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ask better questionsWhen working with the angels, one thing that consistently comes up is the importance of asking better questions. This is true in terms of the questions you ask to invite angelic help into your life. It is also true when it comes to getting the most out of an angel reading.

Taking this idea one step further, ‘asking better questions' is really important in terms of your mental dialogue, and the questions you're asking yourself every day.

When you ask the angels for help, and when you ask the angels a question, they will answer.

The same is true with your mind. When you ask yourself an internal question, you will receive an answer.

If you ask yourself  ‘poor questions' like: ‘why do I feel so terrible?' your mind will easily come up with all the many reasons why you could be feeling terrible (even if you're really not feeling that bad).

As you start dwelling on the challenges, past obstacles, and experiences which have led you to feeling terrible… You'll just begin to feel worse, and worse and worse. This can be a very slippery slope.

If you want to start feeling better, if you want to start living with more happiness and vitality, or if you simply want to make the shift out of a ‘funky feeling' or feeling poorly, start with asking better questions.

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A few of my favorite questions to ask myself include:

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‘What do I have to be grateful for?'

‘What are some of the things I love about myself?'

‘What's going right in my life?'

‘How may I serve?'

‘What is the hidden blessing in this situation?'

Come up with some questions of your own, which will help get your mind searching for the positives in your life. They're there… and when focused upon they multiply!

Asking Questions to Solve Problems

On a recent road trip, I listened to an Antony Robbins seminar on personal power. Now, regardless of whether you are a Anthony Robbins fan or not, he shared a valuable list of problem solving questions.

The really cool thing about this list of questions is that if you start asking yourself these things, you really can overcome any obstacle, problem, or challenge you're faced with. These questions can help you to claim your power in seeing the silver lining, and the positives amidst challenges.

In every situation, even the most challenging ones, there are always positives. When you shift into a state of gratitude by noticing what is good in the moment… By asking better questions, you'll start to feel better. You'll put yourself in the position to attract more positive, and you'll be in the right state to overcome any challenge, adversity, or to simply improve your vibration in the present moment.

Next time you feel challenged, or you're faced with a problem or obstacle on your path… Try writing out the answers to these questions, and notice how they will not only help you to feel better, but can align you with valuable ideas and solutions.

Focus on a challenge and write down the answers to the following questions.

Problem Solving Questions:

1. What's Great About This?

Now when you first ask yourself this, because you're feeling challenged, you may initially jump to the response of ‘nothing, this situation/ challenge/ problem is horrible!'. If that's the case, rephrase the question and dig a bit deeper… You may want to ask “Whats good about this situation?” or even “What would an outside observer think is good about this situation?”

2. What's Not Perfect Yet?

This question may be a bit easier to answer, as we tend often tend to notice what we don't like, more easily than what we do. There is some value however in tuning into what isn't yet perfect, because with this awareness you can change it!. The cool thing about this question is that it implys returning to perfect is only a matter of time… ‘whats not perfect.. YET'..

3. What Am I Willing to Do to Make It The Way I Want?

4. What Am I Willing to No Longer Do to Have Things The Way I Want?

5. How Can I Do What's Necessary To Get The Job Done & Enjoy The Process?

You already have everything you need to overcome challenges in your life. You have what you need to elevate your vibration, and improve your current situation.

Start with asking better questions!

With love and gratitude, 


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  1. thanks my angles for everything, my angles am facing financial challenges I have try all means but I have not get any success, angels I needs your assistance, please, my family is breaking down because of lack of financial, I have been. playing all lottery games, but am not lacking enough, please my angles answer my prayer,

  2. I’m reaching out to people who understand grief. I feel alone I do have a couple people I can talk to but they are in the same position iam. I just need people who understand and don’t expect me to be o.k. just like that. I’m hoping that this will help me. I need people who are willing to listen or in this case read. So in advance thank you

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