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How to Change Your Perceptions and Change Your Life

Change The Way You Perceive

perception“Perception creates reality.”

You've probably heard this quote, and I love it because it's so true!

And then there is Max Planck's quote “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.”

To me, these quotes basically mean that if you view life through a negative lens, you'll see all the things that are wrong, ugly, and depressing in the world and you will continue to attract more of that to reinforce the lens that you are viewing the world through.

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The other side of the coin is that if you walk around your reality looking for the beautiful, miraculous Divine and inspiring, then that is exactly what you will find and manifest.

Perception colors reality in all ways, and yet we each perceive reality differently.

Some peoples perceptions are helpful and empowering, and others keep them repeating lessons and experiences which are less than positive and could be easily overcome with a shift in perspective.

How we perceive reality is based on several factors including beliefs, expectations, as well as past experiences. So if you want to change your reality… Change your perception!

But how do you change your perception?

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A shift in perception starts with an increase in awareness.

When you're aware of the judgements you're making, the beliefs you have, and how you are perceiving reality around you, you can start to change it.

Do you often notice the problems in situations?

Simply being aware of this can help you to make a conscious choice to start to look for the silver lining, the blessings and solutions.

Pay close attention to how you're feeling, and notice why you feel the way you do. Become aware of your patterns, thoughts, fears, self-talk as well as your triggers and reactions to situations.

Through increasing your awareness, and noticing how you perceive and relate to reality you can begin to notice whether your perceptions are supporting you in creating the life you want to experience, or keeping you from it.

If you aren't perceiving your life in a positive, fulfilling, and inspiring light… Start by taking control of your mind!

Mindfulness and presence in the moment is one of the best ways to become more aware of what you're thinking.

When you do find you're in a negative thought pattern, stop!

Release stressful, fear based and negative thinking into the light. Just imagine you're letting it go and then watch negativity dissolve into the light of the Divine present all around you.

Once you're released, then choose a positive new thought which is self-empowering and in alignment with what you want to create and experience in your life.

In other words if you catch yourself thinking “I'm worthless no one likes me…” stop and shift your focus to something empowering.

A great technique for this is to imagine you're drawing a circle around your negative thought, and then release the thought into the light. Once you've released and imagined it dissolving into the light, take a moment to affirm the opposite, such as: “I'm awesome and people naturally like me.”

Another great way to keep a positive perspective is to empower your habits.
If you naturally look for what's wrong around you, start a daily ritual of counting your blessings on your way to work, or finding 10 things you're grateful for, every time you brush your teeth.

Habits to help keep you healthy in areas such as exercise, diet, and hydration will also help keep your mind clear, aware, and ready to create positive change in all areas of your life.

Finally if you want to change your perspective, look for reasons to celebrate. Celebrate your successes, the steps you've taken, as well as the accomplishments of others.

This doesn't mean you need to throw a party each time you think a positive thought or take a step in the right direction. But do congratulate yourself for taking small steps, and also be happy when those around you are manifesting positive things in their lives.

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Being able to celebrate the accomplishments of another is a huge step in the right direction of showing the universe you're ready to manifest similar blessings in your life.

When you increase your awareness and shift your perspective to look for the positives you'll be taking a huge step to improve your life through reducing stress, and aligning with blessings.

A simple shift in perception can help you to improve your relationships and keep you young, healthy, and aligned with the limitless you.
Learn more about the power of shifting your perspective in this short video from Deepak Chopra.

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