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Angel Number 11:11

What Is the Meaning of the Angel Number 911?

Angels often communicate through numbers. What I mean by “communicate” is that your angels will direct your attention so that you keep noticing a certain number, or series of numbers.

You may start seeing 911 on license plates, street addresses, on the clock, as a part of phone numbers, or as the amount of change you receive from a purchase.

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This can happen with any number sequence, I’m just using 911 as an example here because this is a number which many people have been seeing recently.

911 also a number which brings up concern for some people (especially those in the US) as 9-1-1 is the phone number for emergencies in the US, and the World Trade Center bombing also took place on 9/11.

With these mental associations, many people who start seeing 911 regularly worry that it’s some sort of bad omen, or a warning of a challenge or emergency to come.

But if you see 911… Don’t worry!

The angels do have a message they’re communicating… But it may not be what your mind initially thinks.

Angel Number 911 So What Does 911 Mean As An Angel Number?

911 is most often a message from the angels to stay positive about your life and your soul purpose. Who you are, and all the many facets of your life story are beautifully unique. You are needed in this world, and you have a unique purpose and mission only you can accomplish.

The angel number 911 brings the message that you are a powerful, spiritual being in physical form. It encourages you to follow your heart to accomplish your dreams and your life purpose.

911 is a very spiritually oriented number closely associated with themes like enlightenment, awareness, and more fully aligning with your soul’s mission.

Seeing 911 may also be a way in which your angels are communicating that a new doorway has opened for you, and they’re encouraging you to take steps now to walk through it!

If you’re seeing 911 your angels want you to know that your positive outlook, clear intentions, and inspired actions have brought you to this point in your life and when continued they will help you to keep moving forward into the new possibilities before you.

911 may also signify that one phase of your life journey is ending now and while a door is closing for you, there is also a new opportunity which has already, or will soon be appearing for you.

Through this angel number communication the angels are encouraging you to be willing to let go of the old, and release the past, and outdated so you can confidently and with certainty step into the next phase of your life.

Seeing 911 in one way or another is usually a call for you to step into living in greater alignment with your Truth.

Don't worry if you don't totally know what this Truth is for you yet… Further insight into the number contained within your name and birthdate may be able to bring you some clarity.

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Learn the meaning of more angel number sequences below!

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With love, light, and gratitude,

Melanie Beckler

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  1. I have been going through some dramatically difficult times in my life and career. I have always thought about my relationdhip with God but only recently began to be aware of my need for the help of my guardian angel. I have prayed and had my heart broken so many times the last few months and have frustratingly felt abandoned by many I considered friends and colleagues in a way that has made me question the goodness in people and even my faith at times. I’ve been searching for my own heart’s path and last night i googled angels. I had this urge to keep reading as if being comforted in some way and thought there was something that I needed to see. I have been seeing the numbers 9:11pm on the clock many nights for several years now to the point that Ive often mentioned to my wife how curious I was that Id see that so often and why. Tonight I found and read about angels communicating through number sequence and when I saw my numbers and their meaning I was deeply moved to tears of happiness and pain simultaneously because I know I need to follow that path but I find it incredibly difficult to do so. I am amazed I did find this.

    1. Hi Javier,

      When people betray you, it is a sign that you are here for an angelic purpose. It is part of the path that is seldom spoken of. Bless them and let them go.

      When people abandon you, it is sign that you have to give to yourself what others will not or can not give you.

      Many of us were sent to be here here at this time and a part of our mission does seem to be breaking new ground and making new roads and doing without much, if any, human help or

      I do not agree with every last everything that Matt Kahn says, but some of his videos have been useful for me. Perhaps for you as well? Most likely a lot of what he says out loud will be very similar to the internal guidance you have received. It can be a useful confirmation. They are on youtube.

      Remember that you don’t have to be like other people to be liked by other people (though it’s true that at a certain part of the journey, it does seem like it would help, no?).

      Love and blessings. Sure you will see this if it is meant to be.

  2. I’m so glad that I looked this up. I have looked at the clock every day and every night at 9:11 since I can remember. I literally remember being 5-6 and this happening with the same 12 hour frequency that it does today. I’m so grateful that 1.) I’m not losing my mind, 2.) that there isn’t a negative connotation.

  3. I see 911 every time I look at the clock almost. To the point over the past year I have mentioned it to friends and then point it out in front of them or when on the phone with them. It turns out at the beginning of this year the person I thought was my soulmate and marriage of 14 years but always put me last in life cheated on me. We are divorcing and our court date is 9/11.

  4. I feel like I’m going insane. I’ve been having these crazy premonitions that keep coming true. I also keep seeing 911 over and over again. I finally searched it at like 1:45 this morning after I couldn’t take it anymore. I feel like I’m insane or something it feels so weird. I’m really hoping this is a good omen… Also, I don’t wanna sound like I’m crazy which prolly do. I even think I sound crazy but honestly, the weirdest experiences have been coming to light for me.

    1. Doesn’t sound crazy at all Amber… I know similar experiences are happening for many now as you open to your psychic senses.. I would recommend taking the time to meditate regularly, ground in nature and really step up your self love and care to help you through your opening.

  5. I am so glad I found this site. Thank you. My mother was my best friend. After she developed Alzheimer’s, I took care of her for 13 years. She died 4/13/17. After her death, my radio switches on automatically a few times every week and I just hear static. The numbers “601” and “91.1” are flashing when this happens. I was concerned that the “911” might be a warning of something but more comfortable now that she is just trying to get me to move forward with my life.

  6. It’s 1:29 am and I am in bed crying after reading this. I am ready to move forward and let go of the old and move into my next phase of life. After reading this article it became clear to me what I need to do. 911 is always around me and I feel happy when I see the number. My aunt passed away on 9/11 in the towers and I thought it was her. Well I know it’s her but after reading this article I know that there is also a bigger meaning. I didn’t realize your name was Melanie until I read 1 of the posts in the comment section. My name is Melanie as well and that (sharing the name) brought me joy and further confirmed what I need to do. I don’t know who you are but you have just changed my life. Thank you for confirming what I have been feeling for years now. I know now what I need to do.


  7. I keep on seeing 911 for 5 days now ever since I enter the country Mexico and have been freaked out.At first k said it was a coincidence,then when it happened 4 times,I ignored it.And now in the 5th I’m panicking but just realized I’m not the only one.I hope this Angel thing is really real.Fuj fact I have been hearing the name Angel and Mario alot recently.Does that mean anything?

  8. Seeing 911 quite often now. But, I’m constantly seeing 111, 1111, 222. Mainly 111. Almost every day and sometimes twice a day, usually on my phone as the time. Interesting!!!

  9. I see this number 911 like once a week but some say that doesn’t count unless you see it everyday. I really can’t believe that. I think it’s ridiculous to tell others that the angels are not with you unless you see these numbers over and over again, everyday. People who do claim to see these numbers every day. I don’t believe it but if they really do. Then I still don’t think they are any better then the ones that only see it once a week or maybe a little less.

  10. I’ve been seeing 911 or 119 everywhere for years, sometimes I go months without noticing it & then it’s everywhere again. I know it’s significant, but what do I need to do?

  11. Hi Melanie.
    I would be please to pass on what 911 means to me. My late partner passed away about 13 years ago on the 9/11 his loved motor bike number plates had 911 on them. Which was buried with him. Now he’s brother just brought a new bike with out knowing has number plates 911.

  12. I have been seeing 11:11 continuously for the past two years now and it has increased in the past recent months from just once in a two days to almost daily and sometimes twice a day. And with this i have started seeing some new numbers as well like 7:11 ,9:11 and 10:11. And i have no idea why.

  13. how to explore 7 steps of Pi by using 911?
    Move number 9,7 steps to the right
    Fill 5 empty places with 3 consecutive numbers.WE have 11314159
    P(Pi) is the 16th letter of the alphabet
    16 : 113 = ,141592 Pi = 3.141592
    Hope you will like this calculation

  14. I have been seeing the following numbers almost daily for about 1- 1 1/2 months. What does it mean?
    9:11, 7:11, 5:11, 11:11

  15. Hello my name is erlan , I am currently going thru a hard time and in the past I have seen 9:11 over and over . I also seen 9:11 on phones ,clocks and its happened many times.what does this mean . Pls tell me

  16. I too see sequences of numbers with the number ’11’ everyday and all day long. Lately, I have been seeing strange thinks. I have seen golden sparkles moving towards me, little orbs, or whatever they are, floating through the air, and also have been seeing both transparent and white misty “forms” moving around. I don’t know why I’m seeing this, but I believe it has something to do with the numbers and angels. Overall, I believe the numbers have something to do with Good overcoming Evil. Those whose see those numbers, or any series of numbers are on Good’s side in the war.

  17. Over the last few days I have been seeing every 61 minutes, so 07:07, 08:08; 09:09 and so on. Sometimes all day long, sometimes just a few plic ploc throught the day, sometimes only in the morning. I do find a lot of information on the individual numbers but never on the meaning of seeing the different numbers through the day. The same goes for 12:21; 13:31… And then there are every xx:41, xx:47, xx:51 and xx:57. As if I have nothing else to do than watch the clock. All but! And time flies! Anyone who can help me?

  18. I see 222,333,444,555,777,888, 911 everywhere! I might have an idea of a small part but not certain,

    Seeing all these numbers, am I about to explode? they haunt me wherever I go

  19. Why was the date 9/11 chosen? Notice how in the American flag there are 9 rows of stars and 11 columns of stars. (The number 11 from the flag’s stars probably looked like the World Trade towers.) Perhaps the intent of 9/11 was to taint the meaning of the American flag.

  20. So today I thought about looking up the numbers 9 and 11 to see what it means or what people are saying. As I read different blogs I now understand sort of, my first thought about the numbers was I believe maybe it’s missing numbers for the lottery but after watching what numbers were played I dumped that thought. After reading what some say I still can’t figure out what they mean but I am getting closer I guess since it links my birthday October 2th … Maybe someone can add to this meaning.?

    1. Tony—I have been seeing 9:11 for about 17,18 years now. My bday is ALSO Oct 2nd. I used to look at the clock somehow as 10:02 was ‘in the act’ of switching to 10:03. I always hope it’s not a ‘prophecy’ of the next major terror attack 🙁 Seeing 11:11 and all kinds of 11’s. Also 1234….123…1234…123. Kinda makes me think of the Dance of Life! Also 9:11 is the close of something and the opening of another…..keep putting one foot in front of the other,be kind,show love. Learn shielding/grounding/protection to bring about BALANCE. We Librans know we need balance,and wonder if we are ‘doing it right’. Best wishes to you Brother!

  21. Continuously seeing DAILY, sometimes twice or more DAILY the numbers 911, 811, 711, 611, 511, 411, 311. Daily basis since my Father passed, for 4 months now. Going through alot of stress and life changes right now as well. Praying it turns out positive.

    1. Same here! Without fail, the 11th minute of every hour every day. I’ve also been going through a lot, and, what struck me, is I’ve been having a strong feeling that my Dad is going to die before the end of the year. That can’t be a coincidence. Either way, I’m so sorry to hear about your loss. I do know that master number 11 is a strong number, so I trust both of us are in good hands.


    1. It’s starting to get annoying I’ve been seeing 911 on clocks more frequently I see it everywhere license plates in cars In front of me and especially at home. Like right now today Monday may 9th 2016. I have a clock that beems a red numbers on the ceiling I just woke up a few minutes ago to see 1:19 yea backwards but not from my angle. This happens so often it’s starting to get alarming. In my work van on my phone I go to see the time and it seems to almost always be 9:11 am and pm. What the hell is going on. It’s been happening for years. Also find that 9:11 on clocks last longer than any other minute. Anyhow it is what it is I suppose.

      1. I have been dealing with those number combinations since 2006. I have been able to associate it with what was I talking about prior to seeing the numbers. Or what was I thinking or doing. It has seemed to warn me to be careful of what ever it is.

  23. I thank you so much for this… Ive been seeing 9:11, 7:11 every where i turn since 2010 ive been noticing it but mostly 9:11 and today i said im gonna see what this mean and i did… i am blown away and i love it…i kno what to do now in life….THANK YOU ALOT

  24. I think this is very interesting, I really didn’t think about numbers like that. I am glad to know that so I will think about it now,THANK YOU

  25. Have been seeing different numbers in front of 44since last year, daily for example 944 or 544 & am now seeing different numbers in front of 43 as well. What does it mean? See these numbers throughout the day, ever day. Thanks for your help.

  26. I live in the uk and have been seeing 999 which is the same as 911. Im happy to know its not a bad number to see as i was worried but strange enough this post was posted today which was perfect timing so thank you Melanie x

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