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The Meaning of a Broken Crystal

Why I Had to Break My Crystal…

I was unpacking my bags yesterday, when I noticed a crystal I've been traveling with for some time.

It's a small turquoise chrysocolla stone that has been polished into an egg.

Anyway, when I was unpacking I noticed the side of the crystal was chipped.

My first reaction was disappointment.

I felt bad that I had inadvertently harmed the stone, by carelessly packing it in my luggage.

But then I realized, there was nothing wrong it.

Crystals, just like us are living beings. They too are experiencing shifts, transitions and changes just as we do.

They too are evolving, and ascending into more of their higher divine nature.

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But if you're ever broken a crystal, you know how devastating it can be…

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But what if the break, or fracture in a crystal actually helped it release some pressure and let go of some old energy…

Or what if the break opened up a gateway so it could draw in more light and love energy, raising it's vibration to a new height…

Instead of a bad thing, what if the little chip in the perfectly polished side of my chrysocolla egg was exactly what this stone needed to match it's inner evolving state.

That's how I see it now. Chipping the side of my stone egg was not an accident, but rather a correction. A physical representation of it's changing inner nature.

A sign that a little more of the crystals true authentic light is now being revealed from beneath the perfectly polished exterior.

Do you see how this might relate to your life too?

Where in your life are you shifting and changing externally to make room, r

elease the old or let more light and love energy in your life?

What in your life at first glance seems disappointing, devastating, or challenging?

But with a shift in perspective is actually serving you in growing and letting more of your divine light shine through.

The key of course is to listen to your inner guidance.

Keep taking steps…

And know that you are incredibly supported.

And if you need help tuning into the vast support from your guides, angels and teachers in spirit.

Support is always available! 

Wishing you many blessings of love, light, and gratitude,

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