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The Ascension “Event” … Insight from the Ascension Council of Light

Learn about the Ascension Event and Energetic Influx of Solar Plasma Light in this channeled message and frequency transmission with the Ascension Council of Light. Channeled by Melanie Beckler.

The Ascension Event- October 2018 Ascension Energy

The Event!? Insight Into Ascension Energy and The Ascension Event. As the collective ascension process continues to unfold, know and trust that all that is happening within and around you is in service of your highest embodiment and ascension progression.

Yes, new waves of Ascension energy continue to stream in.

The key to riding the waves is to trust and surrender the old paradigm, the old energies, belief systems, and resistance. Notice and become aware where you are holding on to fear, to old energy.

Where are you looking back rather than boldly embracing the new and stepping forward one moment at a time, trusting that every experience is here to serve you? With presence, the blessings in lessons are revealed.

Know, that the major light update and opening of October happens within you, as you open to receiving more of who you are.

And yes, the earth plane, the mental and emotional field, your entire being and light body is to be flooded with new levels of solar plasma light.

This is to set you free. Free from karmic ties to the hologram of illusion, the matrix prison of density within time space… Freeing you to be and receive and experience the full and highest light you are.

The I Am Presence of Mother, Father, Source shining through all you do and expressing through who you are.

And so the unlocking of mind from the negative patterns of distortion…

Through reinstating and turning on the DNA codes of high awareness and expansion to guide your full embodiment — accessing deep and expanded wisdom of your multi-dimensional being beyond time — to rewrite and rearrange the matrix of illusion from within. Through the reclaiming of your innate and holy God Source Power to be and create and truly set free an enslaved population, a consciousness under mind control, to wake up to a new level.

As changes unfold within and around… Hold the knowing — The Divine Template of Love — and the core belief that all is well.

Through this, you flow with the changes, letting the old fall away while rising up into the new template or container for reality. The new light fields awaiting your conscious co-creative expressions for you to write and create the new, with harmony and peace. A new light birth through the earth, and through your personal experience and expression.

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For this to unfold with ease and grace and love, let the old unlock from your system … Personally, Planetary and from the collective. Let the old fade and fall away while simply returning to breath and to knowing… Returning to the experience of love, and to your perfect crystalline coherence with the infinite and the full potential residing within, which indeed you are being assisted in accessing the truth of your power as a divine multi-dimensional being.

Know that this is indeed a process of divine design, a return to love…

Channeling the Ascension Council of Light A journey through time and space, a journey through illusion and separation back into remembrance through activation, through light to now truly reclaim and rekindle all aspects of you and as a vast multidimensional divine being, to let source presence shine through.

And so yes there are waves, yes there are what may be construed as events, or key markers upon the ascension journey within your field of time.

But ultimately this process is all one, and as you allow your every experience to be a part of that which is unfolding you claim the highest blessings, the awakening, the expansion, the guidance, the unlocking, the freedom, the realignment, which is meant for you…

To be and embody, to brilliantly and radiantly shine.

The love…

You Are.

Accessing the power you contain that has always been there but you are now supported in remembering your direct link. Your direct oneness with the earth, with the light of Source. Your Self as the bridge between, and your role as a creator, your power to shift anything within the quantum field.

What will you create in alignment with your highest light?

How will you express your Mastery that is Divine?

Let these be the questions you ponder…

The highest light you contemplate.

Let yourself flow with the natural course of this Ascension Spiral. This Ascension journey, path, and process. For through this, all that is available to you, will be made known.

And indeed it is far more than with your current consciousness you can comprehend.

There's so much more…

Just beginning now…

To awaken within, to unlock and to be revealed.

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Receive the light.

Return to love.

And know that you are guided and supported.

Ask for help… call in assistance. Reclaim Your power.

We are the Ascension Council of Light.

Melanie Beckler


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Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an internationally acclaimed best-selling author, channel, and founder of Her books, Angel Messages, Angel Courses and CD's provide a direct link to the love, frequency & wisdom from the Angelic and Spiritual Realms for people around the world.

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