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Ask Your Angels For Help!

ask your angels for helpBy Melanie Beckler
You have powerful angels who love you and are always near, ready to assist you in your development and in accomplishing your divine life purpose.

You have Angels who have been with you since the moment of your birth. These are your guardian angels, and they will never leave your side, regardless of what you do or do not do here in the physical realm.

Angels have nothing but unconditional love to give, and they are always ready to help you… but will never interfere in your life without your permission. You have to Ask Angels for help, if you want them to help you in reality. There is a universal law that Angels will not interfere with a human's life unless asked, with the exception of certain life threatening situations and emergencies.

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Ask Angels For Help!

Has the time come for you to reach out and ask your angels for help? If you are ready to ask for angelic assistance, the good news is; everyone has the ability to connect with Angels! All you have to do is invite your angels to work with you! When you reach out towards the Angelic Realm, and ask for assistance it is much easier for your angels to help you on your path.

Your angel is not a magical genie who will grant your every wish come true, but your angels will help you in many miraculous and yet subtle ways that many people overlook or see as simply being a coincidence.

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Angels help in a variety of ways, so be open to how their assistance appears. It may be direct and miraculous, or they may help you more subtly in the form of a nudge in the right direction, through a healing dream… or by aligning you with the right people and events to reach your goals.

If you ask for healing energy from your Angels, you may feel the subtle energies go to work in the form of a warmth or tingling sensation… you may even sense a pleasant smell, or hear the soft sweet sounds of the angelic realm.

When you ask your angels for help… pay attention to what is around you, and increase your awareness if you want to know their presence.

Ask your angels to make themselves known to you, and to help you on your path in a way that is real and obvious to you.

Know that the more you think, love, and desire to connect with your angels… the more real their assistance and presence will feel to you when they do respond. Stay positive after you ask your angels for help, and act on your promptings, as they very well may be from Angels trying to help you.

Angels have the power to heal, love, guide and protect you… but ultimately you are responsible for your own actions in the physical. Your journey through life is one of learning and personal growth. Your angels will help you on this path… but you also have to remember to love and help yourself! You have to take action to accomplish your goals and dreams.

Remember that Angels exist in a very high, fine and angelic vibration and it may take you a while to attune to their incredible level of light. Be patient with yourself…and know that sometimes it can take weeks or even months for you to fully understand the guidance you receive from angels. Sometimes your answer will come in the form of a book falling off the shelf, a phone call from a friend, finding an inspiring article, or overhearing a seemingly random conversation between strangers.

The most important thing to remember when connecting with angels is to ask them to help! Once you ask, if you simply believe, and remain open to how the angelic assistance will appear… it will. Be open and aware… quiet your mind, open your heart and imagine your angels are with you.

You may feel like you are making it all up when you first try to connect… but with patience and practice the love your angels have for you can be fully experienced and realized.

Expect miracles in your life, and remember to express your love and appreciation for all that you do have. The more you love and give thanks… the more you will be in alignment with the vibration of your angels.

With love, light and gratitude,


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About the author 

Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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  1. hi so down just had my fair share of bad luck. I think it is now almost 10 years. Please let my guardian angel help me & stay by my side. Thanks

  2. dear angels ?
    i feel like i have lost everything recently and my fair share of bad luck has definitely hurt.
    i am so ashamed of myself and feel at my lowest.
    i don’t even know how to go on anymore .
    please help me to be able to fix my grandmothers vehical this week. please send me good luck it’s christmas time . i have court hearings and no money for christmas presents.
    i am severely dep.
    please, i don’t even know where to start just help me.

  3. Thank you dear Angels for all your help that you did, you are doing and you will do!!! I really appreciate from the bottom of my heart how much I needed your help in the form of a miracle and I saw that happened. It is a very interesting story and I am going to write a book about Angels’ existence in our world, believe in them, they are around. I still need your help right now in my toughest period of life, when the dearest to my heart , apples of my eye, my rock are so cold towards me, I will not write who and why, I still believe everything is going to be good with Angels and Archangels’ help, they will deliver my prayers to our dearest God, and the prayers will be granted, I believe in that,
    THank YOU Again dear Angels and Archangels, all whom I ask for help and miracle.

  4. Dear Angels,

    I probably don’t deserve anything, and i don’t even know if you actually will read this and i personally don’t believe it but trying is not a bad thing.
    Okay so, i’m selfish and i would be really really grateful if you guys helped me with life by asking for help, requesting to do stuff for me i really care about heck i will even hope and believe for this to be true but still if it isn’t it’s okay.
    I want me,my family,relatives,loved ones and dear friends to be safe,healthy,living normally, being beautiful and strong and living their lives happily.
    I want to help them somehow! I want to be strong as long i can protect them!
    I want to be lucky, lucky with money, jobs, activities, abilities, life and love and i want these to go to my loved ones and beloved ones too.
    And maybe if you can i want to have true friends along with maybe a love interest but if it’s not possible it’s okay.
    I want family and mostly my dad to be healthy since he’s the most unhealthy, i want their debts to be paid.
    All of them.
    I want to get healthy myself too, i need to look after my family and help them.
    I really need money for my family, honestly i don’t think i mind what happens to me as long i know i did it for a good cause yet at the same time i want to stay forever with the people i love and admire the most.
    I wish, the world could be peaceful and happy, it probably sounded cheesy but still it’s true! I want mostly people to consider each other equally like brothers and sisters..
    A world with nature, not destroyed by us.
    I can’t really explain well my needs and desires but if it works i would be really happy!!

    Thank you.

  5. Dear Angels

    I’d like to be guided into a happy relationship with the right man, full of happiness and love and become more positive with the outlook to life. Then live in the past.

  6. Dear Angels..Arch Angels..I need your help now please..I am numb and no longer know to help myself..I am living with stage 4 metastatic breast cancer..I live with my mother who is 80 and brother..I am 47 and moved back home over a year ago..I am on antidepressants but they aren’t working like they did..the chemo and steroids nay have triggered the depression..I want to keep fighting but get tired of battling my mind and the Cancer..please send guidance..I have been to counsellors one really cares..kinda my life story..the guy I was with for many years moved away with his mother ..I am grateful for having a roof but feel so me to keep fighting ..please give me wisdom..I feel so lost..

  7. Dear Guardian Angel, please let there be a positive outcome in a legal matter, my health can’t take this anymore! Help me! Thank you for all that you have saved me from x

  8. Dear angel, you know how long i’ve been suffering to marry love. So may issues arising one after another. Religion, caste and hosroscope matching keep on arising. Its like never ending problem for our family to allow us to be marry. Please help us.

  9. Dear Angels, As desired me and Aby want to get married but the obstacles needs to be removed. We have been desiring to start a happy married & blessed life together for rest of our lives but need divine help as tried to make it possible through the worldly avenues but stuck. Don’t know wat to do. We need your help divine angels. We are nearing our 50’s and want to settle down with each other as need each others companionship, love and care. Please help. My family will be so happy for me when Any gets married to me as finally at least at this age I could start a family life with a man who loves me so deeply and unconditionally. Angels please help and please make a way for all obstacles be it people or circumstances be removed from our lives forever and enable Any to come down and marry me.

  10. I am asking my guardian angles and arch angels to assist me; I have asked before and I feel the help but it is really hard. I and my partner, retired vet, senior, and I live in low income housing. We also have skills in the courts. We have been in this lawsuit and dispute for so many months now and the courts and judges are blocking us .. it keeps getting harder and harder… it is so much work to file papers with the courts. I am asking for help intervention to stop the dysfunctional and inequitable results. We even have a federal court order, already, and it is being ignored, by the courts. I give thanks that help is on the way. Thank you.

  11. Please help me to find a job in my field quickly. I am in need of funds to pay my bills and have no one to help me. Thank you

  12. Please my guardian anglel in need your help with my new love to be happy please clear our obsticals please help in whatever way you see is best praying this helps us

  13. Dear ANGELS,please am jobless and i need financial favour,a capital to start up a business ,please helps me,thank you and our God almighty.Amen

  14. Angels I pray to you to please help me get back on my feet emotionally and financially. It has been a difficult and challenging time for me and I need your guidance to help bring positive things into my life. Please help me heal my broken heart and relationships and bring the one I love back to me

  15. My Angel Ian, my twin brother,please always protect our family from any harm, sickness and trouble. Our Angel please heal Kuya for what he is suffering now and hope that he will be alright. Pls do give him strength and a wealth of good health all the time.

  16. Dear guardian angels through the help of you,the intercession of St Jude & the mother of Jesus I was blessed with keeping my job I ask for continued help with finances as I am still not working or receiving a paycheck We are drowning in debt incurring more & more as each day goes by.Please bless us with the means to relieve us from our debts
    Guide me to a position that will be the best suited for me
    Please help make my future a happy & prosperous one

  17. Please arch angel Michael give me health wealth courage and strength. Help me to plan my future. Take away my fear and help push me forward. Help me to be positive and successful at work.

  18. Dearest Angels, I LOVE you so much! Please guide me through a challenging time I am having over my rental house in Rimrock. As you already know it has been trashed to the point of disrepair and the insurance company has rejected my claim. I know when I stand with integrity in my heart ALL will be just fine. Please continue for me to uplifted by your presence. LOVE! PEACE! JOY! Always

  19. Dear angels..i recently made a huge mistake and have caused a rift between husband and a friend…please can you give me guidance on how to heal and fix this and light x

  20. dear angles, ive been through so much during the last year and my studies were affected so badly thanks to someone who was so wicked to me and now im in a situation where i hv 7 hours to study for an exam which is really tough and it was due to this situation and the depression i was in it was really bad.i need to pass this module badly please help me dear angles from heaven with your love and light please guide me.i only have 7 hours to save my life. i did not deserve what she did to me please help me.please.dont let the wickedness and evil of somebody ruin my life.i need you in these moments now.please if u dont love me than for the sake of my parents please help me im on my knees begging

  21. Plz guardian Angel help me in conquering my family especially my cousins i love them very much but they think they know Everything. As well as help them getting thrue work as well as ending this company forever and get them retired

  22. When will the truth be known and my ties to those negative people ended and is there a faster way to find work after 6 months funds are too low and really need to know exactly what job i need to look for and fast…..applied for 100’s and still no luck.

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