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Ask the Angels: What Brings Angels Joy?

How To Discover Your Purpose and Deepen Your Joy

Joy and purpose are this week’s Ask the Angel's themes. Archangel Metatron shares with us that angels’ exist at the vibration of joy and love. The purpose of angels is to support all of humanity and to help us transition out of duality.

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Wondering how it is you do that?

The key, is aligning with your highest purpose. Metatron shares how to deepen your calling once you have realized and aligned your life with your true purpose.

Learn more from this powerful Q & A with Archangel Metatron, channeled by Melanie Beckler.

“From the angels perspective, what would give them the greatest joy?” – Harry

“Our greatest joy is our default. Beloved one, understand that we, angels, are non-physical beings. We serve a specific purpose. We serve according to divine will. We exist in a state that is divine, in a state of non-duality. And so, the question we would like to turn this around towards is – What brings you the greatest joy? For this is in accordance with our mission and purpose to serve you, to love you, to support you in aligning joy and blessings in your life.

We are joy by default. We are the vibration of love by default, of peace, in union with the Divine at all times. Existing to support you, to support humanity, in transitioning out of duality, out of despair, out of suffering, into remembrance of your ability to retain this full connection with divine joy, love, peace, prosperity, harmony at all times as well.

And so, what brings your greatest joy?

It is indeed, when you are in alignment with your highest calling and purpose. This is what is fulfilling. And you align with this by being present, by being clear. Clarity, meaning you’re not weighed down with thought, and belief, and tension, and lower vibrational energies. Being clear means you allow your truth, your higher self in spirit to shine through you, to be reflected in all areas of your life.

Angels Vibrate with Joy and Love Living in love, living passionately, taking inspired action, living in a state of joyful bliss does not need to come about from anything external in your world. In fact, truly vibrant and joyful bliss can be found despite whatever the circumstances of your external world may be.

When you step back in a position of observer, when you step back out of duality, into divine love, joy can be found in every situation. Joy is the quality of letting God light shine through you, living as the divine angelic being you authentically are, embracing curiosity over fear, willingness before doubt, love before judgment.

This is not a list of how we in the angelic realm think you should live. It is the list of what vibrationally resonates with your truth. And when you are in vibrational resonance with truth, with your highest self in spirit, where there is nowhere in your life that you’re betraying yourself, that you’re second-guessing yourself, that you’re doubting yourself, joy is able to shine through.

This is not to say you need to stay in a state of joy always – When a loved one dies, when you witness a tragedy, when sadness appears. So too, can you step back into the position of observer – Observing the one who is sad, and loving that one that appears. If anger arises in you, which does so, because you feel like your views are being squashed in some way, like you are being suppressed in some way, and so, anger arises, love the one who is angry that appears, love the anger that arises within you.

And this vantage of observer that is always in joy – The joy of observing, the joy of witnessing. This is what we desire for you.

This, I will concede is that which will bring angels the greatest joy – Seeing you in your authentic truth, your highest light, not being weighed down by the events of the world around you, but observing, witnessing, loving. And so, it is…


“My life purpose is to love people. What can I do more to help them deeply? Thank you.” -Dany

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Dear one, as you know, in every moment, you have the opportunity to love. And we say to you, you are doing well. And we encourage you to notice that there are no small or shallow deeds when it comes to love. And so, someone asking for change on the street to love them, to help them deeply – Send a blessing, surround them with angel energy healing light, ask their angels to help them on their path, be willing to listen to others with genuine interest, with care, with love.

The act of listening is a powerful gift. It is the gift of presence – Not thinking how you may respond, but fully listening to every word, being fully energetically present with another. This is a powerful gift, especially in your busy world today, of cell phones, and mobile apps, and constant distraction, where it’s normal to be talking to someone, and seeing their eyes glaze over as they exit the conversation into thought and distraction.

Listening is a gift that the soul feels, that nurtures one spirit. And so, how do you listen? How do you truly listen to bring this deep gift of love to be present with another? Practice the gift of loving through listening by breathing. Breathe in. Breathe out. Let your mind focus on your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out.

Your mind can multitask – Yes. This is why you can be having a conversation with someone while listening to the words of a song, or talking and driving, or thinking, and thinking you are listening. But to really listen is to be fully present. And so, let a part of your mind fully focus on your breath. Turn listening into a meditative state where you are breathing, not thinking. And the other part of your mind is able to listen, and receive.

When you do this, the other person will notice, consciously or at the soul level. And this is a powerful gift that truly helps people – For so many of you are used to being ignored, brushed aside, not really listened to, not taken seriously. Through listening, you give the gift of presence which is an invaluable gift – For presence allows you to more fully love.

And so, breathe, be present, and listen. Through this, you are saying – “I’m here for you. I’m with you. I’m really with you. I’m here for you. I love you.” And this is deep. This makes a difference. And then with that presence and listening, hearing what they’re saying, hearing where they are, without letting your mind think about what you could say next to be clever, or wise, to be smart, to look cool.

Ask the Angels - Channeled with Melanie Beckler When you really listen to where they are and what they’re saying, then from your heart, your response when it is your turn to speak from a place of presence appears. And you will be given the words that will most help. The willingness to speak wisdom, to offer help, to give guidance is empowered greatly through listening, through presence, through love.

But again, you’re doing well. And remember that there is a common misconception that to be spiritual in your work, you need to be a psychic, or channel, or open a crystal shop, or write a book – Quite on the contrary. To be spiritual in your work, to do your spiritual work is to be present with whatever you’re doing.

Through this, the position of janitor is a powerful, spiritual occupation. The position of a server at a restaurant – A powerful, spiritual occupation when entered into with presence – To listen others, and to listen for the still, silent void within. For from this calm void, the infinite guidance of source, of spirit, of the universe, of angels is contained. And when you really listen, only then can you hear what another is truly saying, and who they really are, and how the universe is guiding you, and what is really possible, and who you really are.

Dear spiritual being, you are loved, uplifted, and blessed. Step back into still, calm void. Breathe in, breathe out, and just be. This is powerful, deep, meaningful spiritual work. Continue. You are doing well. And so, it is…

~Archangel Metatron, channeled by Melanie Beckler

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With love, light, and blessings,

Melanie Beckler

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