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Lift Into Peace, Joy, and Harmony- Archangel Michael

Archangel Michael Channeling with Archangel Michael

This Relaxing Meditation with Archangel Michael is transcribed from an audio message found in the Angels of Prosperity and Abundance Angel Course

I invite you to join me now in taking a deep relaxing breath, as you begin to drop your awareness within. I ask that we be surrounded by 100 thousand angels of love, protection and high vibration. I ask that each of our highest, best, most loving possible guides and angels come in, wrap us in your wings of love, and lift us into the higher realms of peace, truth and love. I now invite the highest, best, most loving possible guide with an angel meditation. Please come in, connect and channel through me now.

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Indeed, dearest one, I am Archangel Michael, and you are in the presence of many guides and angels who love you immensely. We are here to assist you in lifting out of the experience of density and into the experience of joy, peace and harmony, which is now available at this time, in this year and in this very moment.

Allow yourself to relax and enter within.

Know that you are surrounded with angels who love you, and that you are safe and protected.

Take a deep breath, as you now imagine there is a blank screen of light in front of your mind. Let your mind focus on this blank screen before you. Let your mind notice if there are any flashes of light, color or images that appear, or if it is simply blank.

As your mind focuses on this screen now, allow your awareness to enter further inward.

Allow your heart to open, and allow your consciousness to embark upon a journey, to lift up into the light, into the angelic realm and into the experience of love.

Consciously breathe, becoming aware of each in breath and each breath out. Enjoy paying this much attention to your breath. Feel your breath come in and fill your body with new energy, with vitality, love and light; for these are the energies we surround you with. Breathe them in, let them into your experience, and when you exhale, let go.

Breathe in love and when you breathe out, let go of attachment, worry and struggle, and enter more fully into this present moment. Breathe in the love, peace and tranquility, which is around you. Allow yourself to relax, to be still and calm, and to simply be.

There is a time for action, and there is a time for thought. There is a time to simply be still, calm and open so you can allow the blessings of the universe, of your angels to enter in.

When your heart is open, you can connect. Open your heart, take in a deep breath and drop into the experience of direct connection and of love.

Trust that all is well in this moment in your life. And when you become crystal clear about what it is you want to experience, about what your true desires are in physical reality with crystal clarity and intention, ask for assistance from your angels and take action. Blessings will align in your life when you remember and experience the truth of who you are.

This is the purpose of our time together now: to help you to quiet your mind, open your heart and feel and experience the truth that you are a powerful light-filled, spark of the Divine.

You are a spiritual being. You are a light being in physical form.

As you relax, breathe and open your heart, we angels are able to assist you now in cleansing and lifting you in vibration. All you must do is relax deeply, let go of thoughts as they enter into your awareness, let go of anything that comes up. Just be here now.

And from your inner world, your inner landscape, allow your inner subtle senses to see, to hear, to know, to feel, even to smell—not with your physical senses, but with your impressions, with your inner mind’s eye, and your psychic senses. Know that you are so loved. You are in the direct presence of angels, and we are here to help you now with crystal clarity.

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What is it that you desire angelic assistance with in your life? Let us know. Let your team of angels know how we may serve. And now as you are open to how assistance may appear, as you are patient and allow this matter to be worked out on divine time and order, as you release attachment to the outcome, you open yourself to our angelic assistance.

Let go, trust, but do not be afraid to act upon any guidance or nudges you receive; for we will assist you, nudging and encouraging you to move in the right direction. But ultimately, beloved one, now on earth it is time for you to claim your power to create, to design and to align with that which you most need and want and desire. It is possible when you are in love.

When you are in a place of open heart, quiet mind, and authentic connection, you are in a point of manifestation from this place. Intend with clarity and we will assist. Angelic aid is always near you. You are so loved. Simply think or speak, Angels, cleanse, protect and lift me in vibration. And we will come in, as we are connecting with you now in both words for your ego mind to understand and for your heart with energy and vibration.

Breathe in, relax and simply be. You are a spiritual being in human being form. When you stop, when you relax and when you simply let go, your inaction is actually drawing more of your light and your spirit to you. And so relax, breathe, and let the healing light, the love, the compassion, peace, joy and blessings we send you, into your experience.

All is well. You are a powerful spiritual being, claim this light and love now. Be clear about what it is you desire, ask for assistance, and then trust, act and allow your creation to come into physical form.

I, Archangel Michael, am on hand to assist you, as are your team of guides and angels who serve you always. Remember to ask for assistance. Remember to open your heart and listen, see, feel and know with your subtle senses within.

You are so loved. And there are many blessings waiting to come into your experience. What serves you most now is to continue to practice quieting your mind and opening your heart. And through this practice, you create a mind–heart link, so that soon in all times and all ways, you are able to be a messenger of divine love. To infuse your mind with joyful love, light and positivity.

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As doubt, anxiety, fear, and past challenges come up in your awareness, let them go. We angels will take them. Send them our way to be released into the light and replaced with love, increased light, joy and with vitality.

Now is the time. Make this transition. Let love in. Let it stir up and break up any blocks, which have been stored within you. Let these blocks be released into the light. Let your newfound sense of connection from within, with above, with the realms of light and angels and source, let this increase. Let this energize you and move you forward into this new age.

You have much assistance available to you. Ask for it. Ask your angels for help and we will answer every time. But remember to see us, to hear us and to know our guidance and assistance in your life.

Quiet your mind and open your heart, for it is with an open heart in the energy of love that you will hear and know your angels. We are always near, but your mind will filter our message out. And so quiet your mind, stare at the blank screen before you, and drop in, opening your heart and connecting with the infinite well of love and peace within.

Take in another deep breath, allowing vitality, passion, love and increased light to come into your body. And when you exhale, let any blocks, any doubt and any struggle be released. Once more, breathe in and let love in. Breathe out and let your love overflow to all those you care about, to your planet and to all beings.

Breathe love in, send love out. It is through this process of giving and receiving love that you are in alignment with your truth as a spiritual being, and with attracting more to love, prosperity, more to be grateful for, more to be blessed with.

We see you in peace, in love and in happiness. Claim this and let it overflow into the world around you.

I, Archangel Michael, leave you with love, with frequency and with blessing. Indeed, I will always answer when called. I am your humble servant. I leave you for now.

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