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Greetings, beloved ones, indeed, we guides and angels of light are here with you.

Indeed, the ascension energies continue to expand. Indeed, you continue to be presented with the opportunity to grow, to ascend, to tune in to the innate wisdom and power within yourself.

You are indeed surrounded with much light, with energy of the Divine, and you are presented with the opportunity to manifest your true heart’s desires. You may find yourself feeling extra introspective. As the frequencies, indeed, are designed to help you to reevaluate, to reconnect and to integrate the true desires of your heart.

Indeed, it is true that prior to your birth into this paradigm here and now on your planet, many of your life experiences, challenges and even tests were pre-lined up on your path. These are lessons, which you as a soul, chose to experience, were designed for you to overcome in order to move beyond this current lesson.

You see, you are here in 3 D on earth, to experience growth, to experience ascension, to live in the realm of duality and to rise above it. You are here as a physical being to reconnect with your fifth-dimensional self, your spiritual self that indeed, in this now, perceives you and perceives your entire experience from the standpoint of love.

Your higher self perceives from the perspective that all is well, and that all of your experiences on your planet, do indeed have a purpose as the frequencies of the ascension, and of light and love continue to elevate the paradigm, and all this is according to plan.

You have the opportunity now to experience rapid spiritual growth and transformation through shedding layers and levels of negative thinking, doubt and limitation inherent in humanity for centuries until now—until you enter within, opening your heart, opening your mind and tuning in to fully experiencing your power, your light, your luminescent self in this now.
Through opening within, by simply quieting your mind, turning away from ego thought, opening your heart, and being present in this now moment, you truly have all you need to reconnect, to integrate, to tune in to the wisdom, the power that is yours, which you are ready to claim and utilize.

Through your experiences within duality, you are learning that your thoughts, your feelings, and your beliefs create in your world around you. And as you integrate more light and more of your spiritual power, more of your true essence through meditation, through quiet contemplation, through opening your heart and simply being, resonating with your divine self, you are able to utilize the power of love. You are able to tap into the power of compassion, the power of the light that is all around you, and indeed within you, to fuel your mission, your path, your purpose here on earth.

Your desire to help, to do good, to bring about positive change in the world, comes from your calling to reconnect with the goodness of your spirit, your higher self, and the Divine.

Indeed from your internal space of still connection, quiet and calm, experiencing your light within your open heart, you have the ability to create in your physical world from your internal plane.

The energies now urge you to go inward. You have guides and angels, yes. We the guides and angels of the light are always here and always ready to assist you. But what we wish for you to understand is that we will not interfere without your permission, and it is not our desire to tell you what you must do, to clearly lay every step of your path before you.
It is our purpose and our mission to help you reconnect with your inner power.

You are a powerful spiritual being. You are the conscious creator of your reality. You are the only one who can manifest blessings and positive change in your life and in your experience.

It is our goal to empower you for when you claim this for yourself, when you open your heart, quiet your mind and take control, full accountability for yourself as the conscious creator of your experience, you will find that bringing about your true desires, which brings fulfillment and joy and peace will flow much more easily.

There is a plan for your life, for your growth, for your ascension. However, remember that with your thought, with your intention and with your belief, you have the ability to change, to manifest your experience.

Therefore, there needs to be a balance between being still and calm, looking inward and connecting with your heart, with your soul to truly know your path, and your souls plan. And the way you know this is by your level of joy, your level of excitement. If you feel excited, feel compelled, feel energized by your activities, then you are right on track, you are accomplishing your highest good. Let your emotional guidance system tell you; show you your true path. If you are not experiencing this level of extreme excitement, if rather you feel you should do certain things because they are needed, now is the time for you to retreat within.

Open your heart and be, sit still, contemplate, connect and allow the essence of who you really are in spirit, in the light, to come into your being, to realign. Allow excitement and joy and love and passion to come into your now. Your excitement shows you your highest good and your highest path. So let an inner feeling of joy be your guide.

Open your heart to feel the true essence of any situation, person or experience. If it feels right, if it feels invigorating and exciting, then you are on track. And if not, your lesson is to distinguish this, determine this and realign with that which brings you joy.

Joy is your path, your mission as a light worker. To spread love and joy in your life creates a quantum shift in the entire field for all humanity, accelerating this transition, moving you and all into greater alignment with divine love.
Opening your heart and quieting your mind, connecting with your inner power, strength and light serves you, and will provide you with an abundance of energy and excitement to accomplish all that you set out to do and more.

You are unlimited in this now. And as the universe continues to expand, accelerate and open, you will be given more and more opportunities to make a difference, to experience joy in your life, to share your joy and love with others and create positive change in their experiences as well.

Your duty as a light worker is to fully enjoy, fully connect with your true path and experience the divine love that is your birthright in every now.

Love, peace, hope, joy, passion… These things all serve you. But we cannot bestow them upon you. You must claim them for yourself, from within.

Your health, your vitality, your well-being, your entire experience is created from your inner beliefs, your inner core. Excitement will show you your highest and greatest path. And love, returning to love, will allow you to overcome any obstacle or challenge that may have manifested before you.

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There are still many lessons to be learned, indeed. Remember to have love as your core.

Remember your innate power to create in your world. Remember that you are a divine spiritual being and that when you claim your power, your joy, your health, your love in your internal plane, in your open heart, your outer world will change, will shift, will realign to bring about positive change in your experience.

Ascension is all about empowerment—empowering you to take control, to awaken your intuitive sight, your internal guidance, to know what you want and to know how to manifest these great blessings indeed.

We now invite you to breathe in, to fill yourself with light of spirit, light from the Divine. And then exhale, letting go of all limitation.

Allow yourself to feel powerful, feeling your ability to make a difference, to be the catalyst for change, to love, to live and to allow your inner light to shine through, and to manifest blessings, to manifest your experience, your creation, your life.

All you need—the wisdom, the knowledge, the power—are within. Follow your excitement to know your path.
Know you are dearly loved and supported. You can do it. Release the thoughts of your mind, which say otherwise, the doubts, the fears and the judgments, and open your heart to let light and love and peace shine through your experience, manifesting in your outer world.

Let yourself return, time and time again, to the calm within your heart. Let this inner stillness guide you through any turbulence, so you can manifest your ultimate experience filled with light, with blessings, and with hope.

All things are possible for you now, with your empowered belief, with your focus, and with your power of intention.
Take time for inner contemplation, remembering that it is from within that you create everything around you in your experience. With calm and peace within, these characteristics will then radiate into your outer world.

Trust in the process.
You are loved….

With light, love and angels blessings to you on your path!

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