Questions to Ask During A Reading

To make the most of an angel reading, whether you are reading for yourself using Oracle Cards, or getting a reading from someone, I recommend that you think about an area of focus for your session, and write down 2-4 questions, prior to your reading.  

What is it that you want to learn about in your time with the angels?  

You can ask about anything you would like in a reading, but don't let this be overwhelming. You can always keep it simple by asking “What do I most need to know at this time”.

If you do decide to ask specific questions, the answers and guidance you receive will be that much more specific!   Tips for an enjoyable and accurate reading include…

1. Make you the focus of your question, not someone else.
2. Ask about what you need to learn or recognize in a specific situation.
3. Ask what your next step is in accomplishing your Highest Purpose, Abundance, Joy, etc.
4. Ask what you need to learn to better handle a specific situation.
5. Meditating on what you would like to ask prior to your reading is very helpful, your Higher Self can help guide you to ask a question that will take you in a positive direction.
Always remember that there are no bad questions! The Archangels are ready work with you to be sure that you hear the exact message you need at that exact moment.   If you are feeling compelled to book a reading, or curious and or excited about the thought of having a private channeled reading, or channeled phone reading… this means that your guides and the Archangels have messages for you that they want to share!   You can sense this as emotions such as excitement, intuition, nervousness, inner knowing, inspiration, joy, love or a number of other heightened sense of vibration.   Your job is to show up, and be willing to receive the unconditional love, guidance, healing and vibrations that are a part of a private channeled reading!

Examples of questions:

“What is the lesson in my current situation?”
“What would bring greater joy to my relationship?”
“What quality would prepare me for the love of my life?”
“What can I notice in order to move forward?”
“What do I need to know to attract my soulmate?”
“What can I do to resolve what upsets me?”
“What factors are involved in this situation?”
“What would support me in being more loving?”
“What do I need to be aware of when we next talk?”
“What could help me handle this situation better?”
“What should I consider before making up my mind?”

You may ask any questions you wish. I rarely remember lines of questioning and answering, and I never judge anyone about their lifestyle.   Rather, I simply allow the Divine guidance of the Archangels to lovingly speak through me, to assist you in receiving the guidance you desire.

Some questions are not best asked in a psychics reading. I do not believe readings should ever replace or be used instead of seeking a medical diagnosis, getting sound legal advice or seeking mental health treatment from a skilled professional. With that being said, using psychic readings to receive information about the most useful way to proceed in situations where the advice of a doctor, lawyer or other traditional consultant has already been obtained is often a very good idea.

Channeling is a great way to receive guidance and answers from higher vibrating beings of light… but a channeled reading is much more than this! In a reading you will directly experience the energy of the Archangel. Your chakras are cleansed, your energy balanced, and you are reconnected with the energy of your Higher Self. This is an uplifting and rewarding experience that will leave you feeling joyous, connected to source, and full of vitality!

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