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Choose Love Over Fear!

Whew… There is a lot of FEAR spiraling in the collective right now.

Are you feeling it?

I tuned into the guidance of the angels for help and they encouraged me of their continued support and presence …

They also reminded me.

In every moment the choice remains: Love… Or Fear.

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Which have you been choosing?

Which will you consciously choose to shift into now?

One of the biggest things we as light-workers can do to help right now is to transmute the FEAR around the covid-2019 virus …

There's a LOT of mental and emotional energy around it.

Transmute literally means to change in form.

So transmuting the fear energy means shifting our perception and the energy we're vibrating with from FEAR…

To holding a vision for a new level of Vibrant Health and Well-being for humanity, for ourselves as individuals and for the planet.

If you're not sure how to transmute energy… Check out my post about the Violet Flame of Transmutation which in an incredibly ally to support you in doing just that!

Every time you think about the virus… See a picture of it… Or hear it mentioned. Imagine it surrounded in the Violet Flame of transmutation.

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Keep Looking For the Hidden Blessings

Additionally, I feel inspired to remind you now that amidst times of challenging energy, hardship and trails of life, there are always blessings concurrently woven in.

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This energy here and now brings an incredible powerful potential for humanity to experience a HUGE level up, and transformation.

Challenge often precedes growth and in this case…

An opportunity for a transformation at the level of the collective consciousness for how we are taking care of ourselves (individually and collectively), our health, each other, and the planet is here.

Zooming out in perspective…

This is an opportunity for us as one humanity, to take back our sovereign power around health back into our own hands.

Zooming in…

There's an opportunity to consciously choose to release fear into the light.

And to take the steps you can take here and now to prioritize your health… Reduce stress…

And raise your vibration.

One of the best things I've found to “replace” fear with is gratitude.

And coincidentally, this immensely raises your vibration too.

Right here and now there are still sooooo many blessings to be incredibly grateful for.

Start going through the list (write out all you are grateful for even) for a powerful vibrational shift!

Check out my process for a Rampage of Appreciation here.


The angels shared with me a simple exercise we as lightworkers can all focus on now:

Hold the vision of Earth surrounded in violet “wings of love

Visualize, see and call forth a blanket of Love, Peace and Divine Presence around the entire planet….

See incredible LIGHT, LOVE and crystalline energy transmuting fear and distortion and aligning the highest and best possible outcomes on Earth…

Across the planet…

For All.

Here's a little more guidance on “How” to Release Fear…

So Do Nothing Then? Not exactly…

One of the best ways to move through fear and doubt is to get into action. So lets look at a little more about what you can do if you are feeling afraid.

Because choosing love doesn't necessarily mean sitting back and doing nothing…

Although ironically, meditation is an excellent way to ease stress and boost your immune system, so I do highly recommend actively “doing nothing” aka meditation on a regular basis too. 🙂

And I've published this FREE Healing Meditation to help >>

But what else?

First, its important to understand that fear often creeps in when we feel powerless in response to external factors and situations.

This is likely the case if you're feeling the fear around health now…

One of the best ways through this type of fear and doubt is through action!

You can reclaim your power by taking charge of your health!

A virus is no match for a healthy immune system…

And so, it's a good time to check in and honestly ask yourself if what you've been consuming is helping to boost your vital energy or drain it…

Use the current global situation as a call to focus on boosting your immune system, eating healthy and nutrient rich foods, and overall honoring your body with love, care and respect!

This could be the perfect time and call to detox your body from alcohol… To cultivate your energy through movement like dance, waliking in nature, or practicing qigong, or yoga…

Additionally, there are tons of herbal immune boosting remedies like Immune Support MushroomsElderberry and Spirulina (and so many more), in addition to supplements like Vitamin C that are well known to support a healthy immune system…Treat your body as the Divine Temple it is, and use the here and now as an opportunity strengthen your vitality, so that more so than ever before you vibrantly thrive.

Cultivate Emotional Well-being

Second… Remember that your mental and emotional well-being is directly tied to your physical vitality.

This is where making a conscious choice to stay present, centered and in a state of gratitude is key.

Keep your energy body clear, and your inner light brightly shining.

To help with this I created a quick 5-minute energy cleanse with Archangel Michael for you here:

5 Min Energy Cleanse With Archangel Michael >>

Do this daily to keep your energy clear and bright, and to release any fear or detrimental energy you may have inadvertently taken on.

Once your energy is clear…

Build up your light!

Cultivate gratitude, play some uplifting music in your home, diffuse some essential oil, watch some funny cat videos, and remember that being positively centered and focused in the present brings you into a coherent state where the highest Divine possibilities can anchor and flow through you.

Finally… Acting in alignment with love can mean many things; including making some thoughtful preparations depending on where you live, and especially if you live in a busy city.

If you are feeling inspired to make some preparations, like stocking up on a few weeks of healthy food, making sure your first aid kit/ medicine kit is stocked and in order, and ensuring that you have plenty of clean drinking water on hand…

Do so with love, all the while staying fully present in the moment.

Presence is really so key to vitality and vibrant well-being.

Shine your highest Light, Divine Truth and Divine Presence throughout your entire being.

With so much love,

Melanie Beckler



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P.S. Social Media is known to perpetuate the negative more than the positive.

If you're feeling fearful around this whole thing…

Now may be the perfect time to do a little social media detox. Log off of facebook, turn off the news and pick up an inspiring book instead.

Be mindful of what you're consuming and choose to ingest the ideas foods and substances that nurture, support and uplift you.

That help you remember who you really are… So you can right here and now… Shine your highest light!

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