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making the most of the angelsMaking the Most of the Angels

Guest Post by Sheelagh Maria

The angels have so much to offer us, and they are desiring to reach even more of you and to help you realise that YOU can have their help and guidance right now and not wait for your questions to be answered by any one else.

The Angels want me to ‘keep it real’ they don’t like me passing on advice that is too fluffy or ethereal because then normal but divine people don’t use it or ask for it with real life problems.

Remember those Odd Job Man adverts ? No job too big or small? Well if I was writing a business advert for the angels this is what they’d have me putting, there really Is no job too big or too small, there is but one condition, that’s that you must ask and ask in the right way.

Michael is asking me to help you visualize this, a frantic lady has to get to her local restaurant to meet a hot new date, and she can’t get a cab this is important to her, so she is relying on public transport, there is only one spot left on the bus and there are more takers than there are seats, she knows if she turns on the tears, the bus driver is likely to close the door and drive off, so she plays it clever, she asks in a slightly cheeky way, with a bright smile and a twinkle in her eye, she is far more likely to be assisted, she knows if she comes across as demanding or plaintive there will be little sympathy for her, so she tries for ‘whimsical’ and asks ‘Don’t suppose there are any knights in shining Armour are there? I could really do with one about now’ and after making the driver laugh, she’s away and on her way to happy ever after.

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If your energy, that is your Aura, your energetic ‘spacesuit, is all ‘fizzy’ with fear or anxiety it’s like inviting the angels to come round for tea, and then erecting barbed wire round the perimeter of your home, they’re not offended of course and find it quite bemusing, for they know you want to see them and really would quite like their help. Try as they might, their wings get caught.

Asking in the right way, or with the right ‘tone’ allows the angels easy access to just the right amount of Universal energy to get your request fulfilled, asking in a curious or calm way allows them to get straight to work, okay you aren’t likely to see them whizzing around double time but what goes on behind the scenes doesn’t concern you, you the customer need to just sit tight and let them do their thang. Asking for help and letting them know that you expect them to get on with it but you aren’t going to hassle them is basically delegating in the best possible way.
The result is they are able to go to and get back to you with all the solutions and options that you couldn’t see were right there. It’s a case of let go rather than give up.

So you also want to order something, theres some experience you really really really would like help with (remembering that although it is oh so human to focus on the lack when we do that we go right to the back of the que – just the way that it is) so you need to know what you want before you order it.
Imagine that you order a item of furniture from an online store, and you have to specify what colour, what dimensions, what you expect in terms of delivery options, you have to have all those options ‘ticked’ before you proceed to the checkout don’t you? In The same way when we are wanting advice or to manifest something its important to check all those options.

So decide, what it is you want, and ‘order’ it by asking the angels and explaining to the angels you Know they are doing it right now, that even though you can’t see the energy being moulded and shaped, you Know its happening because you asked in the right way. You also understand if you get too attached to how the outcome presents itself, or ‘who’ the outcome is, you are likely to miss out on what their expertise can provide for you, an outcome or relationship that is absolutely perfect for you in every long lasting way, in other words the boxes ticked you didn’t think to check for.

All Shook Up

When we get convinced that only That job will do, or only that woman will do, or this has to happen in this way, it’s like asking the postman to deliver your desire under a crack in the door it really narrows the possibility of getting what is best for you down. The experience that you want – lets say a romantic and committed relationship – is the most important thing, yet if you are hung up on Brian from accounts that told you he would leave his wife (only he hasn’t quite got round to it) it doesn’t matter how many clairvoyants told you he would, it isn’t best for you, for him and certainly not his long suffering wife.

So the only way is up, let the experts handle the job because they do know what they're doing, and they really don’t need to be kept on top of. However here are a few things you can do to feel as though you are helping the process out.

Ask for a Group of angels to help you, if its romance ask for a group of romance angels and tell them what you need help with then let go. If its career, ask for a group of career angels and tell them what you are wanting help with and then follow the bread crumbs

Ask them for more money, or to increase your monthly income, they may do this in a variety of ways such as giving you discounts of utility bills, coupons, winning competitions or a referral with a money saving offer.

Always affirm in the present tense such as ‘Angels and Guides thank you for clearing me from any blockages for love and romance now and my ability to receive love is increasing every day’ I advocate smiling and saying thank you out loud as you do this.

Ask the angels to hoover all fear from your aura and this will assist you in really opening up to miracles in the here and now. The angels know that you sometimes doubt they are there but honestly when there is a situation you were fearing and you suddenly feel better about it you realise that they Are real and were there to help all along.

The angels say with money they can help too, ask them to make your money go further or to increase your yearly or monthly income, they will also give you ideas in the hours and days after you've asked to help you be more valuable to your current employers, even highlighting something that needs addressing in your skill set is a great way they will boost your employability.

There is nothing in my opinion that you can’t ask for and they will also lead you to the right spiritual teachers and the right spiritual information if this is your request, for example if you ask for someone to help you open your own gift and you find a website or a leaflet of a local group or you overhear someone saying they had a reading with someone, this is how they are bringing the resources to you, it’s a little like following the trail of breadcrumbs.

Right up to the point of coming in the angels are urging you to keep connecting with them, and asking questions of the Universe is also a great way to get things moving, when i asked ‘show me something impossibly magical’ I got my little girl dressed as a pirate dancing through meadow flowers looking like a fairy, asking the Universe to show you something means it Has to fulfill this, maybe not right away but it will happen. Remember not to get attached to the outcome.

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Working with the angels is fun , and they WILL help you as soon as they are able, another tip is to ask the Angels to make your energy an invitation for the outcome that you want in say ‘relationships’ or ‘career’ this can take a little time and you may feel nauseous or headache as they start manipulating your aura, or you may be guided to take some steps to increasing your vitality and then soon after that man or that job floats in.

The angels love to help you and they love you, the only rule is you must ask and let go.

I'm off to inspect my magical white rabbit charlie, and to see my magical apple tree, and the angels have promised me that they will be helping my husband make magical cider from said apples, have a beautiful magical and angelic now.

Sheelagh Maria 

About the author 

Sheelagh Maria

Sheelagh is an angel clairaudient, which means she hears the messages of the angels. She has graciously contributed to with articles, and spiritual guidance.

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  1. hello! I wanted to share with you an awesome experience I had encountered with my angels when I asked for a sign concerning my last relationship; whether I should stay or not. My angels actually sent me a message on my computer! I was on Facebook and a message popped up saying ERROR, someone made a mistake in telling you who your soulmate was. At the time I went to a psychic and she told me that he was the person I would marry.. HA. good joke. and good looking out angels! <3 Im currently with someone zoo different and so much better for me, and it was all thanks to them! and i'm pretty sure this guy is the one! 🙂 what do you think?!

  2. Thank you, you have been bring me so much light to my path, wisdom and beauty. I love your posts and just wanted to tell you thank you!

    Love Catherine.

  3. Lost my dad 3 older sister and I want to sell our part of the younger sister is keeping hers

    Want know that we are going to get a great price and enough to put away for future. Thanks

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