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Candlemas – The Deeper Meaning


Candlemas Candlemas is a religious holiday and celebration that originated in the 4th Century. It is celebrated on February 2nd, 40 days after Christmas.

Candlemas is said to be a celebration of remembrance, where candles are lit to honor and remember Jesus being formally introduced at the temple of Jerusalem. (40 days after his birth on Christmas, December 25th).

In some Catholic Churches there is an added layer of meaning where it is said to celebrate the ritual purification of the Virgin Mary, which would have also taken place 40 days after giving birth to Christ.

Early on, Candlemas was celebrated with a great feast… The Feast of Candlemas.

In more modern times, Candlemas has become a time when churches will bless all of the candles for the coming year.

Here’s something that sparked an interest for me.

A Celebration with Candlelight!

Candles are in and of themselves so symbolic.

A lit candle has its own spiritual energy and presence, but a lit candle also has the power to support you in calling forth greater spiritual presence in your life.

So, as a modern twist on Candlemas…

You may want to light a candle to light a candle, to evoke your own divine presence and to welcome higher divine presence and spirit into your life.

Simple Candle Meditation

A timeless, and simple, yet nonetheless powerful candle meditation is to light a candle.

Then set the candle in front of you, and gaze into the candle’s flame.

As you gaze into the flame… Reflect on the qualities of Spirit present in the flame, and inherently present in All.

The same presence of Spirit you tune into in the candles flame is also present in you, and with awareness you can now bring it to the surface more and more in your own life.

A Powerful Time of Purification

The connection with Candlemas being the time when Mother Mary underwent a Purification ritual is also quite symbolic.

In my article about Imbolc, which is the Pagan Fire Festival that marks the hidden entrance to Spring on February 1st

I talk about the powerful energies of Purification that are available right around this time.

It’s a good time for purification both within at the level of your thoughts and emotions…

But its also the perfect time for a little Spring cleaning of your space around.

Connection With Groundhog Day


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Candlemas has a connection to the modern observation of Groundhog day which also takes place on February 2nd. The connection is that farmers observed the weather on Candlemas and used it as a reference point to determine what the weather would be like in the days to follow.

If the Sun was bright overhead… It meant more clear cold weather to come. However, if it was cloudy it meant warmer weather to come.

There’s an old English song I found referenced on Catholic Answers that goes like this:

“If Candlemas be fair and bright, / Come, Winter, have another flight. / If Candlemas brings clouds and rain, / Go, Winter, and come not again.”

With so much love,

Melanie Beckler



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