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Orion is a powerful and love filled guide from the Higher Realms, below is a lovely introduction channeled by my dear friend and mentor Betsy Morgan Coffman.

Introduction from Orion, channeled by Betsy Morgan Coffman

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“We sit with the Counsel of Elders and the Lords of Light – which include Jesus Christ, and many other guardians of your planet Earth, although we of ourselves do not originate here. We come from another universe beyond and behind the Pleiades and broadcast a wide band of high energy through the middle star of the belt of ORION. This energy that we send you can be channeled for physical or emotional healing, balancing and opening charkas, or even talking to us. The effect of our Love can be felt by anyone who attunes to it. You attune to it by WANTING to. That signals us as a request that will not be ignored. We hear your every thought once you attune to us and we help you in the ways you want to be helped. We do not come strongly at first, for we do not want to frighten you. You may even doubt our presence because it is intended to be gentle. If you are receptive, we will continue to strengthen our connection to you. You demonstrate receptivity by continuing to ask, trust, and act on our messages. As you grow stronger in your personal courage, commitment, and willingness to grow, we will make ourselves known to you and eventually to your world.

Because we vibrate on a higher dimension you do not see us. This can be explained by using the example of humans being able to see the beauty of a rainbow, while the animal you know as a dog is not capable of seeing that same rainbow. Likewise, the dog can hear a high pitched sound, and you do not yet, it is there. It is all a difference in frequency, or rate of energy vibration. When energy slows down, you can see it in the third dimensional world, which is where you live. Reality for a human is usually determined by what you experience with your five senses. As you continue to work with us, your frequency will rise and you will develop higher sense perceptions. Someday you will be able to see into the higher realms.

When your higher senses begin to wake-up you will begin having experiences such as smelling roses and seeing auras. This is a sign that you are moving into a higher frequency and consciousness. We will give you proof of our presence when you are truly ready.

We bring you Love. We bring you Hope through Faith in YOUR OWN manifold creativeness. Until we speak with you again we are yours in Spirit

Channeled By Betsy Morgan Coffman

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