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angelic answers How do I know it’s an angel?

If you are connected to an angel the advice that you get will come in the days and hours after asking for help, you will ‘feel’ reassured and that it’s going to work itself out, and you will ‘feel’ that help is on it’s way or you will ‘know’ that something is just meant to be. Angels are made of pure love energy and therefore the very worst experience you can have is simply not to be sure, but the angels want you to know that every time and any time you think ‘help me’ it is them either your Guardian Angel or your archangel that is with you instantly and is working on the resources and assistance that you need will be coming, the advice is ALWAYS loving gentle and uplifting and is never contradictory to your freewill, warning or asking you to worship them.

Why can’t I hear/see my angels?

Angels ‘see us’ as a mass of colour and light, the gradient of those colours and lights depicts our vibration or the level at which we are ‘running at’ in terms of thoughts, feeling perspectives and beliefs. The higher the vibration, the brighter the colours. In order for us to see and hear them partially it is down to how we came here and the god given gifts we were blessed with, and partly it is do with our perception of ‘seeing’ and hearing. Only a few people round the world hear and see angels externally and everyone can learn to see and hear them internally, if you want some help with this then try our stand alone development sessions or a development reading to ascertain your spiritual gifts and ‘how’ to develop this in a joyful manner – either way ‘seeing’ angels and ‘hearing’ angels can be classed as seeing signs from angels in your reality or hearing their messages through conversations, songs and synchronicities.

Why didn’t the angels help me?

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The angels are bound by 3 spiritual laws. the first is the law of Free will, which means they cannot contravene our life plan and what is in our highest interests, the second is the law of attraction they can and will answer every call but will only do that based on how much we allow ourselves to receive and the third is the spiritual law of asking, ask and it is always true you will shortly in some manner receive.

Is my loved one a guardian angel?

Your loved one is bound to you by a etheric string of golden light, they reside in heaven in a level that is perfect for them and they can check up on you and visit you when you call and also when the fancy takes them yet they also have many spiritual jobs to do whilst in the loving other side. The Angels have told me we all receive a unique Guardian angel when we are momentarily separated from god, and our Guardian angel stays with us every moment of our earthly lives and never leaves us, they work in conjunction with our guide, our magical being and the archangels to ensure that every request is answered and every means of support is brought to you. Guardian angels are Angels and so are pure source energy pure love and compassion, and they view you as every time you have ever laughed, shown compassion and kindness and never for one moment judge you on any subject other than with love. They are not human souls and so our loved ones cannot be Guardian Angels but they do walk with us when needed and show a huge interest in our progress.

If there are angels why don’t they show themselves to us when we experience a bereavement or are in trouble?

they can and they do! there are lots of stories of angels that have appeared in human guise or have worked miracles and been ‘seen’ as lights brightly swirling across the sky they also appear as orbs and how they ‘appear’ or are perceived is down to your unique gift and style, I used to feel angels physically in my aura before I started seeing them and then progressed to seeing angel energy outside the corner of my eyes, they want to show themselves to you but will not scare you for then you may shut yourself down so if you are ready to see an angel simply ask your guardian angel to show you they are with you in the strongest way possible right now, angels showing themselves to you in meditation is hugely popular and showing themselves to you in alpha state the moments before you drift off to sleep is also a time of great connection.

I lost a child/husband and wife why didn’t god and the angels save them?

At times life just confounds us, and it is true that it is often hard to understand ‘why’ things worked out the way they did, if you could see your soul's plan you would realise that often the very greatest gift that child or lover gave you was to abdicate reality in the way they did to provide great opportunities for learning and growth, and in the end love is all that is, nobody can ever take your loved ones connection away from you and it really is true your memories and love for them live beyond this physical reality and you really Will meet again – the angels tell me that the moment a loved one passes they experience great joy and laughter and have only passing connection to their bodies, when they realise how much they can help a loved one from beyond the veil they are only too happy to pass over, they know like the angels and god that we are all just ‘walking each other home’ and the reunion you dream of will happen as you sleep when you visit them astrally, you can always ask your loved one to visit you in sleep and you will feel their loving presence. They are never gone, and never far away.

Why don’t the angels help me with my money, if I'm not abundant how can I fulfill my potential?

the angels tell me money is just an energy like any other and there is a limitless supply, it amuses them that we pay so much attention to what is, when what is is energy and when we use energy wisely and recognise our abundance lies internally and FEEL abundant and FEEL loved it widens our aura, it widens and brightens our colours and we are able to receive far more magical assistance, windfalls, opportunities for abundance than ever before they also want you to understand the blocks that can prevent abundance from flowing in, there are many but the most important one is Feeling blocked or Feeling separate from what is just another energy that surrounds us

What message do the angels have for me?

The angels want you to call on them All of the time, whether you need some help with housing, healing or health. Whether you want to meet the mate of your life or are in pain and need some tlc. They are present and waiting to help. You can ask for family angels, communication angels, abundance and business angels, love angels any group of angels – they will be instantly by your side and will listen carefully to what you are asking them to do – you don’t need to labor the point once you have asked they will open the avenues so that their comrades in heaven can work the miracle you need right now. But Ask…….they want you to receive and they want you to benefit from all of the gifts of the universe, but it’s your job to ask them so they can do theirs.

What is the best way to connect with angels?

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Meditation slowly lifts the vibration over a course of time, it heightens all of your receptors and makes you aware of the non physical in a whole new way so the meditations here on our site are the best way along with bringing them into your everyday life and either making it a practise to ask your Guardian angel to assist you or your favorite archangel. They Love to interact and so it doesn’t matter how much you talk to them and know that they here and love every word. Using Angel Oracle cards is a great way of connecting or simply using a pendulum and asking ‘yes’ and ‘no’ questions. By far though the best method is using your own intuition and ‘tuning into’ what is a fit for you at this time. Trust this and you won’t go wrong the angels flow their energy through the centre of your heart and so just because it comes ‘through you’ does not mean it comes ‘from you’ it s a blend a unique one of you and them.

A Final word?

Is there some situation that just doesn’t appear to be improving? Is there some part of your life that you just don’t seem to be able to get clarity on? Then a one hour angel reading or a Love reading is going to give you the peace and the assistance that you need, our readings are loving and accurate so we will tell you what is in your highest good at this time along with giving advice on how to manifest the outcome desired, included with all the readings of an hour or more
is energetic healing to help you get the most out of now. If there is anything you wonder ‘can they help with that’ feel free to email me for a fact finding session and i will let you know in your situation if a reading would help you to move forward.

Have a peaceful, loving, beautiful now

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. i am in love with someone in my office and have not been getting any response from him whatso ever.i have been repeatedly asking the angels to intervene and bring him closer to me but it is not happening and i am loosing hope. how should i ask the angels to help me?

  2. I just want to say I’m missing my mom and I wish you were here getting ready to have my second child without her its just sometimes unbearable I know that she loves me and watches over me everyday and if you’re with me but I wanted to hold my second child as she held my first I love you mom

  3. I’ve been stuck with trying to get a divorce for a couple of years. My ex keeps stalling it with some kind of excuse. I have spent way too much money on lawyers already. I have asked the angels what I need to do next and guide me but I can’t hear anything. I watch for signs. I just don’t know what to do. I just want to move on with my life. My ex is blocking that.

  4. Hello, I badly need to clarify things, somehow for a moment I get tensed, I can’t think of anything else. Feel as though something bad is gonna happen. I mean just not able to explain what’s happening at this moment also. Please my dear angels show me the way.

  5. Please please help me to sort out my financial problems I have had for 7 years now, I know that I have brought this on myself, but I have asked for forgiveness and have forgiven myself, please try and find answers for me as I have asked God and the Angels for help for the last 7 years and still find myself in a rut, could you please help me I am desperate now.

  6. This is such a great post. I lost my mom several years ago and it was very hard for me to understand why she was gone, and also to understand why I could feel her presence more. I do feel that her passing created huge spiritual growth for me, even though I would prefer she was still here. I like how this post addresses that and also the guidance I feel I have received once I became open to it. When I am stuck or having problems, I have simply been asking my spirit guides to send me guidance and almost always something so out of the blue it cannot be a coincidence appears and is usually a great solution or caution for me to pay attention to. Love this site for the insight it provides:)

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