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How to Navigate The Great Shift

We're living through a time of Massive Transformation…

The Great Awakening and The Great Shift.

Learn what this actually means and now to navigate in this clear and brief channeling from The Council of Light.

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The destabilization unfolding across the globe is a part of the Shift.

The present challenges humanity is facing are key markers in time, as to how the collective consciousness awakening unfolds.

But of course, the questions remain:

How do you successfully navigate?
How do you contribute to the highest possible outcome?
How do you play your key role?

The Council of Light answers this now.


Navigate the Great Shift Channeling from the Council of Light

Greetings. We, the Council of Light, are here.

And we say to you, indeed, you are one among many souls who are here by no mistake at this present point in time, to be of service, to walk the path, to shine a light, and to be a part of the great wave of transformation, the great shift.

At this time, we wish to simplify this transformation for you with a simple visual of the collective consciousness of humanity as one whole, as one sphere, one orb of light that has become clouded, that has become disharmonious, that has become murky.

Yet bright lights are incarnating within this sphere.

Bright lights are waking up to their truth to more vibrantly shine, so that points of light throughout this sphere—awakened hearts shining bright—become illuminated to anchor golden solar heart light, Christ light at key points wherever you are around the globe.

We show you this now as we share with you a visual of points of light all across the planet, all across the earth sphere, turning on, turning up, and shining brighter.

They are increasing in size, increasing in strength, increasing in frequency until these lights merge into one, until the murky, cloudy sphere is restored as a brilliant solar light.

This golden light is uniting the collective consciousness of humanity as one. Golden light within awakened hearts and minds is called to the surface, called forth as the primary experience for all.

This visual may bring you some clarity as to why the highest possibility for earth is called by some to be the golden age.

It is an earth sphere illuminated with golden light—not so much from the external, but called forth by the bright lights, star seeds, wayshowers, awakened humans choosing the path of clarity, of vibrant joy, of radiance, and love, to call forth the shift of the ages, the shift into the golden age of vibrant light.

This transition has already begun.

And yes, it may seem that things are more chaotic than they were.

But remember the simple truth and power of igniting your heart light with the forces of love and letting the golden light shine through you, letting the light shine through to illuminate your body, letting the light shine through to illuminate your space.

Hold the field of golden light and love where you are, anchoring a pillar of light in the present that can arc up and in, connecting with other pillars of light around the globe.

At the same time, it is also grounding down and arcing in, connecting with other pillars of light at the crystalline core, tuning into the support of Mother Earth, the awakened earth being, tuning into the support of Divine Source, the Infinite, and the infinite supply of frequency, light, and golden energy.

It is available now to support you in this simple task and mission of holding the field of love, choosing warmth and light in your heart and mind to illuminate yourself, your truth, your highest divine light, and your surroundings—to illuminate the collective consciousness of humanity, to call forth clear consciousness connected with the Divine, radiantly shining as golden crystalline light.

We in the upper realms are pleased to offer our support to you in this mission, this journey, this epic voyage.

At this time, we offer a transmission of golden light, golden light particles all around you.

As you tune into them, you may feel them on your skin, in your aura, in your energy body, in your mind, uplifting you, bolstering your strength, rejuvenating you with this golden light transmission that ultimately, you are, at this point, tuning into around you.

But we remind you that you made this connection with us within, within your open heart, within your clear, quiet mind, within the place of stillness and presence.

Infinite golden light support is able to be called forth and in through presence, through love.

You hold the keys to open these doors, to claim the transmissions of frequency, of diamond light, of Christ light support which pours in all around you.

Particles of light land on your skin, your eyelids, your hair, your hands.

Particles of light pour in—pouring into your energetic field, raising your vitality, empowering you to shine your light.

This is not to say we wish for you to bury, stuff down, and ignore the challenging emotions, decisions, experiences that arise in your life.

We do wish to remind you that—amidst whatever you are going through—when you drop down, drop within, go into your core, you can retouch, reconnect with this inner core of bliss, peace, and truth.

Shining this truth in the face of the unknown will support you immensely.

Shining this light amidst turmoil, amidst uncertainty, will guide you through to claim your power, to be the change, to call forth clarity for humanity, earth, and all … as you shine your truth as a divine light.

We love you and support you.

And so, it is…

about our creator:
Melanie Beckler

Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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