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4 Ways to Develop Intuition!

Develop Your Intuition So You Can Take Soul Inspired Action In Your Life

Inevitably in your journey through life, you will find yourself at a fork in the road, where you have some big decision to make.

Which way do you go, and how do you decide?

For many, the initial impulse is to look outside for answers.

We look to experts, search Google, scour through books, or get advice and input from friends and family.

But what about our own inner guidance?

What about intuition?

We are each equipped with a powerful source of inner knowing that is attuned to our highest path and divinely designed to guide and support us through life.

But it’s not always the easiest to hear when it comes to big decisions where the ego-mind gets triggered and feels there is so much at stake.

There’s nothing wrong with getting input from external sources, but ultimately when it comes down to it, you are still the one who gets to choose your course.

Learning to hear the guidance of your own intuition will not only help you to choose between options, but it will also help you to be confident and certain in the path you do choose.

Intuition is like a muscle that can be strengthened.

Here are a few ways to develop your intuition so you can lean in on it, and make wise, soul-guided decisions in your life.

  1. Practice Mindfulness

    4 Ways to Develop Your Intuition

Mindfulness is the practice of being fully present as the observer in the moment. From this place of clear observation, we can discern between ordinary thoughts of the mind, and inspired impulses to action from Spirit.

Intuitive promptings are these inspired promptings that spontaneously arise from “nowhere” when we are in an open, relaxed, and mindful place of observation.

Mindfulness takes practice, but it's so worth it, for bringing greater joy and happiness in life, and making the voice of your intuition guiding you on the path of your souls purpose easier to discern too.

  1. Observe Your Energy

When you have a decision to make, an intuitive exercise you may find helpful is to feel into each possibility separately.

When you tune in to one of the options you have, notice how you feel. Do you feel expansive, free, and energetic? This is a nice validation that the choice is supported by your intuition and in alignment with you.

Do you feel contracted, worried, fearful, or tired? Again, with this feeling, your intuition is speaking… Will you listen?

  1. Take a Break

Dwelling on the decision you have to make and going back in forth about it in your mind is not helpful for allowing natural intuitive guidance to arise.

If you find yourself doing this, take a break, get out in nature for a walk, or engage in a creative activity to quiet the cognitive mind and give your intuitive voice a chance to spontaneously chime in.

  1. Consult Your Intuition Using Oracle Cards

Oracle Cards are wonderful tools for accessing your innate intuition. They don't hold the answers you seek, but they can be triggers for you to receive your own intuitive guidance from your angels, and from your intuition within.

Using Oracle cards can be a helpful tool to quiet the rational mind and create a space and opening to receive the inner intuitive guidance you carry within.

Learn my entire process for using Oracle Cards to Unlock your intuition here now >> 

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