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Orion- Channeling and Love

Channeling… and Love

channeling love

Indeed beloved, I am here. I am Orion and I am so pleased to be connecting with you all now. Mind you that it is no mistake that you are here for rather it is a divine appointment. I am so pleased that you are here, beautiful beings of light. I come to you today to speak about channeling, for it seems as though there is some confusion among some though not all, as to what indeed is going on now, and so we say to you now that channeling, yes is words, for you hear me, I am Orion and you read my words yet I am not a physical being. I am your friend from the non physical realm, from the stars. You read my words and yet there is more, there is frequency and allow this frequency now to enter in through your Crown Chakra. You may begin to see this as light. I appear as a golden orb, but however you experience me is fine. It is individual and it is divine.

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Allow your energy to lift. You may feel me as a swirling energy, you may begin to hear sounds or see lights. Let it be all ok, but allow yourself to lift. We call this ascension, a word that you may have heard, and we will now explain that ascension is simply the raising of energy. For your energy now is being raised to that of the frequency of unconditional love, which we speak to you with now. It is love. Allow your energy to lift and allow yourself to drop deep into your heart. Beloveds know that at this time and in this very moment all is divine. Know that the only thing that tells you otherwise, is your ego, but this is simply not so. Any negativity, any fear, and any doubt you experience, this is the voice of ego. This is what you, a divine being having a temporary human experience, have come here to Earth, this classroom we call life, to learn. You are learning to transcend beyond fear. Turn your cheek on your ego and focus on love, and experience your truth.

Love is all that is real, you may not believe it, but believe it. For all else is simply an illusion. The truth of the matter is that each and every one of you are divine beings. Yes you exist in the physical realm but there is more, you are more than a physical human being, you are a divine being who chose to incarnate as a human for many reasons and one of which is to help. Now is an exciting time on Earth for you see much light is currently pouring onto your Earth. Just as we said that you could experience our energy as a light pouring into you, it is also pouring into Earth and as you allow this and embrace this for yourself, you will find that you will more easily experience joy and love and peace in your life. This is your divine purpose, this is your truth. You are here on Earth to be in joy, you are here to be in love. The fear and the doubt, this is what you are moving beyond, for this is ego. The truth is love, you are love, and we in the realms above, I Orion, love you dearly for your willingness to reconnect with this immense love and with the full presence of God.

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Know that as we speak, you do indeed read my words but there is more. You may feel tingling in your arms or in your Crown Chakra, and know that indeed this is the energy of Angels, and of Spiritual Beings and it is your own cleansing occuring. Any and all negativity is now washed away, leaving you lighter, more love filled, and more connected to the truth of who you are, which is a divine being. Know that who you are right now is your truth. You are now connected to your higher self, connected to love energy, and you can return to this place always. You do not need to call upon a channel to get here, though you may and many find it enjoyable and easy to connect with one such as Melanie, who we speak through, in order to feel these frequencies. At anytime throughout your day simply drop into your heart and call upon Angels, call upon your own Spirit Guides.

At this time we ask that each individual's angels and spirit guides enter into their energy, into their frequency. Did you know that you have your own Spirit Guides and Angels who you can connect with always? We want to help you; we want you to experience outrageous joy! Give us tasks, let us know how we can best help you, for you see we truly honor your free will and do not want to interfere in your reality unless asked. So let us know how we may best serve you and we are more than happy to do so.

Now beloveds, allow yourself to drop now deeper into your heart and allow your heart to open. If you feel the urge to cry or to laugh let this be ok. Feel your energy lift and know that you are safe. Coming together in groups, such as this one tonight, is extremely powerful, is more powerful than an individual connecting with an angel, or two individuals connecting with a guide. For you see the group energy magnifies the frequency. Your being here now, and reading this, is assisting your world in becoming a happier and more love filled place. So we thank you, for as you heal yourself, you are able to help heal humanity for all consciousness is tied together. You may have heard that all are one and yes this is how we see things in the realm above. We see that you are no different from your neighbor from the trees, and the Earth. Duality and separation are a condition of being human but know that is not your truth so as you come together to rise, to lift and to experience these frequencies of love which you re feeling now you are healing yourself and you are healing the consciousness of your race and of your planet. And we are so pleased. We love you.

We want you to know that at any time and in any place you may call upon us. The quiet voice that you hear from time to time, the one that urges you to do what you want, that urges you to take actions that are loving towards yourself, to do things that sound right and sound exciting… This is your higher self and these are your angels speaking to you. Begin to listen and begin to honor your own intuition. Being psychic is not something that is outside of you. Everyone that is on Earth at this time has the ability to tap into the higher realms, to tap into intuition, to tap into gifts and abilities, and you will do so you are able to do so by choosing love in all areas. Know that in any situation you have the choice of how you respond. You can choose to respond with love, or you can choose to respond with the absence of love.

The absence of love looks like fear, and doubt, and negativity. This beloved is what you are moving away from. You are moving towards unconditional love and peace and joy. This is what we call the fifth dimension, Heaven on Earth, and you are able to tap into this now by simply believing and trusting that it is possible and it is possible!
Remember to follow your heart. This may seem like simple guidance, a basic suggestion but in reality it is quite profound. Your heart knows what is best for you for your heart is tied to your divinity, your higher self. Follow this, and trust in this, and know that like following a bouncing ball of light your path will become know to you one step at a time. Just continue to take the next step towards your joy and towards your love and trust that Heaven on Earth is possible for you. We see that some of you are having adverse reaction to simply reading this and we say that is simply not necessary. Heaven is not outside of you, heaven is not something that you must die to experience, but rather heaven, as we see it, exists always in a state of love and yes this is possible for you in this lifetime. You must simply begin to choose to respond in every situation with love.

We understand that this is not always easy for you, when someone else is rude or inconsiderate, it is easy to respond with the absence of love, it is easy to complain and to blame others but we say be the change you wish to see in the world. Be the one who is willing to stand up for love, who is willing to open their heart, reach out another, to humanity and to love, simply love. This is what channeling is, it is love! Channeling is love frequency, which is flowing through this channel across the United States and across the world, healing consciousness one person at a time.

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We lift you once again, allow your energy to rise, allow your mind to relax. You are lifted any and all cords to negativity are now cut. Any negativity linked to other people or to events or to your own doubts is simply dissolved. Each of you are surrounded with angels, who if you allow them to, will stay with you for the remainder of the evening. Remember you may always call upon them often, and remember to choose love.

Beloveds at this time we now begin to lower your energy back into you physical body and as this happens you may wish to wiggle your fingers or your toes, squeeze your knees together and return to your third dimensional reality. Know that your energy has been cleansed and you now shine a little bit brighter. Allow this light to come out in your interactions with others. Remember to respond in all situations with love, and know that when you choose happiness, when you choose that which brings you joy, which puts a smile on your face then dear ones you are following the path of your higher self . Whatever you would love to do in your life is what you soul wants you to do. Choose joy, it is a choice. Joy is a choice, love is a choice, and peace is a choice. Each one of you choosing these positive emotions now will help your world to lift into the 5th dimension, into peace into Heaven on Earth, this is possible and it begins with you. We thank you for your participation. Just your being here has created an increase in frequency across the world. We thank you and we look forward to connecting to and with you again soon.

Goodbye for now.


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