sense of mental balance and acceptance in the present moment.

Green Calcite also works to help dissolve negativity, limiting beliefs and distorted energetic patterns that may be weighing you down or causing greater anxiety in your life.

Connect with Green Calcite when you need peaceful healing energy or for support cultivating mental and emotional balance in any situation.

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Moonstone Moonstone has a deeply soothing energy that can not only help you to let go of stress and anxiety, it's also a wonderful ally for quieting the loud roar of emotional storms and triggered reactions.

Moonstone supports in heightening intuition as well. It can also help you to identify, understand and release limiting mental and emotional patterns and outdated ways of relating that you’ve been perpetuating to your detriment.

This support in overcoming toxic patterns of emotion makes moonstone such a valuable crystal for anxiety. Moonstone also has a deep Divine Feminine energy and brings an extra support to the feminine energy. Great for mothers to connect with, or to be used around the moon cycle.

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Tigers Eye

Tigers Eye Tigers Eye is a powerful stone that resonates with the solar plexus chakra, or willpower center. Because of this connection, Tigers Eye can help you to tap into your personal power.

This makes it Tigers Eye a wonderful ally for manifesting what you desire into your experience, while also bringing a sense of courage and light amidst times of change (a great counterbalance to anxiety.)

Tigers Eye also has a very protective energy through its supportive ability with transmuting lower emotions, anxieties and stresses into confidence and vitality instead.

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Amethyst Amethyst is one of the most well known and loved healing crystals, due to its incredibly versitle energy.

Amethyst has an incredibly soothing and tranquil energy that can help to harmonize your energy as well as that of your surroundings.

Through presence Amethyst can help you to let go of anxiety and replace it with a calm sense of present moment awareness.

Additionally, Amethyst can help you to reconnect with the universal life force energy, which when you allow to circulate through you brings healing and blessing into your life on every level.

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How to Use Healing Crystals For Anxiety

How to Use Healing Crystals for Anxiety and Depression Crystals work on a number of levels. Some of the ways to tap into the healing energy of crystals for anxiety include:

Place Crystals In Your Space

Firstly, crystals work vibrationally via subtle energy. This means that simply having a crystal in your proximity can have a small effect and benefit in helping you to ease symptoms of stress and anxiety.

This is because the crystal holds the template for how to handle stress with grace and ease and begins vibrationally “teaching” you to do the same.

Place some crystals on your office desk, or around your home to help ensure a calm and peaceful environment.

Meditate with Crystals

One of the best ways to deeply tune into the healing energy of a crystal is to get still, go within, and connect with the energy of the stone (and the higher Spiritual Beings behind it) through meditation.

Hold a stone in your left hand while you meditate to support yourself in quieting your mind and letting stress and tension go.

You can also place crystals on your body while you meditate, or set them next to you to receive an extra boost and support during meditation.

Wear Crystal Jewelry

Wearing Crystal Jewelry is a great way to bring crystals with you into the world for support. When you start noticing symptoms of stress or anxiety arise… Tune into the energetic qualities of the stone you’re wearing.

In the morning when you put on your crystal jewelry, do so with intention, thinking of the qualities you hope the crystal will help you to stay connected with. This can help to boost your confidence, and create a foundation for positive energy throughout your day.

You can use your crystal jewelry as an anchor to become present in the moment and to release negative thought patterns and mental/ emotional tensions as they arise.

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Create An Anchor Using Your Crystal to Ease Anxiety

How to Use Anchoring for Anxiety with Crystals A popular and effective anxiety remedy is the use of anchoring.

Anchoring is a Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP Technique) for conditioning a certain state of mind or emotional state with an external stimulus.

Once an anchor is created, the emotional state can then be deliberately triggered by engaging with the external stimulus.

Here’s how you can create an anchor to ease anxiety using a crystal.

  1. First, identify an emotional state that would be beneficial for you to trigger in the face of heightened worry or anxiety.
    For example: courage, peace and tranquility, or calm.
  2. Hold your chosen crystal for anxiety and begin to evoke the positive positive emotional state you want to anchor.
    For example: hold a tigers eye stone in your hand, and remember a time when you felt confident, powerful and centered.
  3. When you’ve reached your desired emotional state… Anchor it by strongly squeezing the stone in your hand, this “anchors that positive feeling in. Remember which hand you are holding the stone in, and how firmly you squeezed it, as you’ll exactly repeat this action in the future to call forth the positive emotional state you’ve anchored.
  4. Set the stone down and spend a few minutes doing something completely unrelated.
  5. Pick up your stone and give it a squeeze to call forth the emotion you’ve anchored. Feel the confident, powerful and centered emotion you consciously cultivated and anchored into this act of squeezing your stone.
  6. Remember you have the ability to return to this process to call forth that positive emotion any time you need.Creating a mental anchor with a crystal in this way is like building a powerful tool that you can use in the future. The next time you feel stress creeping up or anxiety threatening to overwhelm, pick up your crystal, give it a squeeze and consciously call forth the positive emotional state you’ve seeded.

Hope this is helpful for you!

With love and bright blessings,


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