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Autumn Poem Inspired By The Fourth of July Trail in New Mexico

An Autumn Poem By Melanie Beckler

While hiking on the Fourth of July Trail in New Mexico…

The fall colors were truly spectacular.

I took a while to sit and meditate to simply enjoy the peace and blissfulness of the forest around me…

And from this place, I was inspired with this autumn poem…


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The Spiritual Wisdom of Autumn

The deep spiritual wisdom of the Earth is so readily available to be seen in the fall

Where in a final surge of life and celebration of color

Every leaf is transformed

Into a beautiful flower

Before releasing

As the tree lets go of all that it has been

And all that it is

To dive inward

Into the void

Into the stillness

Into the depths within

To finally in the springtime be reborn

To once again reach up towards the light

In new growth and new beginnings

To embrace the Earth

To embrace the Divine, Light, and Life

And once again embody it's full authenticity

All that it is

As a reminder for us each

To embrace and embody all that we are.



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