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New Beginnings with the Guides and Angels of Light:

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Beloved one we are indeed present with you now. We are the guides and angels of the light and we connect with you with the energy of bliss, light, unconditional love and expansion. And we come not to tell you how you must live or what choices to make, indeed we come rather to assist you in tuning in to your unique light, inner power, the source within you, for you beloved one have the guidance you need, the ability to manifest blessings and to claim the empowerment to claim your ability as the conscious creator of your reality. We are here to help always when asked.

But know that you hold great potential which lies untapped. Personal power ready to be illuminated. You are here on earth to share your unique message, your light, your radiance and there is no one else who can do this for you. So instead of wondering about your next step, wondering about your purpose allow yourself to simply be here, now, fully present, centred in your heart, grounded within fully connected to source, energy, creator, light. And relax into this and you are able to lift, you are gently and lovingly assisted in integrating the light to more fully connect with the source within your open heart. Feel a gentle breeze flow over you now as you are supported in letting go, in cleansing all that is not yours.

And you are indeed invited within now, deep within your heart, drop in. Feel the void, the silence, the still. And now tuning in to your subconscious, the wavelengths of frequency running beneath the surface of concious thought, and here you will find a past situation, a feeling, a belief, a source of pain that no longer serves you and there is no reason to keep holding on.

Allow yourself to drift into a dream like state, relax, open and notice what you are being guided to acknowledge. Where does pain, suffering, doubt, still dwell in you?

Know that yes, the simple act of tuning into this vibrational energy within your psyche, within your subconscious which we are accessing now, and by identifying that which you are ready to let go of is the most natural way. We invite your healing and cleansing angels in to assist you in releasing this block, or fear, or pain now. You may feel a spiralling upward, allow yourself to let go of analyzing this now and just be. Retreat inward. As you are able now to simply be, vibrate, resonate, fully experience your connection to source, to Creator to God. Feel this connection from your heart. Feel the great power of being centered.

Even now in a calm, centered, relaxing space, there are thoughts, beliefs, fears or judgements that may spiral through your mind. But you are able to drop in, to simply be, to sit and be aware. Breathe. You are calm, you are centred, you are relaxed. You are empowered through your connection within, your light, to the source energy of creator, of light and well-being.

You are connected indeed. And this connection cannot be taken away, it is your birthright. And it will serve you well to remember, to let go of over-analysing and thinking and worrying and to drop in, any moment, any time, every now, to drop in to find your centre, open your heart and vibrate, radiate, experience your power, your divinity, your light. Your connection with source. Feel this connection and let your vibration grow and expand, let your power be known to you and use this light to manifest blessings in your reality.

The time of concious creation is now, feel you power and know that you are indeed empowered, use this light wisely. To share your peace and love and happiness with all, to fill yourself up with well being and indeed to overflow this joy to others. Relax. And allow your light to grow. Allow yourself to experience your divinity, the spiritual you, authentic you.

And now with a final influx of light that we flow your way, lift. Let go, of that which holds you back, the thoughts of mind, of fear, of doubt, you are able to claim your power now. Activated firstly within you, and then able to be shared, to give to others.

Beloved you are illuminated, spirit, light, power.

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The days of being small and scared are over. The time is now to be authentically you. True to your dreams and desires. Trust in your ability to experience life in all of its magnificence for you are magnificent also, and with this belief you are able to draw so many blessings to you, you are empowered to do this, use your power consciously manifest, draw unto you what you want, to fully claim your power of the light, of the now, of source. You are ready for a new beginning. Fully connected to your spirit and grounded in the energy of creative source. All is well, and you are loved. Return to this place of center and this place of power as often as you wish.

~Guides and Angels of the Light

Wishing you infinite blessings of joy, love and abundance right now and moving forward!

With light and love,

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