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earth changes What the Angels want you to know regarding Earth Changes

Guest Post by Sheelagh Maria 

The Archangels are hovering around Earth or Gaia as we speak. They are flowing steadying energy into the Earth’s centre and surrounding her with love and stability, as Gaia shifts and changes which cause eruptions and change upon the planet today.

Gaia is a soul herself, and as part of this beautiful Universe she too must expand, as she does, all of the creatures and life forms she plays host to will also experience changes and awakening often feeling quite chaotic and confusing for us in our lives.

Heaven and Earth are coming closer together, and your team of Angels and Guides are holding you safe despite the torrent of changes and fears which may be arising for you at this time.

The changing of Gaia can be seen in the shifts and movement of the Earth’s plates, some of the changes will show up in the form of natural disasters, and some of the changes will rise up in the consciousness of mankind, it can appear as though the whole world has gone to war and that there is little peace or security available.

The Archangels come forward to reassure you that all is well, that this is part of the plan, and that whatever changes, chaos, concerns or fears that are surrounding you, it will pass and then the rewards may be reaped.

At this time, you are dispensing old thought forms, you are being challenged to look at yourself, your life and those you liaise with in different ways, you are being asked to connect with the stillness that is at the heart of all creation, and feel and know that in truth all is as it should be.

Money Concerns

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The institutions of the world have for a long time been taking their ‘cut’ from the purses of the masses, and as time goes by we shall see these organisations being called to action to put right what they have done in past times, however you may also notice money struggles in the lives of those around you, and the archangels want you to know that this is a indicator of the fearful patterns that people are clinging too.

If you have felt that money is leaving, and not being replaced it is because in some part of your thinking there is lack, and there is concern that you may be adrift without help – the angels assure you that even as these cracks widen the Universe is an abundant place and there is much help at hand – you have only to ask.

The angels will flow their energy in and allow you to know, see or feel what thoughts and habits are continuing to bring limitation into your life, as they guide you to release your attachment to ‘what is’ or has been you will begin to open to what can be.  Getting some help advice or clearing is a great idea if this is a challenge for you at this time.

Love and let love

Love is the very force that makes up the world and all the consciousness within it. It’s a freely accessible source and is our very energetic make up.  Where love is not felt, and fear has entered in, this may be to do with the choices that others are making, and you may feel alone or isolated, as if they have forgotten you or you are not as high on their list.

The angels tell you it’s all well that this too shall pass and new bonds of friendship and deep commitment can be received as the energies of fear and mistrust are worked through and released to the light.  It is time to truly love yourself enough to focus all your energies on your needs, and watch how others become aware of your inner peace and start to return these feelings to you  It is time the angels tell me, to not expect or ‘need’ another to choose what you need them to to fulfill a void in you, but to reach into or outward to the Source that surrounds you and embrace the love that you are truly aligned with.

Purpose and Progress

In heaven you were able to manifest your hearts desire quickly and with a simple thought.  Many of us on the Earth plane struggle with the time it seems to take to manifest our desires, and although we may try and be positive and empowered the smallest stone can tip our cart.

The archangels want you to know that your desire to make progress is a hall mark of an infinite being, and as such you always have more power than you truly now.  In order to kick start your pathway and to be clear about what step comes next,meditate, journal, ask the Angels that surround you to give you inspiration and really ‘know’ when the timing is right.

Your souls purpose is coming forth in these next few months, so any strong desire to make a change is fueled by your higher guidance, although at times it may feel scary or unsure, you are protected by heaven at all times.

Remember To Ask

Heaven is only a heartbeat away – you are connected to the divine through your heart chakra and through your crown, there is no need to panic or go it alone.

It’s going to feel as though the angels have stepped back and in essence they have, because they need you to feel confident in your own abilities to make great decisions about your purpose and path.  However, your team, your guardian angel your guide your archangel are all there at every moment for assistance should you need it, and as soon as you have asked heaven is already arranging the details.

Ask for anything you need, then ensure you keep grounded and centered so that your energy is receptive to the outcome required.


With light love and magic,

Sheelagh and the angels

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. How real are there angels and guarding Angels many referrer to? I really want to know as my 10 year old daughter tells me she has one, 2. One is a grandmother she never met the other one she calls it a white light. Should I worry as a parent?

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