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January 2011 Full Moon Channeling from The Angels of Light

Angels of Light | Angel MessageI am excited to share with you this light filled channeling from the Angels of Light.  You can either listen to the .MP3 recording set to the beautiful music of Thaddeus, or you can read the transcription of the channeled message below.

Greetings beloved one we are here we are angels of the light we are guides of the light who join you in this now moment in unconditional love and peace and serenity. We invite you to join in raising your vibration to experience the higher realms the spiritual realms which you exist in. You are more than a physical body, you are a spiritual being and we invite you to tune into your feelings, relax your mind, open your heart and allow the energy of love all around you to flow into your being to lift your vibration and to assist you in raising your frequency to the realm of love, the realm in which the spiritual multidimensional light being, that is your higher self exists and dwells and patiently awaits your connection. You, are infinitely knowledgeable, wise, and powerful in the light. When you are connected to your higher self your psychic abilities, your joy level your love and your ability to understand and excel in your world are increased and are opened with this connection . Let your mind be still, and open your heart and feel your vibration begin to raise as you tune into the spiritual realm.

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Release your conscious thoughts, and open your heart wider and as you do we are able to assist you in raising your vibration. The love flowing all around you is able to pour in through your heart filling your body, raising your vibration so that your physical body no longer resonates with pain or suffering but can fully enter into this now, this now moment where you are surrounded with light. And with your open heart, your calm mind… we invite your higher self to come in and to connect with you now.

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You may Feel your posture adjust, your breathing slow. Or quicken allow this connection and simply sit in this magnificent presence, this diving love that is your higher self and feel your physical being merging with your spiritual body just breathe feel tune into your perceptions beyond your physical senses tune into your imagination, and the impressions your higher self gives you now . What can your higher self communicate with you now that you most need to know? Focus on your heart, clearing your mind and notice that there is some sort of message… there is either an imagery, a word, a feeling. What does your higher right self communicate with you now? Feel your self connecting with your spiritual-ness, feel your self vibrating at a high rate, magnetizing love, abundance and happiness towards you, open your heart and raise your vibration even more imagine you are sitting in a circle of light beings with outstretched arms and hands, grab the hands of the light beings next to complete this circle, and as you do this in your minds eye and in your imagination, you are cleansed and lifted even more. This, is your rightful place, a light being, joined with other masters in a circle of light, a spiritual circle… some call this medicine wheel, a sacred space of divine energy and love where the limitations and restrictions of your world no longer apply. understand that now as you are a part of this divine circle of light anything is possible in your life.

Let your mind become calm once again and ask your higher self… What are my next steps to accomplish my purpose? Drop into your heat and feel , notice an answer does appear, this may be simple or it may be specific and pointed. Whatever you receive thank your higher self

and return your awareness once more to the circle of light you are apart of. Imagine now that inside this circle you can fill it with whatever vibrations you choose we will add love, peace, compassion, understanding, abundance and happiness, well being, love, authentic connection…. any traits and attributes you desire in your life now, add these to the circle… and when you are ready imagine yourself dropping the hands of those light beings next to you, noticing that as you do, the circle before you is now a sphere of positive energy, of good vibrations, conscious intentions of what you want to create and who you are ultimately are, who you are becoming in the light, confident, loving, joy filled.

When you are ready, imagine you are stepping forward into this sphere of light energy so that this energy encompasses your entire physical body… more than that your auric body, your emotional body your etheric body your light body. And feel now, as you stand now in the middle of this energetic circle these positive attributes, feelings of well being, spiritual energy of the light joining with your energy merging with your light and raising you to a vibration of love.

You are love, feel this love radiating through your being, flowing all around you… in you, through you.

Let your higher self draw your awareness now, to an event, to a person, to a situation in your life that could use light… a situation that could be raised in vibration to bring you a more enjoyable, more light filled experience. What area of your life needs a little bit of light now or perhaps a lot of light? Let this come to your awareness through a picture, through a thought, an idea, an image, a sound… where in your life is light needed? Remember that as you are in the circle, light is all around you and indeed within you. Since you are filled with light you are able to send this out light now. Raise your hands up and feel the light now flowing out of your from your heart from your hands and going flowing to where it is needed in your body, in your life. Raising the vibration, bringing this circumstance or situation into alignment with your divine path.

Take a deep breathe, and give thanks now to the beings of light around you, give thanks to your higher self, and indeed know that this light… you can now carry with you throughout your day, knowing that at anytime your higher self can guide you back to this place of love, and can guide you… to ultimate fulfillment in life, but it takes tuning in, opening your heart your mind… your body allowing light and love to flow in… allowing yourself to go with the flow, to trust in the process of life, believing that your desires are possible. Believing that you are safe and loved and supported. Your beliefs create your thoughts, which create your emotions which create your physical reality. Re identify who you are as a light being and refocus the beliefs about how your world operates in a loving and positive way .

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Connect with your higher self to open your psychic and spiritual centers and gifts. Love yourself. Flow with the universe, and beloved know… that you truly are on course. Keep looking inward, keep seeking and searching for truth in you… and you will find the full reunion of spiritual self and physical self and this combination, this union is your ultimate purpose now.

Stretch and move, do yoga, meditate, breathe and play. Have fun as this process unfolds, it is divine… and you are so deeply loved. We are your guides and angels of light, call upon us at any moment for a boost in frequency, and for a experience of divine love. We leave you with our blessing and with much light.

Goodbye for now.

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