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Claircognizance – The Psychic Ability of Knowing

16 Signs Your Psychic Gift Is Claircognizance!

Claircognizant Claircognizance is the physic ability of clear knowing.  People with this psychic gift are often quite logical, and tend to receive psychic information through spontaneous ideas.

Claircognizant people tend to enjoy processing through a problem to find creative solutions.

It’s sometimes difficult to understand claircognizance, even by those who have the gift.

People who are claircognizant just know things. They can’t explain how they know or where the information or idea came from.

Have you ever felt like information, knowledge, and guidance just seems to pour into your head?

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Do you have a sort of prophetic sense, or a knowing of how things are going to work out without really knowing why or how you know… You just do?

If so, you may be among the many people who have a strong sense of Claircognizance.

What Does Claircognizance Mean?

16 Signs of Claircognizance The exact meaning of claircognizance is “clear knowing” and this really is an accurate description of how this subtle psychic sense works. It’s the subtle sense of receiving information through clear knowing.

People who are claircognizant may psychically know a great deal of information all at once, receiving it in a sort of “download” from their spirit guides, angels, and or higher self.

Claircognizant information may also come in the form of little insights that happen in the moment, or as inspired ideas that pop up just at the right time. Information received claircognizant is most often mentally, accompanied with the strong knowing sense that it is true… Despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence to point to.

Psychic senses are a bit different for everyone, but one of the main ways to differentiate and determine if you are indeed claircognizant is where you receive intuitive information.

Claircognizant information comes through the mind, and not through the heart, gut, or mind’s eye.

Who Is Claircognizant?

For this reason, people with a strong sense of claircognizance tend to be very sharp mentally, good at understanding complex or abstract concepts and they’re usually quite analytical too.

People who are claircognizant also seem to have an answer for everything… Even topics they’re not well versed in. They may not know where the information comes from… But rather it just seems to bubble up and appear.

C claircognizance lear claircognizance also tends comes with a strong sense of knowing and certainty in knowing the validity of what you’re receiving. This is even truer when you take steps to increase your connection with the Divine, with your angels, and your higher self and inner light.

The basic process to develop claircognizance is very similar to all psychic ability… Relax, be aware, pay attention, and take steps to raise your vibration, link directly with the Divine, and allow the guidance available to you to flow through.

Information usually comes in a flash, a sudden illumination.  This information is immediate and bright, not something you’ve been thinking about for a while.  There’s no rhyme or reason to when illumination comes and the ideas are sometimes so immediate that claircognizants find they need to write things down or else they forget. How do you know if it’s real?

16 Signs You’re Claircognizant

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Not sure if your gift is claircognizance?  Here are 16 signs to help you decide.

  1. You get quick and sudden ideas and you’re almost always excited to share them.
  2. You have a sense of inner knowing when something is not a good idea, despite the fact that it seems perfect on the surface.
  3. You have a certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary.
  4. You receive information about future outcomes.
  5. You often get a truly inspired idea.
  6. After misplacing an object, you suddenly know where the object is. And when you look in the place you find it.
  7. People tend to bring all kinds of questions to you. Usually it’s something they can’t solve. They always leave feeling like you’ve given them the answer they were looking for.
  8. Someone asks you a question, of which you have no foreknowledge, and the answer comes to you out of the blue. You can simply see it in your head and share it with others.
  9. You can read people easily and your initial thoughts turn out to be spot on over time.
  10. You've never tried to do something like beading before. And when you try it, you can see the process and the pattern all the way to the completed project in your mind as you work, even without instructions.
  11. You’re a left brain person and prefer things to be logical and orderly.
  12. You love learning from books, audio books, seminars and courses. You soak up knowledge like a sponge and there always seems to be room for more.
  13. You've never played a musical instrument in your life, but when you sit in front of a piano you know how to play your favorite song. You understand notes and keys, even without lessons.
  14. You have an unquiet mind and spend your time thinking a lot – or writing a lot (many authors and songwriters are claircognizant).
  15. You tend to know what people are going to say next, sometimes before they do.
  16. You’re a lifelong student and collector of information.

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