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144 Angel Number Meaning and Symbolism Revealed.

Angel Number 144 - The Prophecy of 144,000 Lightworkers Revealed? Meaning of the Angel Number 144

Do you keep seeing the number 144? As an angel number, 144 carries a strong message of guidance for you, and honestly has a profoundly deep meaning about waking up to your Divine Purpose and Highest Soul Mission

But more about my interpretation as to what it means when you see the number 144 soon… ✨💖😊

Deciphering Angel Numbers

First, I want to point out something that is really important to keep in mind when it comes to deciphering the meaning of angels numbers in general. And that is, no matter the number sequence you're seeing, there are many different perspectives and layers of meaning that can be assigned to it, depending on how you look at it.

Therefore I always recommend checking in with your heart and inner guidance at the moment you see a number that feels significant for you.

Why Do Angel Numbers Appear?

Angel numbers have a way of appearing to you when your angels are reaching out directly with love and guidance. By quieting your mind, becoming aware in the moment and tuning into your heart center you can perceive and receive the deeper message and meaning from the angels at that moment!

Any number sequence can carry a deeper meaning and be an angel number. While the most common angel numbers are those such as 333, 222 or 111… If you keep seeing any sequence of numbers there is likely a deeper message of support or guidance hidden for you there, even if its something seemingly random like 9873, or 244.

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Also, while repetitively seeing a number is a clear sign to pay attention to it, if you only see a number sequence once, but it feels significant for you for any reason at all, or the timing is such that it just catches your attention and seems meaningful in some way, there’s likely important guidance for you there.

Tune into your inner guidance to determine the exact meaning for you in the present moment! 

Once you’ve tuned into your inner guidance, and you’re still not sure what a number means, or are just curious as to the meaning others have derived from it, looking at the numerology, as well as symbolism can help you decipher the deeper vibrational meaning the angels are trying to communicate with you.

I will talk a bit about how the numerology of 144 colors the meaning of seeing this number… But first, when it comes to 144 there is an extra level of symbolism that I feel is most important in understanding the meaning.

Let’s dive into this symbolism of 144 as an Angel Number now!

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Angel Number 144 Symbolism – The Prophecy of 144,000 Lightworkers Revealed

The Prophecy of the 144,000 Lightworkers

144 relates to the prophecy of the 144,000… There is mention of 144,000 souls in the Bible in the book of Revelation, as well as many additional more modern channeled texts and in many different wisdom traditions as well.

The prophecy is that 144,000 lightworkers or Ascended Masters will return to the Earth, all incarnating together all at time to help heal, bring reason to, and liberate humanity from the darkness and manipulative powers that were, who are doing everything in their power to keep humanity enslaved, in fear and asleep.

This prophecy of the 144,000 has many similarities to predictions made by Mayan and Native American prophecies, as well as what is known as the Michael Prophecy made by Rudolph Steiner that high level initiates who have studied under Archangel Michael will incarnate en mass at the same time near the end of the century.

This mass incarnation of high-level initiates, starseeds, and Ascended Masters all at once is something that has not happened before, until now.

The Role of the 144,000 Lightworkers

The role of the 144,000 Lightworkers or Ascended Beings is to see through the veil of darkness and illusion blanketing physical reality and to dispel it… Paving the way and preparing humanity for a new era of peace and prosperity, sometimes referred to as a Golden Age.

So if you see 144 all the time or 144 in some way or another has captured your attention… It is likely that you are a part of the 144,000.

According to some, this number is symbolic, and in reality, there are far more than 144,000 lightworkers and higher consciousness beings present on the Earth here and now to usher out the fear paradigm and beacon a new age of peace and light.

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Either way, 144 represents the group of Lightworkers and Ascended Masters who are here to make a difference in the world during this key time in which we are all living.

So What's The Message for you in Seeing 144?

So why would the angels draw your attention to the 144 and the Prophecy of 144,000 Lightworkers?

Its because at soul level, you are one of the 144,000 enlightened beings here to bring about healing and positive change within physical reality.

Are you taking the steps required to remember the Divine core truth of you so you can accomplish the specifics of your mission to awaken, support and uplift others?

Seeing 144 is a call recommit to your soul purpose, lightwork and Divine Mission.

It also brings the reminder that while you are here for a key role, you are certainly not alone… You have so much support available to you in the form of the other “Earth Angels” or 144,000 Lightworkers on the planet, and you also have infinite support and guidance from your team of guides and guardian angels in Spirit.

Pay attention to the inner guidance you are receiving as to steps you can take to now to step into the next phase or stage of your life purpose and mission…

Its time to show up in the present moment, to shine your light and make a difference in the world in the highest and best possible way.

144 as an angel number is a bit of a wake-up call for lightworkers

The message from your angels when you see 144:

“You’re here on Earth to do Big Things. Its time to wake up and remember the Divine Truth of you and to get to work accomplish your Divine Purpose and Mission.”

When you see 144, remember that it is also a simple sign that you have angels with you. You're in no way, shape or form alone in accomplishing the soul mission you set out to do in this life.

You have support from other lightworkers present in physical form, as well as from your team of guides and angels in Spirit.

Perhaps you're seeing 144 because there is a new way to go about doing your work, that will be more joyful and graceful for you that your angels are trying to alert you to. Tune in to the inner guidance available to you!

What to Do When You See 144?

Stay present and aware in the moment when you see 144, because its a sign your angels are reaching out with guidance for you. You certainly have angels with you supporting you and guiding you in bringing about positive change and a higher alignment with your core Divine Truth and soul mission in the here and now.

Not Sure What Your Soul Purpose Is?

For help discovering more about your soul's purpose… Check out this free Meditation with Orion. 

Or… Sometimes looking at your personal numerology chart can immensely help you in understanding your soul's mission, desires and purpose in this life.

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With love and bright blessings,

Melanie Beckler



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