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Claircognizance – The Psychic Ability of Knowing

16 Signs Your Psychic Gift Is Claircognizance!

Claircognizant Claircognizance is the physic ability of clear knowing.  People with this psychic gift are often quite logical, and tend to receive psychic information through spontaneous ideas.

Claircognizant people tend to enjoy processing through a problem to find creative solutions.

It’s sometimes difficult to understand claircognizance, even by those who have the gift.

People who are claircognizant just know things. They can’t explain how they know or where the information or idea came from.

Have you ever felt like information, knowledge, and guidance just seems to pour into your head?

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Do you have a sort of prophetic sense, or a knowing of how things are going to work out without really knowing why or how you know… You just do?

If so, you may be among the many people who have a strong sense of Claircognizance.

What Does Claircognizance Mean?

16 Signs of Claircognizance The exact meaning of claircognizance is “clear knowing” and this really is an accurate description of how this subtle psychic sense works. It’s the subtle sense of receiving information through clear knowing.

People who are claircognizant may psychically know a great deal of information all at once, receiving it in a sort of “download” from their spirit guides, angels, and or higher self.

Claircognizant information may also come in the form of little insights that happen in the moment, or as inspired ideas that pop up just at the right time. Information received claircognizant is most often mentally, accompanied with the strong knowing sense that it is true… Despite the lack of any logical or physical evidence to point to.

Psychic senses are a bit different for everyone, but one of the main ways to differentiate and determine if you are indeed claircognizant is where you receive intuitive information.

Claircognizant information comes through the mind, and not through the heart, gut, or mind’s eye.

Who Is Claircognizant?

For this reason, people with a strong sense of claircognizance tend to be very sharp mentally, good at understanding complex or abstract concepts and they’re usually quite analytical too.

People who are claircognizant also seem to have an answer for everything… Even topics they’re not well versed in. They may not know where the information comes from… But rather it just seems to bubble up and appear.

C claircognizance lear claircognizance also tends comes with a strong sense of knowing and certainty in knowing the validity of what you’re receiving. This is even truer when you take steps to increase your connection with the Divine, with your angels, and your higher self and inner light.

The basic process to develop claircognizance is very similar to all psychic ability… Relax, be aware, pay attention, and take steps to raise your vibration, link directly with the Divine, and allow the guidance available to you to flow through.

Information usually comes in a flash, a sudden illumination.  This information is immediate and bright, not something you’ve been thinking about for a while.  There’s no rhyme or reason to when illumination comes and the ideas are sometimes so immediate that claircognizants find they need to write things down or else they forget. How do you know if it’s real?

16 Signs You’re Claircognizant

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Not sure if your gift is claircognizance?  Here are 16 signs to help you decide.

  1. You get quick and sudden ideas and you’re almost always excited to share them.
  2. You have a sense of inner knowing when something is not a good idea, despite the fact that it seems perfect on the surface.
  3. You have a certainty that someone is lying about something, despite evidence to the contrary.
  4. You receive information about future outcomes.
  5. You often get a truly inspired idea.
  6. After misplacing an object, you suddenly know where the object is. And when you look in the place you find it.
  7. People tend to bring all kinds of questions to you. Usually it’s something they can’t solve. They always leave feeling like you’ve given them the answer they were looking for.
  8. Someone asks you a question, of which you have no foreknowledge, and the answer comes to you out of the blue. You can simply see it in your head and share it with others.
  9. You can read people easily and your initial thoughts turn out to be spot on over time.
  10. You've never tried to do something like beading before. And when you try it, you can see the process and the pattern all the way to the completed project in your mind as you work, even without instructions.
  11. You’re a left brain person and prefer things to be logical and orderly.
  12. You love learning from books, audio books, seminars and courses. You soak up knowledge like a sponge and there always seems to be room for more.
  13. You've never played a musical instrument in your life, but when you sit in front of a piano you know how to play your favorite song. You understand notes and keys, even without lessons.
  14. You have an unquiet mind and spend your time thinking a lot – or writing a lot (many authors and songwriters are claircognizant).
  15. You tend to know what people are going to say next, sometimes before they do.
  16. You’re a lifelong student and collector of information.

Melanie Beckler

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  1. I think everything was a yes it was about the piano but that was a long time ago it was a yes so now only piano I seen was over sister wow’Wilds house 💜💯💅💅

  2. Oh! My path to this page went like this…
    I started reading tarot a year ago. More recently I've noticed I get chills on many readings (99% of them are for my own personal reasons).
    I felt I had to do a read before sleep and got chills again. I attempted to meditate (which I rarely do) and asked beforehand to see who is guiding me, although I already know my passed grandad often visits me.
    In this short meditation, I entered a garden through a big gate and saw a big red rosebush as I have previously. Deep lush grass everywhere. To my left was a passageway and went down it. At the end was a big golden gate. I was hesitant to go through it but I was told to be brave, so I opened it. It was like being in a big, bright white cloud. I saw a figure in the distance. As I approached this lady in long deep red damask style robes with a cane, it turned out that it was the Queen of Wands = myself. She showed me an image of my person and I happy together on a sofa laughing and smiling, the children were playing. She said all this will be mine and to keep going.
    Then my grandad appeared. I could see his face perfectly, lines and all. He said "you've got this Lou Lou (he used to call me that). I was so happy to see him and tears just fell from my eyes at this point. He said he had to go and slowly went again and I came back out of the meditation.
    I started googling connecting with past loved ones in meditation and chills etc. The mentioning of Claircognisance appeared and well, here I am.
    The points above describe me absolutely perfectly. I've always had a 'just knowing' thing. I also have ADHD and autism so put a lot of it down to that but now .. I'm going to start paying more attention to other information I seem to randomly get.
    Thank you!

  3. Its funny since I was born I have known everything… If someone needs anything I act first.. People are always how did you know.. Well I just know.. Its hard cause knowing is lonely. Its hard to ecspain to people my mom is VERY understanding. I am 52 and tied.

  4. I actually didn’t realise I had claircognizance until a few years ago after I read about it for the first time. I just thought I was extremely good at knowing things. Most of the time a person will just pop into my head and I know I’m going to see that person that day. Sometimes I actually get an image of an event and at night I can sometimes remote view things (if I’m not super tired and fall asleep straight away). I don’t know how to explain it but things just pop in my head out of no where and I just know that it’s true. I used to get strange deja vu experiences as a child a lot, occasionally I still do but not as often – I can only equate it to seeing an event or path in the future and it’s outcome but then being able to change the outcome through certain actions, it’s only happened as an adult just before a few accidents and it feels kind of like the stretching of time, where everything slows right down around me but I’m still thinking super fast giving me the ability to change something. I know – it sounds very weird.
    I totally relate to the being extremely logical and I love learning about things (If I could I’d spend my entire life in libraries with a comfy chair, a pillow and a blanket lol).

  5. I’ve always been incredibly perceptive and other people notice it even if they try and hide their lies lol, I should have trusted my feelings with my horrible ex. He lied and I just bought it. I’ve always been told I was too sensitive, well no wonder, it’s because of esp. My mom has really strong esp although she is Catholic (it’s a sin) so she believes her abilities are messages from God she is supposed to hear. To each their own..
    When I was younger in school/high school, I remember tripping up other kid’s readings and manipulating energy by visualizing/focusing. I did it for fun and found it to be an interesting coincidence. Now that I’m 25 and had a spiritual awakening, I can see that it was my ability to manipulate energy :). Fascinating stuff. Wish I knew earlier to embrace and practice what I have… But I had to focus a lot on overcoming past trauma, working on self love etc.

  6. I have Claircognizant abilities later on in life i l exhibited symptoms of schizophrenia . took 29 years to finally onset, now im diagnosed as schizophrenic . Sometimes it is very difficult to distinguish the two. If my thought is not somewhat logical usually its my illness however it isn’t until i spend a fair amount of my time analyzing my thoughts then i can distinguish what is real. Do you have any suggestions as to how i could sperate/distinguish between my clairvoyance and my illness more easily?

  7. Hello Melanie, I came across your website looking to find out more about about clairsentience and claircognizance, but I’m not entirely sure where do I fit in. I have been having dreams that came true, but also sometimes I just have a feeling about something. Recently I noticed that a certain thought becomes true and I don’t know if it was prediction, or if I have brought it upon myself, I used to think it was strong intuition and empathy, but now I’m not so sure. Parts of what I read fall under clairsentience, but some things could be something else. Now I would like to learn more about it and learn to use it, but I’m not sure how or where to even start. If you or anyone could offer any advice or pointers, I would very much appreciate it.

  8. Hii good morning 😌
    Hum I don’t know how to start a conversation with u miss but I have some important questions for you that I know you might be the only one who can answer them.. I know that you might get a lot of messages.. but please get back to me 😌✨ #peacelovehope

    Ps I also send this message on Facebook so you know it’s me 😌

  9. I have always known what people have wanted to hear since I can remember. As a child, I have daydreams that ended up being deja vu to future events. I have it now and then now, but it was stronger when I was younger. I could always ace oral exams in college and all my job interviews because of this. Employers often told me they loved the answers I gave in interviews. i have been able to do it with dating and relationships as well. I had no idea there was a name for it until now. Thank you!

  10. You have helped me so much Thank you,I have been reading tarot cards for many years the cards I had was given to me from a now ex-friend I stopped using them My daughter brought me new ones since then everything is so much clearer and I am receiving messages as I did when I was young I feel so blessed by this there is just one thing I need advice from you If you possibly can,
    Boundaries sometimes it feels like 3-4 people all talking at the same time, Never really had this problem before, How do I get them to Chill and wait there turn lol Many thanks kelly X

  11. I have so many questions. Learning that I am more than just a claircognizant, I understand now why the Universe has been trying to get my attention so hard. I keep saying, “WHAT? WHAT?” I have always felt the “knowing” but never really gave it much thought, until this past year. I feel like I am being bombarded or shaken by the Spiritual Universe to WAKE UP STACEY! All of my senses seem to be heightened. Sometimes, I can almost “see” something just in my peripheral, I hear a voice talking to me in my head – kind of like when you talk to yourself, but it tells me things and guiding me telling me to hurry up and learn to use my gifts and talents and that I’ve always had them but ignored them. The voice I hear, gives me practice sessions on trusting my ‘feeling’ of things. That objects call to me for a reason. Like rocks, sticks, trees, feathers. The voice even has a sense of humor with me. Keeps telling me I am very special and that I have always known this. (And when I was young, I did think this) Now, it tells me to hurry up and RE- learn because there is something very important on the horizon coming soon that I am needed for. I have no idea right now why I am typing this information but I have chills down my spine. I do have strong connections with nature. Trees, birds and animals. I just don’t know where to focus my attention. I am frustrated. There is a hawk outside right now screaming! I can also “feel” what some close friends and family are feeling. I can send and receive feelings and thoughts from one particular friend. How do I learn more? Why am I being rushed? The harder I try, things elude me. So what do I do? My mind gets so cluttered with knowing, ideas, feelings, etc., I become immobile.

  12. Awesome article! It helps to understand your experiences. Many times I find myself meditating along these lines, it has made me aware of the differences of my natural intelligence and my intuition. You can really see how one affects the other sometimes a together knowing and other times a separate knowing.

  13. This website is the first to explain claircognisance. Mostly I see clairvoyant, clairaudient, and such.
    I was shocked that this website, not only explained my “gift”, but also my personality to a t. I have just known things from as early as I can remember.
    It was stronger and more frequent as a kid. I was rarely surprised at anything. Irs like I somehow “knew.” I was convinced something was wrong with me. Because it didn’t make any sense.
    One example was at my brother Kevin’s wedding. Two of my older brothers and one of my older sisters were late. I wasn’t surprised, bc as I was getting ready(I was a flower girl), I knew they were in a car wreck and Gary hurt his leg, but they were ok. When the news came they were late, I knew why, but was afraid to say anything. A while later, they came in and Gary was limping. They told us about the car wreck. This is one of many examples. I was really confused about my gift. I didn’t want anyone to know, bc I had heard in Sunday school that being able to know things and seeing the future were signs that you were possessed by the devil. I can remember praying for God to save me from this and was very confused that He didn’t.
    As I said, mainly I just know things. But, I sometimes dream things too. When I was in my teens I’d have those dreams a lot. I’d remember dreaming a situation and over time I began changing it, just to see if I could. One example is a conversation with my dad. I remembered his comment and my response. In tje dream my response had turned into an argument. So, just before I made my reply, I thought for a minute and responded differently. We did not wind up arguing that day.
    As an adult, I no longer feared telling my dreams and the things I just knew to family and close friends. I have never been wrong in my intuition. Though they do not come as often.
    The most recent was just a few weeks ago. I was visiting my mom and though there weren’t any physical reason to think her time was coming, I knew I’d never see her alive again or if I did she wouldn’t really be “her.” Somehow, I knew her time was coming.
    The day after I left she was taken to the hospital. It shouldn’t have been a big thing, but I knew it was the beginning of the end. She needed knee surgery, bc her replacement knee was falling apart. After falling, they took her to er and she was slated to have emergency knee surgery. My sister n law told me I was being dramatic. It was just a knee surgery. Mom was not the same afterwards. She woke from surgery completely confused and couldn’t understand she had just had surgery and was ticked that noone would let her go home. She kept thinking it was the previous Saturday and insisting she had to go to Jackson’s birthday party. Then she lost consciousness for two days. After awakening she was in and out of knowing who she was and what was going on. She was moved to Kevin’s house and put on hospice. After talking to her one night(literally I was just talking. She couldn’t hardly speak and when she did it was almost impossible to understand) I knew I needed to go see her. Two days later I did. She wasn’t really mom anymore. She slept mainly. When she was awake it was hard to tell if she was really quite aware or not. It seemed like she had moments of some kind of awareness. It took her two hours before she seemed to actually reconize me. She was sleeping for part of that time. Kevin, his wife, and I were talking before I left. Kevin estimated she might have a month or rwo. I said “two days” That was on Saturday. Sure enough on Monday I was told she had completely lost consciousness. I knew she would die that night. Six minutes after midnight, I got the call. I didn’t sense her death, but I did sense the phone call. I had just picked up my phone to make sure my ringer was tuned up. Not even a minute later, my sister n law called.
    I don’t know how I knew, I just did. I’m grateful for my “knowing” bc instead of going swimming with everyone else those last couple days of my visit, I stayed with mom and enjoyed my last couple days with her. And before I left, I laid in bed with her for a lomg while and really said a meaningful goodbye o her. I’ll always treasure that time.
    In addition to these gifts, I sense people. I know when I first meet someone whether we’ll get along or not and how close we’ll become. I also sense emotions of both loved ones and strangers. Sometimes to the degree that its hard to tell what emotions are my own.
    I get “vibes” from places. Sometimes a calm peaceful one. Other times places creep me out. Sometimes places seem familiar even though I’ve never previously been there.
    A strange occurrence was when my boyfriend took my kids and I to Baylor. For the most part nothing was unusual. Then he took me into the room he had graduated in. There was a strange feeling of “being” there before. The room was familiar. It was as if I “knew” that room. I had never even heard of Baylor before. But, the feeling was really strong. To make matters even stranger, when we left that room, my son told me “mom have we been in that room before? I feel like I’ve been in there before ” i was floored. I had not said a word about my own feelings. You’d think that was strange enough. But, it gets weirder. We later on that day came across to the statues of The Imortal Ten. It drew me to it. I just stared. And so my boyfriend told me the story. It just seemed important to me specifically. And afterwards, I couldn’t get the story out of my mind. I researched it. It just seemed so important. Though I can’t say why. Every time I hear the story or talk about it or go to Baylor, its the same feeling. Its like I have an affinity with the Immortal Ten. But, there’s no reason I should.

    1. Just to let you know A LOT OF YOUR FEELINGS AND KNOWING spoke into my life I WAS CONFUSED I used to walk down the street and was bombarded with everyones thoughts FEELINGS etc you have reassured me that IM NOT A FREAK in fact WE ARE ALL UNIQUE may you be blessed and loved and never scareď again I have had the same church experience you have with love

  14. I have recently learned about claircognizance and its traits…ive always wondered why i dream the way i do and i am an excellent judge of character. I am learning now as i get older that I am noticing things and am more aware than ever before..just wish there was a way to control it or look further into it..i just dont know how.

  15. Hi, im very new to this and just wanted a little advice on what im exsperiencing. I answered yes to every question above and right now going through a very over whelming time in my due to my life and the all off a sudden abilities i have…its almost out of control because of the amount of understanding i get in a moment and the energy within my body letting me exsperience things i couldnt even explain…my mind wont stop and my body wont stop feeling energy where ever i go. I get dreams and also like flash backs or a blink of an eye with info that needs to be giving to someone for future warning…im now addicted to wanting to know the truth and i became very talented in almost everything i learned..everything i learn i keep with a photographic memory and the location and even page of the facts i got knowledge on… Even when i dont know something its like the moment i observe it the moment i already know…i even talk with people and find my self saying things that ive never learned and while im talking i able to listen to myself and say wow i didnt even think of it tgat way…its as if something is talking through me and im completely aware of it…i dont like to be right all the time and i dont like to show people they are wrong but i just cant help but want to give them the understanding and knowledge i have…i have exsperienced things like touching someone and vibration is present at just a touch…when i play around with it i can as if with my breathing make the vibration manifest in me through inhaling and then when exhaling its pushed into them and over and over getting more intense…sometimes even leaving almost burn marks on the skin or intense euphoria…so sorry for the long story but i need advice on how to maybe over all understand what is happeneing to me..with this and my health and my life in general im overwhelmed… Thank you this site has been very helpful?

    1. Hello Stephanie (: now I realize this was a couple of months ago but if you are still looking for advice or just somebody to talk to about your experiences, I have been experiencing mine since I was born and have a pretty good handle on all of the concepts. Of course there’s always room for improvement lol but if you have any questions I’m sure I could help

  16. I have been like this much of my life. I have always felt that there are things I know about but don’t remember where the information comes from. I am also a writer. When I read the signs I found myself saying Yes to 13 1/2 out of the 16 signs. (The 1/2 comes from number 11. It’s true, just not all the time. For example: my desk at home is messy and has stuff everywhere, but my desk at work is always neat and orderly).

  17. I believe I have a heightened sense of this as well, but not matching is …I’ve played drums for years never able to read written music but picked it up having a decent sense of rhythm. I have recently talked to psychologists and they seem to agree as well. one of the more interesting things in talking to a doc, was we were looking for groups online to meet up with other people with the same intuition, and one in my area didn’t give the location but instead offered you to find the location intuitively lol, so if the spot didn’t come to you, you weren’t

  18. Thank you for the information! I’ve always known I had a sense, but never knew what “category” I fell into. I’ve never heard of Claircognizance but this is me to a T!! I’ve always wondered how I knew the answers to so many random things, figuring my spirit guide was whispering it to me. Now I know why I never heard whispers but still knew the answers. Thank you for the new terminology! I will be doing more research on this!

  19. I am a Claircognizant. I would like to hear more guidance on this gift. So we can trust more the info we download!

  20. I hear music but can’t never make out the words I have tingling feeling oh supreme happiness I don’t understand what’s my message all my dreams seem to always come true I always know bad vibes of people I’m very mentally smart and don’t really know where comes from spiritual background but have witness evil spirits as well.. Explain .
    I see and hear and feel things

    1. I’m just like Loretta posted before, and feel tingling/chill sensations. I am christian 110% and believe this may have something to do with my feelings of claircognizance. I’m definitely going to look into this more.

  21. I have gut feelings that something bad is going to happens and I dream of bad things happening only its not clear who or what I can’t recall that part of dreams I usually get notified that sumthing has happens and in my gut I knew who/what dreams were about I just get these awful gut feelings and then there confirmed idk how to dial in to my dreams and feelings

  22. I seem to have gut feelings that something is going to happen before it does. I dont know what. I also have an instinct about bad people. I have dreams about these things also.

  23. Karen,
    Asking Archangel Raphael (or any other archangel) to help you heal and release your fears and replace them with love and joy. Learning to actually ask the angels to help in all areas of your life is the thing to do. Even the question, “am I on the right path” can be answered by the angels by asking for a “sign”. I would look into the book, “The healing miracles of Archangel Raphael, by Doreen Virtue. This has actual invocations you can use to get the help you need.

  24. Many claircognizents do not realize they are claircognizent….this is a difficult psychic ability to notice, since it’s so subtle. I’m a claircognizent myself and I was convinced I was clairvoyant for year’s, until I read a book that clearly defined each psychic area. Of all the psychic areas, this is the most subtle one, and I do notice that my spirit guides and angels send me messages through this area of “knowing”…. so it was super helpful to identify this psychic skill. Also, it’s not uncommon or men to fall into this category (I’m a male)…but I have met women who are also claircognizent but it’s rare.

  25. For years I was always shown fear for spirits. Now, after many articles and books I have researched, for the most part, the fear is gone. How do I keep it away. I truly believe the angels are around me and are protecting me. But I want to be sure I am on the right path. Your articles are truly inspiring. Thank you.

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