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Ascending Into The 5th Dimension

Consciously Choosing to Shift Into 5D

5th dimension

The shift of consciousness into the 5th dimension is underway and it has been for some time. Many of the changes of this shift have gone unseen, and yet this shift is very real.

The shift into the 5th dimension is happening and it is being subtly carried forward with guidance from the realms of spirit, and through the conscious choice and action from countless individuals.

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As time continues to accelerate, so too does the shifting of consciousness.

So what does a shift in consciousness look like? How is this all unfolding in reality and where is the proof that this great spiritual shift is actually happening?

To answer these questions. Let’s first look at consciousness in a metaphorical sense. One of the most accurate ways I have heard human consciousness described is as a complex tapestry.

The vast and intricate tapestry of human consciousness contains all of the thoughts, qualities, beliefs and experiences of individual humans.

The experiences, beliefs, and choices of individuals as well as groups, are woven together in a divinely designed pattern, which is the fabric of consciousness.

Although we may still at times perceive ourselves as separate individuals, through the tapestry of consciousness we are united… We exist within one fabric of creation, and together we are shifting.

Through individual choice, the very threads within the fabric of consciousness are changing. As a result, the entire tapestry will change.

Consciousness is changing, and in many senses, it has already changed.

In this shift into the 5th dimension, some threads within the fabric of consciousness will be removed completely, some are being transformed, others elevated in their vibration. Some of the threads are completely altered in their texture, form, and frequency. This is also known as ascension.

Through ascension, one thread at a time, the entire tapestry of consciousness is being elevated.

One thread at a time, or in other words one choice at a time, one moment, and one person at a time, the great shift of the ages and the progression into living in the 5th dimension is happening.

Consciousness is shifting by raising the entire tapestry of consciousness in vibration.

Already the fabric of consciousness has changed significantly… There are threads within the fabric that are no longer in place as individuals have let go of old habits and beliefs they once held.

There are also many dense emotions, fears, and perceptions which were commonly experienced in the 3rd and 4th dimensions which simply do not exist in the higher vibrations of the 5th dimension. These dense energies, emotions, and experiences have no place in the tapestry of higher consciousness and so they are coming up for review, and for release before being completely replaced, transformed, or released.

To facilitate the divine shift of ascension, the consciousness of your higher self in spirit guides you. Are you listening?

This process for releasing the old and outdated is not automatic. However, it is Divinely guided, and yet in the moment when dense emotion arises, each individual has the choice to cling to the old, or to meet the dense thread of thought, belief or emotion with compassion, awareness, and with the willingness to let it go.

One moment and one person at a time, a vibrational change to the tapestry of consciousness is happening.

Much of what is occurring in this great shift has yet to be observed by the masses. Many people do not realize the changes are already happening beneath the surface. They don’t realize the huge control they have now in regards to creating the future they will live in.

It’s no surprise. The old paradigm of living life in a reactionary sense was built on a foundation of illusion. There are many distractions, and layers of belief, and deception that hide the underlying truth from the masses.

The truth is that this shift into 5D is ours to create.

Indeed the shift into the 5th dimension is happening and as it does, old patterns, and threads within the tapestry which make up the old foundation will be dissolved. As a result, things may seem a bit chaotic.

This is part of the shift and sometimes the only way for the old threads of thoughts, beliefs and habits to fall away is for them to crumble.

The Earth is shifting, too. You can see this present in changes in weather, increased solar activity of the sun, increasing numbers of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions… These are all perceivable evidence that the Earth is quite literally shifting.

Many of the threads of consciousness contained within the third (phsyical) and fourth (astral and imaginary) dimensional experience cannot exist in the higher vibrations of the 5th Dimension. Co-creation, love, beauty, collaboration and well-being create the new foundation of consciousness in the 5th dimension.

Guided by your higher self, your angels, guides, and by the Divine, you are able to step into the new paradigm now.

The choice belongs to each of us now. It’s not a choice to make once though, it’s a choice to return to time and time again in every moment.

Are you willing to let go of the old patterns that no longer serve? Are you willing to let go of what is familiar and known to us, so you can step into new opportunity?

Do you choose to hold on to the uncomfortable aspects of the third and fourth dimension of experience you are accustomed to because it feels safe and secure and because it is what has always been?

Or are you willing to choose the new?

Are you willing to follow the guidance of your Higher Self, your guides, angels and to co-create with the light of the Divine that continues to stream onto the planet?

Are you willing to bring the truth of your spiritual nature into your reality?

The old tapestry is no more.

The consciousness of the higher dimensions is already here and the foundation of reality has already shifted.

There is no going back to what was… So the question is, are you willing to move forward?

Are you willing to be an active participant in the new consciousness and the new earth?

New opportunities and choices will continue to emerge for all of us who do make this choice. New possibilities to co-create and collaborate will appear.

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Collectively we are at a crossroads. Do we sit back and wait to react to the changes this will bring? Or do we choose to re-create our collective tapestry with new threads of beauty, love, well-being, and joy to replace those old threads which are already gone?

The choice is present in this moment… Enter into the new paradigm through love. It is here and it is up to us to create this new reality, together.

The entrance into the 5th dimension, otherwise known as the golden age, is clearly happening and the outer manifestation of this will continue to become more apparent to the masses and you have the opportunity to be a way-shower.

One step at a time, one moment at a time and one person at a time we are able to boldly create the new world in the 5th dimension, in alignment with love.

With many blessings of love, light, and gratitude, 
Melanie Beckler

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