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Earthbound Spirits 101!? Are “Earthbounds” Ghosts or Something Else?

Earthbound Spirits 101 – What They Are & How to Cross Them Over!

What Are Earthbound Spirits?

crossing over earthbound spirits

Yes… Earthbound spirits are a type of ghost. They're the spirits of  people who have died, and for some reason or another, missed (or resisted) their window of opportunity to cross over into the Light.

There are many reasons why these spirits may have remained earthbound, especially in our society where even the topic of death is feared and avoided.

Earthbound spirits are almost always confused souls. They have died and do not know where to go or how to cross over into the light on their own. Some souls fear judgement for their ‘sins’ during life and cling to the earthly realm for fear of going to hell, or to try and ‘right a wrong’ or complete some other unfinished business.

For many of the earthbound spirits who do not cross over into the light, their death was quick and unexpected, such as a car crash or accident, and they may not even realize that they are dead.

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There are also spirits who find it too difficult to leave the Earth plane while their families are grieving or they are worried about how their loved ones will cope if they are not around to help.

How to Cross Over Earthbound Spirits Earthbound Spirits can be found roaming the houses where they once lived, in bars, or in other buildings where they spent a lot of their time (this is a common cause of so called haunted houses). They do tend to stay where it is familiar to them.

Earthbound spirits no longer have their bodies and they need a source of energy grounded in the physical to stay.

Instead of crossing over into the light, spirits will attach to a location, item, loved one, or even a stranger whom they are drawn to.

This is usually not intended as a malicious attack, or that they’re there to ‘haunt’, but rather they often feel they can help or are just confused about the process, and attach to someone they love, hate, or to someone who is dealing with similar challenges, problems, or addictions.

When earthbound spirits attach to a person (usually in their aura) the energy is very draining to the person they are attached to…

This is a form of possession, and yet its far less sensational than movies and media tends to potray, and can be swiftly dealt with especially with awareness and a little angelic assistance! But more on that shortly!

First let's take a step back and look at another kind of ghost… Because there are “ghosts” that are not “earthbound spirits”.

So What Are Ghosts?

What Are Ghosts Ghosts are essentially just stuck energy.

Sound underwhelming?

I'm not surprised … Really, our society has an odd relationship with ghosts… We love to fear them, tell “ghost stories”, and there are countless movies, tv shows, and tours have been created that completely sensationalize and dramatize ghosts.

In reality, ghosts are usually far less shocking than the media likes to portray…

For the most part ghosts don't seek to scare us, terrorize, or manipulate humanity…

They're just stuck energy that remains in a physical location, or attached to an object.

What we perceive as “ghosts” can sometimes be earthbound spirits, or the souls of humans who have died but not left the earth plane… But ghosts can also be stuck or stagnant energy from people who are still alive, and have since moved on.

This second type of “ghost” is something I normally refer to as “attachments”.

Without being cleared; acts of violence (even where death didn't occur) and intense negative or emotional events or people can cause “ghosts” or “energetic attachments” that linger in the spaces they've been created.

So my definition of ghosts is a type of dense energy (from the living or dead) that lingers in physical locations, attaches to objects, or

The energy of ghosts isn't scary…

But it is heavy!

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The presence of ghosts whether its from earthbound spirits, or past emotional events can create a dense, sad, or heavy feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You know that feeling when you walk into an old building, and immediately feel heavy? Like an energetic weight has been dropped on you?

That's how I feel ghosts…

Ghosts are simple to clear, with a process I share here!

Energy Clearing Your Home 

If the ghost you're dealing with does happen to be an earthbound spirit, there is a bit more that is required that we're going to dive into now…

It's not just a matter of clearing or releasing earthbound spirits… It's helping them to cross over into the light.

Crossing Over Earthbound Spirits Into The Light

Crossing Over Earthbound Spirits Whatever reasons a soul has not crossed over, and has become an earthbound spirit…

They need to be released into the Light so they can return to Source and continue their souls evolution.

They often just need to know that they won’t be judged and ‘sent to hell’ when they cross over and that they can help and look out for their loved ones much more effectively once they make their transition into the light.

If you or someone you know has an earhbound spirit attachment, they may cause all sorts of emotional rollercoasters, including the amplification of many fears, addictions, aches, negative thoughts, anxieties, desires, pains and behaviors.

This is because the actual Earthbound spirits (ghosts) will still crave their addictive substance of choice, and if they're attached to you energetically, cause you to crave it too.

If they’re feeling sad, confused, angry, or frustrated in your proximity, you’ll feel it too (and often mistake these mental formations as your own).

Basic psychic protection will work to keep earthbounds out of your energy, and when you do find earthbound attachments are present in locations, people, or even in your aura, the process for helping them cross over into the light with the assistance of the angels is simple, and effective.

One thing I want to point out is that if you do have an earthbound attachment, you may not realize it, even though it’s triggering negative thoughts patterns and feelings.

If you’re not sure if you're experiencing some form of spirit attachment, ask your angels for some validation which they will happily bring. Learning pendulum dowsing is another good entry level way to begin receiving clear yes and no answers from spirit so you can determine if you have an attachment.

In this case just ask “Is there an earthbound attachment present in my aura, home, neighborhood, office, etc.?”

Releasing Earthbound Attachments

Earthbound Spirits Once you have identified that you have an earthbound attachment present (in you, in a location, or attached to someone else) … you are able to help release it into the light with the assistance of the Archangels.

Crossing earthbound spirits over into the light is important lightwork.

Even if the spirits have the best intentions for remaining earthbound, they carry dense energy, which when dissipated allows more love and light to shine through for all.

It serves them and all to cross over into the light, and with the help of Archangel Metatron and Archangel Azrael I have channeled a simple process to help you do this lightwork.

Releasing Earthbound Spirits Into the Light

Archangel Metatron & Archangel Azrael~

“We will dictate this process now, so you will know how to do this for yourself, or for others.

Crossing over lost souls, who have latched onto you or other people is very important work. Earthbound spirit attachments affect you and your world in many ways and releasing them into the light when they are encountered is the highest and best possible action you can take, for you, for them, and for your world.

First, visualize yourself surrounded in an orb of golden and white light. Call upon the assistance of Archangel Michael, Archangel Raphael, and Archangel Uriel, Metatron and Azrael to help you with the release. Ask these Angels to help show the earthbound attachment that it is now safe to cross over into the light. You may talk to the earthbound and learn who they are, but it’s not required.

Imagine white light above you which calls the light in, and then ask the angels that a family member, friend or pet of the earthbound spirit assist in drawing them into the light.

Breathe and now visualize the orb of light surrounding you and the attachment lifting up into the light. As the orb lifts, the earth-bound attachment is lifted up and out of your energy field. Their loved ones in Spirit reach down and encourage them to go. The earthbound attachment is released into the light, returning back into source energy… For the highest and greatest good.

Now, imagine yourself to be surrounded with white light again, and call in the gentle elements of wind, and rain to wash away any residues, returning your aura and energy to a place of balance, light and love.

Finally call upon Archangel Raphael to soothe your energy with emerald green healing light, and it is finished.

This is the process of releasing earth bound attachments, which you may repeat for yourself and others as you are guided. After the release, check in with your heart, or use a pendulum to verify that the release was successful.

~Archangel Metatron & Azrael 

In crossing over earthbounds, I have found there is an incredible surge of love, light, and gratitude at the moment the earthbound spirit releases. This comes from the spirit in the moment they reach the light and finally see the truth, from their loved ones in Heaven, and from the Angels with gratitude and appreciation for your willingness to complete this important work and service.

Still not sure if your energy is clear?

Wanting help spiritually cleansing yourself and your home?

Check out the Spiritual Cleansing Sessions here! 

Crossed Over Spirits

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At this point we've looked at what ghosts are… And what earthbound spirits are and how to cross them over…

So, what are crossed over spirits? 

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Crossed-over spirits are beings who have died, and succesfully crossed over into the light (with or without your help).

Once crossed over, spirits exist in the spiritual realm, and are able to communicate with humanity, and even visit without being an energetic drain.

Crossed-over spirits use spiritual energy to communicate with us in the physical, or may reach out through visitation dreams, signs, and even angels to let us know they are okay and that even after death their souls live on.

When spirits cross over into the light, they are met by their guides, and soul family.

They review their life, heal from any traumas, and continue on their path of soul growth and learning.

When they reach out towards us in the physical, their presence is uplifting, like a warm tingling sensation filled with love.

This is one of the clearest ways to tell earthbound spirits and ghosts apart from crossed over spirits…

How do you feel in their presence?

Do you feel afraid, heavy, overwhelmed? Its a ghost or earhbound spirit you're dealing with.

Is the connection more subtle, light and warm?

These are “calling cards” of our loved ones in Heaven who have crossed over into the light.

Read more about signs from spirit here.

With love, light and gratitude, 

Melanie Beckler

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PS. Do you have an experience with earthbounds or ghosts? Was this article helpful? I love hearing from you, leave me a comment below. 🙂

About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. Hi, I am learning psychic medium and more. There is this corner of a street that someone instantly got killed by a FedEx truck. This was in 2007 and the spirit has attached itself to me. I think bc some weeks ago I spoke out how if any spirits in that are attached to the corner is here. That it's okay to go into the light. From then on I've had gentle paranormal activity. I've been seeing ghost figures at the reuse store that I work at too. Thank you this helps. Love you Melanie. I am also a fellow earth angel as well. ❤️💗🤍

  2. Hi Melanie, I just barely started dreaming, seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits presence near me I was told that I have a gift to help the dead crossover, I'm not a person who can handle death when a family member or loved one dies let alone for someone I don't even know that has passed away come to me, I don't have any idea what I'm supposed to do or how I can be of any help to them when all it does is scare me when they show up, or they grab or touch me. One left his hand print around my arm I had his hand print in a bruise, that scared me my boyfriend didn't believe it or me at first until he saw the bruise and I told him I met a lil boy who lives here on our property by bee's I'm allergic to bee's so I started crying he told me to be careful my boyfriend didn't believe me then that day either and one day he was cleaning the shed and he yells for me the lil boy you said you met that died from being stung by bee's was his name, I said Jeremy he said yeah look and there was a hand print and a foot print and it said Jeremy and the day he was born and the day he died now my boyfriend believes me every time I tell him something now I just don't know what to do can you help me with this gift that they say I have so I know what to do and how to help them when they come to me and I can help them crossover and also to not be scared cause I have health conditions and heart problems is one I'm not trying to have a heart attack or something so if you can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate it alot thank you for listening and hope to hear back from you real soon.

    Sincerely, Veronica

  3. I just barely started dreaming, seeing, hearing, and feeling spirits presence near me I was told that I have a gift to help the dead crossover I'm not a person who can handle death when a family member or loved one dies let alone for someone I don't even know that has passed away come to me, I don't have any idea what I'm supposed to do or how I can be of any help to them when all it does is scare me I don't know what to do can you help me with this gift that I have so I know what to do and how to help them when they come to me and I can help them crossover and not to be scared cause I have health conditions and heart problems is one I'm not trying to have a heart attack or something so if you can help me with this I'd greatly appreciate

  4. I need help I have numerpus spirits surroundimg my home I can’t count them thats how many I see daily ive reached put to speak to them I got 2 of them to reply I’m a Christian so I naturally tip for around this type of thing not to dabble im stuff I know nothing about that may hurt my relationship with God. But I do want to help them without it gpimg bad and me being a spirit magnent ultimately I would love to have my home back spirit free energy free the anger and sadness feelimgs abide here thick they tormemt myself and my children I need your help.

  5. Thank you so much for this article. I have a friend whose loved one has passed away and they asked me to assist in crossing them over. I had no idea what to do as this is all new to me. I feel much more confident now. ❤️☀️

  6. What do you do if your child is experiencing a ghost or an earth bound soul that is speaking to them? I have a daughter who is 12 years old and she tells me a spirit is talking to her in her dreams. This spirit lived in 1908 and killed other people. This has been going on for 3 months now. I’m really surprised she can remember her dreams but in her dreams she has conversations with this person. She tells me about the conversations she has with this spirit and now I’m really worried. This spirit says What should I do?

  7. I am an empath and have CONSTANT problems with spirit attachment as a occupational hazard due to being an empath. I haven’t learned how to protect myself properly yet from these attachments nor do I know how to remove them yet. It’s costing me A LOT in constant sessions with a light worker to remove these spirits. At whits end here….

  8. I loved your article on ways to cross over earth-bound spirits. It has really opened my eyes and understandings about this subject. There was a time a few years ago, I suffered great trauma during a relationship breakup losing a much loved home in the process. For years afterwards, in my dreams, I would repeatedly visit the home, greet the new owners, and sit in my favorite space. The owners would notice me and invite me through the house showing me what they had done to it. I would wake each morning, with the distinct feeling that a part of me was haunting that house even though I was not aware this was possible to do. As time went on the owners appeared to be less and less accommodating toward me, until one night they could not hide their annoyance with me in their space. They put up with me for seven years until they sold it. I never visited the place in my dreams again. Today, my new partner and I have been gradually moving into a lovely property which was once a funeral parlour. It goes without saying the energy in this place is clearly evident. We are definitely dealing with more than one spirit, though I will probably never know how many. We are both experiencing problems sleeping and have moved rooms a couple of times. I have saged the home a couple of times, (although I kinda feel a bit guilty doing the whole place as our room-mates were here way before us) . I am saging and reiking the bedroom every night for a better sleep. Having read your article today, I am very keen to practice your technique and help these guys cross over.

    1. Susie omg I want to thank you 🙏🏽. I have been going through the same exact thing to the point I thought I was losing it. I have been also dreaming of being in an old apartment I lived in, over and over and over again. Sometimes consecutively night after night and the owners also seeing me, and after a while getting annoyed 😠. I have no explanation as to why I keep dreaming of being in my old room and thinking if I’m dreaming why can they see me? I also wake up with the feeling of dread or that I’m haunting the place. This is so incredible to read your comment and this article is so great thank you truly the both of you!!!

  9. Since I was a kid I could see shadows moving around the house. As I got older I could see people. I now have dreams where a large number of Earth bound souls could be crossed over. I am looking for a way to do it. Any ideas?

  10. I have a spirit of an old lady in my home, I’m pretty sure she’s lived here before and when she passed she came back, I don’t feel threatened or anything when I know she’s there, it’s just a little weird, I’m not sure if she needs help crossing over or not, I’m afraid to talk to her because I don’t want to stir up anything else that may be here (I feel like there’s more than one spirit in my home) I don’t know what to do.. I did catch her saying something to me clearly on video which wasn’t much… Everyone in my home has saw the spirit/s, and when I see them it’s in a cloudy misty for just floating casually. Anyways I just don’t know what to do.. Maybe you can help? Thanks 😁

  11. My uncle died in a car accident when he was 38.He was about to have a child and was recently transferred to a new place for which he was very excited. While he was going to the part hosted by him if his transfer he and his friend died in car accident. Our grandparents did not do proper prayer for his death at that time. It had been nearly 30 years now .Now my dad has got into this very bad alcohol addiction and he has become very violent. We asked our priests and they said that it is my uncle that is causing harm to us. He wants peace. His son does not have time to do his proper prayer.And we don’t have enough peace at our home that we can go at our religious place for his worship.Can this really happen that he is harming us because he wants rest.

  12. I am in Recovery and by the grace of God I’m still here. This isn’t easy and your in my thoughts and prayers. May your son rip

  13. What is the best color light to focus on for earthbound spirit that is very unsettled? Does iy help to light a candle of that color? Thank you.

  14. This is exactly what I was looking for to help me help my Mother! When my Dad passed at the age of 51, he appeared to my mother in an image, just to say to her that he was okay and not to worry. Nineteen years later, my mother married a very humble and spiritual man that really loved my mother. He passed away after nine years in 2005. Some time after he passed, my mother started feeling a presence of something on her bed when she went to sleep. It was a little eerie for her. It started to happen every few months at first. Maybe a couple of years went by, and she finally decided to tell me about it. I didn’t know what to think! But it soon became apparent to us what it was when it started to do something that her late husband loved to do for her every evening. After feeling the bed impression by her feet, she started feeling a warmth holding her toes. He loved rubbing my mothers feet every evening. And she loved it too! Now, for the most part, she has found it very loving. But, after thirteen years, and this past week coming in every night to her bed as she is trying to drift off to sleep, she is getting weary. And at 90 years old now, she needs her sleep. For the first time, she did call out to him asking him to leave so she could sleep. I searched out this site because she feels she’s ready for him to move on and not visit her any futher. I did not read here that there was any act that could be done to keep a spirit away. Any suggestions?

  15. For several years now we have been crossing spirits over. We have been led to do so in and by Spirit. My wife opens the doors through prayer and I watch them cross through a door. Sometimes guides, family members or others help them into the light as they cross. The doors vary in degrees I assume based on ones life in this realm. However, we are not getting enough rest at night as “crossovers” are keeping us awake. We have prayed about this, sought ways to curtail the timing of these visits and other methods. It is a gift and we are not refusing it, we just need some rest at night. Any thoughts?

  16. Thank you so much for this clarification. I’ve had many in fact too many to count earthbounds who reach out to me or attach and I’m finally learning to let go of my fear and help them if I can. I finally get it now what I’ve been called to do. Your article was definitely enlightening.

  17. my best friend that died a few weeks ago came into my dream tonight and she was frantic and nervous and panicked . She was so happy to see me she hugged me so tight.She was apologizing and I told her it was ok . But then she was frantically looking for her stuff in her basement and she was confused about a lot . Usually when a person that has died had come into my dream . It has been a nice feeling . This was different I felt her frantic energy . So I started reading online what this could be and it was perfectly described to me that she was an earthbound spirit . That she’s having trouble crossing over because her death happened so fast and she is worried to leave and cross over to the light .now that I’ve been reading about all of this I realized I’ve had many earthbound spirits attach to me since I was little. but I need to protect myself from their energy now and help my dear friend cross over to the light . Please help me .

  18. Hello, I’m not sure if I have earthbound, ghost, or what. I can hear them call my name but I can’t hear anything else they say. They communicate through writing on my carpet, walls, sky. I have asked for guided help and have ask that they leave, cross over but they won’t. What reason would cause them to refuse?

    1. It sounds to me like you might in fact be hearing your spirit guides. Try talking to them and asking them to give you a sign for you to know that it’s your guidance team. You can also try this while meditating and just listen for the answer.

  19. Seems like a spirit has been talking to my 11 year old son…She calls out his name…and last night she asked him 2 questions but he got scared and ran to my room. She has visited him a few times this past year..started off with just calling out his name…Now if seems like she wants to know something…FYI…No immediate family member has passed away so no idea who this spirit is but shes scaring my son now. What can he do?

  20. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! I have just recently been aware of my gift just a week ago. I had a beautiful awakening and spirits just started coming to me for help 2 days ago. (One even made me believe my mother passed before i could start telling the difference between my guides and angels and the stuck spirits or dark energy) I’m still learning a lot about this process. Just in the pass 2 days i have helped 12 stuck spirits into the light. At first it was very overwhelming and scary but i started to look up how i can learn to help them. I found a few things at first but this has been by far the most helpful. If you have any tips or helpful advice that could help me along my journey it would very much appreciated. Again thank you so much for making this process so much easier. I hope to hear from you soon…

  21. When I make voice notes on WhatsApp and listen to them back I can hear other voices on them -twice I have heard a very faint help me -I feel very sad That I don’t know how to help them.
    I will try your technique tomorrow. It’s very strange as I live in a modern apt block that is built on land claimed from the sea -so there is not much history here .

  22. I helped a child spirit crossover a couple days ago. He was in my house since we bought it sixteen years ago. He latched on to me for a mother figure and was very jealous of my daughter.

  23. How do I help an earthbound spirit cross over from another country? My husband and I recently found out some very interesting information making us realize his father may not be in peace after all. He died in 1985 traumatically. Basically what happened is someone was brought to my husband’s childhood house for a real estate viewing and saw a ghost. The ghost told the woman that he was sad because he had left his two small children behind and didn’t know what to do. He was wearing a suit with shiny black shoes. This information eventually made its was to my husbands Mom when a common acquaintance realized who use to own the home. My husbands dad was a funeral director and therefore always in a suit. Also in the family it is only my husband and his sibling.

    What makes this even more confusing is a visitation dream I received from My husbands father three weeks before we got married. If someone is not crossed over, how can you have a visitation dream? In the dream I was at my to be father in laws wake. Everyone in the room was crying, upset. No one could see me, then I noticed my husbands father sitting on the couch. There was a radiance beaming from him that was magnetic and he seemed incredibly joyful and happy. No one could see him either. So I approached and started watching him closely. I began crying and was overwhelmed with emotion as I saw my father in laws mannerisms that were so similar to my own husbands. He then turned to me and said “don’t be sad love. Are you missing Brad?”. I then woke up. It was the most vivid dream I ever experienced. Also af this time my husband was away on business!

    In any case… any advice or information you can offer would be helpful!

  24. My son died April 28th 2017. He knew back in 2007 what date he would leave. I am lightworker and is gift was seeing things. He guided me the past few months to every detail of his memorial and burial in the sea. For the past two weeks he continues to contact me in my dreams- he is scared , he runs away. LAst night he shared again he was scared i followed him and then told him its safe go to the light- you have always trusted me. When i woke up I was of course scared- confused- my gifts is dreams, always have been. This article and what you shared has elleviated some fears and confusion for me. I havent tried it yet- i too am scared. Im scared a little bit – my human part- to let him go. I know i have to. He fullfilled his contract and mission on earth. Its so clear- and he was so clear. Although he died of an unexpected fentanyl laced overdose- he was clear for 6 months prior that he was soon leaving. We both forgot about the date he was tapped into- and of course otherwise we or I would have controlled that date. But in 2007 he said “mom april 2017 i am leaving earth” he was 15 yrs old at the time. Any feedback and support for me would be so valuable right now.

    1. I can only say to remember that visitation from your son as a crossed over spirit will be much more loving and light than a visitation from him in earthbound form. Remember that letting him go doesn’t mean he’s gone. He’s just in a much lighter and loving form since he’s with Source. When you dream of him in crossed over state you will feel love and peace after and not confusion and sadness. He will always be there for you in Spirit form so don’t fear. You’ll Always be connected in Spirit and you’ll reunite when you finally transition. Rest In Peace. I hope that helps. Love and light to you.

    2. Hi Jennifer, first I want to send my condolences for your grief. I am no medium but I do a lot of reading on these subjects. From what I have read, the best thing you can do to help your son cope with leaving his physical body is to let him know that you and the rest of his family are at peace that he has moved on. This step gives him peace. If he had premonitions that he would leave the earthly realm a decade before then it indicates to me that his spirit was simply tired. I’m not sure if you believe in reincarnation but perhaps this was not his soul’s first life. Maybe this life was his last reincarnation and he knows this is it and he is done but is afraid of never seeing you or the rest of his soul family again in this form. Or maybe he wants to right some wrongs, I wouldn’t know that. All you can do is continue to encourage him and nudge him to the light. I hear it is the most absolutely amazing experience ever. Xoxo

  25. the love of my life died 6 years ago but never seemed to have been gone as his soul stayed with me. i think i’m writing because the love story needs to be shared. He was still here. talking to me and by my side for years. Like my little life secret. But after all this time its hard as he didn’t know how to crossover and i certainly don’t know what i am doing. I have had this life secret for 6 years. I googled it and found this website and we tried it. But it’s a little sad as suddenly there is no way to know if it worked i have to trust it felt like it did and that the article seemed to make sense to allow it to happen. so melanie thank you for putting this on here so we can both heal now and hopefully he found his way and can be peaceful again.

  26. It was early afternoon and I had a vision of a Middle Aged man-late 40s early 50s/ come to me and say ”I don’t no how to cross over can you help me” he sounded very ill and groggy. I didn’t seem to take any notice of the vision and voice I had heard and seen and quickly shook it off thinking it was just another “odd thought” it was then 3 hours later I had found out someone whome I distantly no had passed away the night before.
    I freaked out!

  27. Hi Melanie,
    I have a question…the last 3 loved ones I have lost passed away while I was sleeping. One in the middle of the night and the other two during the day but in those instances I had an overwhelming need to take a nap right away (once in my office at work!). In those brief moments I was asleep my loved ones passed and I received the news soon after. Could it be that I helped them cross over? I would love to believe that. These were people I was spiritually connected to.
    Thanks so much,

  28. I had a earthbound spirit attach to me; it wasn’t as nice as it or whatever is now that I speak too and I realized that and it’s been a while since it first communicated with me. But to this day I talk to something; or someone. I read about angels. And for the longest time I’ve seen signs of one everyday. I don’t know what I talk to..

  29. My actual soul appears to be half mine and half another.joined together as one.what should i do besides accept the situtation.

    1. You should absolutely accepted it. That’s your twin flame and I’m so happy that your twin appeared to you! I met mine this year, it’s an amazing experience. Good luck on your journey

  30. So, less than one month ago my boyfriend (he was 24) passed away in a terrible car accident. I have dreams with him where he is lost (I know he is) and in my last one… it was more than a dream and I was able to tell him that he has died. He was lost and confused and I feel as if he doesn’t want to accept the fact that he has died because we are… were so in love. I need to help him cross over, ever since that “dream” where I was looking at myself in the mirror and he appeared at my door, ( I was confused whether I was awake because everything so clear)
    He asked me “babe can I go see my brother on my motorcycle?
    I said “yeah sure”,
    Then he asked why I was saying yes right away (since I was always hesitant) and I told him because he had died,
    He looked at me, said “oh I shouldn’t of had that accident yesterday than huh?”
    I told him “baby that was a month ago”, and took his hand and showed him the little memorial I have for him in my house, where there are candles and picture of him and his viewing. But the whole house was dark, the only light there was coming from the candles, He brought me back in the room, (which was also dark then) and I started crying and hugged him. He said baby it’s okay, everything will be okay and laid me back into bed and I woke up like if he had put me back into my body. I’m afraid he won’t leave because I’m sad, I’ve been trying to be okay, just that after that dream I’ve been falling to my knees, like completely covered with sadness. I just need advice to help him understand he must go…

  31. A little over a year ago, I began to sense that my work place (which is much like a second home to me) had an earthbound soul lurking about. I decided to find out for sure, so I reached out to it and began EVP sessions. I not only discovered my suspicion was accurate, but that there were multiple. I was able to “council” them over about a month to convince them (one was in denial) that their bodies had perished but they did, and will, live on but needed to go to the light. I “called the light” and they crossed over. It should have ended there, happily.

    The thing is, during that month I started to hear them in my head a little, and during/after crossing them I was suddenly able to hear my spirit guides. I was freaked out and thought the crossing went wrong and the earthbound were still talking to me! It took some time and some validation before they got through to me that they were in fact my spirit guides and the crossing went just fine. Problem is, I can’t hear them clearly, it’s like listening to someone speaking in another room through a closed door. Words come through, with work/concentration I get sentences, and with intuition I manage to get their most important messages and hold a dialogue with them – but it’s difficult and frustrating. Not such a big problem except…

    Now more earthbound spirits keep coming to my work place for help. I’m not sure if they are drawn to me or from seeing the light opened or what – but they are coming. I want to help them, and some that come are ready and cross easily, others take more time though – and worst of all, between what I hear, record, and my guides have explained – there is some kind of reaaallyy negative spirit that doean’t want to cross at all. He hates me, he hates what I’m doing, and he harasses the other spirits. I always make sure I tell the others that he has no power over them and that they can tell him to leave them alone. Eventually I would like to help this “Mr. Bad News” as he calls himself, but I never really have time as I’m always pushing him away so I can help the ones who want to cross. It’s all just getting very overwhelming sometimes, and frustrating because I can hear but not very well – it’s always bits and pieces of the whole picture. I’m not entirely sure altogether that I understand exactly what’s going on.

    I trust my guides and just keep fumbling through all this, but it’s really hard when there’s no real “comunity” of people who do this to turn to. I didn’t expect this in my life, and I’m not sure sometimes if I should continue or just block it all off, shut it out, and just ignore it all.

    Especially “Mr. Bad News” – how do you help a spirit that doesn’t want help? How do you get through to someone like that? He won’t give me information about himself and I can’t hear my guides well enough to get something validating I can use for him – I’m not entirely clear if they want me to or to or if I should just leave him alone altogether. I would hate to leave anyone “behind” but I’m not sure what else to do. Any advice would be appreciated.

  32. Hi I have spirited Dolls and it seems that my job with them is first to give them a home, and over time help these spirits to cross over. Building love trust etc. Then when they’re ready cross them over. I have helped cross over 20 spirits in this way so far. …. BB xxxx

  33. Hello. I had a dream that I was able to cross over an earth bound spirit. His name was Howard and I don’t believe I know him. There were 3 earthbound spirits in my dream and only 1 crossed over. I’ve never dreamed this before. When it was happening, I felt a strong surge of energy and out of my peripheral vision I saw an opening surrounded by orange and yellow light. Howard went in. I always have crazy dreams and feel like I’m really there. Do you think this really happened? I feel like there are always earth bound spirits around me. I am a RN in an ER and I’ve read that they like ER’s!

    1. Yes! This really happened… We often do work in our dreams… Since you weren’t consciously aware of how to do this yet, your soul did the work while you were sleeping! You can cross the other two over consciously using intention and the process outlined above!

  34. Melanie, I have just been told by a Medium friend that a trapped soul is attached to me but that I need specialist help to help it go to the light. This lady is no amateur and if she says she is unable to do it then I believe her. Trying to do this sort of thing without any training, guidance or help can be dangerous. I appreciate this information from you but would rather leave it to the experienced to do.

      1. I have been reading through all these accounts I have numerous spirits around my home I see them every day and night with my servalence cameras ive tried talking to them one has been very vocal I think they want me to help them in some way I asked why they were here and they said hope I am a Christian I have certain beliefs on mettling with the spirit relhm please what do I do now do I do the right thing ive had some angry energy lately its very heavy an I am just in over my head.

      1. I have a question about splintered soul is literally two souls fused together.half male half female.what type soul do i have?

  35. I took a photo a couple of months ago, near dusk out near my patio, using the flash. When I looked at the photo, I saw children’s heads on the kennel roof behind the patio! There are about 18 of them! My property is right next to part of the Old Spanish Trail in Texas. I know they are from long ago, can not find any history on that many kids dying….

    I started recording EVP (Electronic Voice Phenomena. I start by asking if anyone is out there. I have received a yes answer twice. I told them to go to the light. I asked if they saw the light and was told yes! And then they were gone! But all those kids are still here. They are not bothering me at all, but I would like to help them go to the light. And if spirits drain you, well, that is a concern, since there are so many of them!

    Do I keep doing EVPs, and help anyone who comes along go to the light? I think the ones I have encountered were random, not the kids, as they are still appearing on my kennel roof. I can not see them with my eyes, only on photos, and I can not hear the voices, only on my recorder.

    1. What a good idea to record the EVP…

      As for crossing over the earthbound children, you can ask Archangel Azrael, Mother Mary and Archangel Metatron to help them cross over.

      You can also talk to the children, tell them to look up into the light, see their loved ones in Spirit reaching down and inviting them into the light… And tell them they’re safe, and that by crossing ober into the light they can continue on their soul path of growth and ascension.

      Some spirits need more encouragement than others.

  36. I just assisted a spirit attachment who asked me if I would take care of it. I reluctantly obliged as I felt sorry for it. It actually entered my body and I quickly realized that was the wrong decision. I prayed to angels of light and AA Michael for assistance to help this earthbound spirit cross over. I explained the situation to this spirit with love and compassion and encouraged it to go. I believe it was a success and I am forever changed and grateful.

  37. I dreamt I helped a young woman, her baby, and her 6/7 year old (all female) to cross over in my dream. What does this mean?

  38. We are a paranormal investigation team that has just recently been doing soul clearings ( rescue). We often get Help me or Help us EVPS ( electronic voice phenomenon) on our audio recordings. We felt we needed to follow up with these Spirits and help them. We do recordings only before and after clearings , Not during, to see if we were able to help them cross. It is amazing what we and God has accomplished!! Never in my wildest dreams would I have thought we would be doing this as part of our service! Thank you for your article on this subject!!

    1. Donna, I am so happy to hear you’re not only documenting the spirits… But helping them to cross over into the light! This is important work… Glad to hear you’re bringing it into the paranormal investigation process.

  39. Hi Melanie I found this article on earthbound spirits very informative. I have a number of close friends and family who died young before their time as they say. ..I have always felt them close

  40. Isn’t it possible to have an attached spirit that is not draining nor feeding off of you? Could an earthbound spirit attach because of love and remain for a long time doing no harm?

    1. “Attached” no… Earthbound spirits attach to people before and instead of crossing over into the light. Their source of energy is from the person they’re attached to so even if their intentions are pure, the attachment is draining for the person still alive in human form.

      Once a spirit crosses over however, they then have full access to the infinite light of God, and can then make the choice to support humans from the realm of spirit… They can then be a guide or a helper…

      Rather than attaching energetically, and even though it is not their intention, weighing the person down and slowly over time causing harm.

      When you help someone cross over into the light there is so much gratitude from their soul… And then they can choose to return to help, love and guide from a healthy and spiritually balanced place.

  41. Thanks a lot for this article now i realise i was surrounded or possesed by earthbounds.My misery and illluck was due to their presence.i have. Visited witchcrafts and conducted all kind of prayers nothing has really workout.My children specially my youngest son is bound to allsort of misfortunes and we repeatedly face all kind of problems.i hope by implementing whatyouhave written we shall be released from them.Thanks for all.Lana

  42. Thank you for this article. I was told I had earthbound spirits hanging around. Now I know what to do. Thanks again!

  43. Dear Melanie, thank you so very much for this article! I know that an earthbound lives at my parent´s home…and when I read this I realized it might have much more impact than I thought… Everytime I was there it tried to draw attention by creating noise or bowling down something… I will try your described method to help to find its way back home. Think finding your article showed me again I should do something about it. Thank you!

  44. SIDE NOTE: I Called for assistance to my angels and was led to this website. Recently I keep being told to find assistance somewhere and that I will be told where. I’m at work right now and my computer went through a short term interruption in signal except for the website that led me here. I intuitively clicked randomly on the screen and a link was clicked that led me to the page that had angelic channeling. Very awesome synchronicities!I hope to connect to an angel channeler here soon!

  45. To begin, I started my spiritual journey about a month and a half ago and me being as open minded as i am instantly recieved an answer from the other side. What motivated me was one day when i was at work i began a thought in my head of realeasing all locks from myself and being and then i saw a blue bright light with white, i was laying down when all this happened and i wasn’t asleep, eventually something flicked my cheek twice. This was the start of my curiosity into the spiritual so I bought a book that helped me channel and autowrite. I spoke with a very friendly woman that gave me some incredible advice and very unforgettable memories. However long story short I was feeling drained alot throughout the days that passed. Eventually I looked for advice from the more experienced and then said a prayer that would help spirit move forward. I felt immense energy and when i tried to autowrite all energy went one way, towards the door at my work which was an exit i believe. I felt super emotional after all of this maybe because of the love and gratitude? Im not sure I just know that I helped and I actually recieved a voicemail from her, and to my surprise it was exactly what she said she would send me when I was autowriting her. A truly unforgettable experience. Now I’m working on furthering my spiritual/angelic/psychic abilities to further myself in many ways. I will accomplish my life goal and my life purpose. This is an extremely abrdiged version of my experience, one that will stick with me forever.

  46. This year I went to the Glastonbury music festival with my daughter and friends. On the Friday evening we went to the main stage. The band that was playing was Arcade Fire. We stood on the edge of the crowds near the back. As I was listening to the music, I started feeling strange, as if I wasn’t quite part of everything, or was looking at the scene differently to everyone else, hard to explain, but it was like I was picking up on a different energy there. (By the way, I never touch drugs of any kind, and had only had a small brandy earlier!)

    That quite heavy energy stayed with me after I got back to my tent, and I lay on my camp bed in a dreamlike, lucid state. Visions of numbers of people, strangers, came into my mind, the expressions on their faces were kind of lost and sad looking. I found myself sending healing lights and calling on AA Raphael and Metatron and asking for the Christ light. This is what I work with when I do my healing work, using colour, at times I also work with AA Michael. I got the distinct feeling of sending these ‘people’ to the light , to cross over, although I have never done anything like that before, and didn’t really have a knowledge of how this should be done.

    This seemed to go on until dawn…about 4am it was light, when everything lifted and felt normal again, and I drifted off into a few hours sleep. I have not experienced this before or since and would welcome comments.

  47. Dear Melanie
    No wonder I was drawn to you. I have been doing rescue work for Earthbound spirits for a few years and agree with everything you said. We are certainly on the same wavelength! Praise be to you and the angels for making it public. Blessings Kim xx

  48. Thanks so much for this article! A spirit recently approached my daughter twice in the past month. She says that the spirit has no arms or head. I was told that he could be from the civil war ear because we live in an battle area. Saturday night, I did pray to Archangel Michael and to Jesus to help this spirit find the light and ascend to heaven. I did not think about protecting myself because I never encountered the spirit. How will I know that the spirit has ascended or how do I protect my daughter if she is encountered again?

  49. HI THERE







  50. Thanks!! Thanks to this article I got rid of something I did not even knew bothered me.
    After the exercise I noticed how much lighter I felt.
    Thank you _/l\_ <3

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