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Return to Divine Love – Channeling the Ascension Council of Light

Return to the Underlying Divine Love

Return to Underlying Divine Love to light your ascension path and call forth the highest timeline and possible outcome now.

Channeling with the Ascension Council of Light by Melanie Beckler 


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A Return to Divine Love.

Return to Divine Love- Channeling the Ascension Council of Light We bring you the simple reminder now to return to the underlying peace and knowing of the Divine Love that is within and all around you.

The Divine Love, and Life Force Field, which will guide you through the maze of density perceived as your present reality. Through the seemingly “Haunted House of Lies” spun as the web of illusion, which from within your present paradigm perspective seems and feels very real.

Just remember, there is so much more.

Drop out of the insecurities and fear of the mind and become one with the light and the peace within you. Attune your body and energy to the crystalline grid, and the new earth paradigm of peace and love emerging from within the old.

And as old energy, as past pain, as trauma and fear arise… As challenge and hardship present within your experience…

Consciously choose your response.

Choose which reality and which timeline you will feed and call forth through your divine force of magnetism, your-co creative potential through action and conscious creation, yes, but also through simply vibrating in perfect coherence with your soul tone, with your highest light, with Divine Source.

Through this, calling forth the highest possibilities from the infinite into the earth plane, into your life playing field, we understand this is no small task, aligning your energy, action, thought, intention and word in every moment.

Seeing as reality and the many facets of which naturally press your buttons naturally press your buttons and trigger a response of anger, frustration, sadness or fear lower coping mechanisms which well they do yes help you in a limited way to cope with lower energy. They also keep those lower patterns locked in.

You can choose to respond in a new way, which leads to a new outcome, a new reality filled with the brightest potentials. You can call forth the dawning of a new day You are the one who can.

Your every moment is your living prayer, your living ritual, and manifestation exercise. Hold the field of love within and while it may presently seem like a long shot, like the villain in this story is too powerful, the obstacles to vast and the hill to climb out of the pit of despair to steep…

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Know that your journey of love, your steadfast commitment to peace, your willingness to embody spirit and to resonate with crystal clarity in alignment with your divine soul song, your soul tone, your frequency of coherent love vibration, this is the key to unlock yourself and humanity from the web of fear, the matrix of densities…

And to call forth the highest and best, the most vibrant loving and true new paradigm, New Earth, new reality if you like … To call forth the resolution, transcendence, from beyond time through love, through choosing the crystalline template of harmony, love, and peace now

Return to love. It really is this simple and this profound. Love opens the pathways for the light field of transformation, which can truly rewrite and realign humanity with the highest and best outcomes, possibilities, the highest and best timeline.

Choose love to support this in realigning now. Love in the greatest, most absolute sense. The underlying peace and knowing, the Divine plan unfolding, the love revolution, you are a part of.

Rewriting the script for the future the past and present now. Awakened hearts and clear minds at the helm.

And you’re up!

Your part to play is here and now.

Let go of the struggle, let go of where you're holding on. Let go of fear, let it unlock from your field..

Allowing your team of guides and angels to step in now to clear and elevate your vibration, your energetic signature in this now to harmonize you with the highest crystalline potentials for creation.

Realign with love. Tuning into the love force vibration within your heart, and breathe love.

Breathe every breath through your heart center to free yourself, to free humanity, to restore the highest divine blueprint across space and time, in this now.

This is your opportunity to choose. Your ballot to vote.

And you do so through energy, through frequency, through everything, through who you are.

And so realign all of this with the highest and best, the most authentic and true…

Let love reemerge from within to call forth its full manifestation around.

You are this force of love.

You are this field of light.

You are resonant with the Crystalline, with the Divine, with peace, and yet yes, there are layers of programming of conditioning, of belief of past pain of fear.

This is your reminder.

Your clarion call… To let this go old patterns go and return to the truth and knowing that all is well…

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And that through the love you choose, through the love you shine, through the love you broadcast…

Through love, you rewrite the script, the playing field, the paradigm…

Calling forth love on earth for all.

We love you

We are the Ascension Council of Light

Melanie Beckler



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Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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