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Clairalience – The Psychic Gift of Clear Smelling! Do You Have It?


Psychic Clairalience – Extrasensory Perception Through Scent

Scent has an incredible way of evoking memory and emotion. Whether that's the scent of your grandma’s chocolate chip cookies,  a fresh cut lawn, or your grandfathers cologne… Certain scents carry certain levels of meaning.  The way another person smells can be attractive or off-putting.  Smell is a powerful sense and it’s not just limited to the physical realm.

Clairalience, or clear smelling, occurs to both psychic and non-psychic people.  It’s not something that you can consciously initiate.  Instead, it’s something that most often occurs as a sign or guidance from your spirit team. It’s a wonderful gift to receive and to develop.

Clairalience is a Powerful Psychic Tool

Those with a developed sense of clairalience smell things that are too subtle for others. And, more often than not, these particular smells contain messages or other divine information.

How does what you smell affect your mood? Have you noticed that some smells are pleasant to you but not others (and vice versa)?

Spend time learning that certain scents have certain meanings for you. Begin to track your mood before, during, and after you experience certain smells.  Some repetitive smells can be reminders to relax, to walk away, or to engage if you’re uncertain.

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Signs From the Spirit and Angel Realms

When my grandmother was alive, she wore a specific brand of face powder with a distinct scent. After her death, I began to smell this scent at times when she would reach out from beyond the veil. When you catch the signature scent of your loved one in spirit or a scent that simply reminds you of time you spent with that person, it could be a sign that his or her spirit is near.

This could be cologne or perfume, smoke (if they were a smoker), or even the smell of cookies, or freshly baked bread if they loved to bake.

When you experience the signature scent of a loved one in Spirit, this is often a sign their spirit is with you, wanting you to know they’re near. Even if you find yourself smelling scents that remind you of people you had a difficult past with, it could be their spirit attempting to make things rights by causing you to remember and process your feelings.

When you suspect that this is happening, try to take a moment to acknowledge that you sense his or her spirit.  Try talking to them or recalling memories that you have of them. The smell may be brief or long-lasting – either way, try to see it as the gift that it is.

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Angel Messages Via Clairalience

Your angels will also send messages via clairalience. If this is a particularly strong psychic gift for you, an angel who is particularly connected to you may project a smell when they are near. To me, angels have a subtly sweet floral scent. When you notice a pleasant smell that has no physical counterpart, this is a clear indication of the presence of a higher dimensional spiritual being.

Smell Impacts Your Life In Many Ways

Taking note of all the smells you encounter during a day is important. Training yourself to be sensitive to the power of smell can improve your life in both this realm and the psychic.

Your Psychic Scent

Everyone emits a natural scent that is in line with their energetic vibration. Even those who are not clairalient can pick up on this smell and intuit things about you.  Those who are heavily clairalient can tell if you are sick, attracted to another, being dishonest, and more.

You can learn to impact people’s mood by matching your natural scent to particular personality characteristics.  If you are calm and open, people can, over time, simply associate your psychic order with calmness and openness. It’s an incredible gift that can help change the mood of a person or a group if they are needing comfort or support.

Develop Your Clairalience

By developing your clairalience, you can use the sense of smell to get intuitive insights from your angels and spirit guides. Remember that they are always looking for creative ways to connect with us and they will use the means that is best for you.  Developing a psychic skill like clairalience will increase your ability to be guided.

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Clairalience can also help you to be more aware of your own psychic smell. Whether your natural psychic smell is what’s needed or you feel that a certain situation or environment needs a particular smell, you can have more control over situations and the people near you.

If you suspect you have this gift, spend time focused on it. The more you pay attention to the smells around you, the stronger this psychic gift will become. You can eventually learn to use it in tandem with your other gifts. By accepting the information and messages that are being sent to you and taking action, all your psychic gifts will natural strengthen.

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