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Heart Chakra Meditation for Awakening!

Activate And Awaken Your Heart Chakra

Relax and allow your heart chakra to open and activate, to support and empower your awakening journey through the power of awakened love within your very own heart.

As you listen to this Heart Chakra Meditation for Awakening, the Archangels pour blessings upon you to support your awakening and empower your soul presence, the divine in you, to emerge and step forth.

Prefer to read? Keep scrolling down as this meditation has been transcribed for you below!

Relax, breathe and listen now:

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Heart Chakra Meditation Transcription:

At this time, find a comfortable position where you can close your eyes. 

Begin to move your awareness within, focusing on your heart chakra. 

As you breathe, just allow, relax, and let go. Tune into your breath in, and your breath out, as we now call in and forth, each of our teams of guides, angels, and ascended masters. 

Enter in. 

Angels and archangels who can most serve in this moment now, connect with us together, as individuals, and as one, with whatever will most serve, according to divine will. 

And so, it is…


Greetings from Archangel Michael, Uriel, Gabriel, and Raphael.

Indeed, we connect with you in this moment now, and indeed, invite you to tune in with your awareness to a point of light at the center of your chest, the center of your heart chakra.

Tune into this point of light, and as you breathe in, imagine, experience all of your awareness moving into the very center of the center of this point of light at the center of your being …

And as you exhale, allow the light to expand from a point into particles of light.

An orb of light expanding out all around your physical being.

And then with your breath in, allow the light around you–the orb of energy, the frequency–around you to move inward, compressing inward into a single point of light at the center of your chest.

Exhale and allow the light to expand around.

Continue with this breath, moving into the single point of light at the center of your heart, and on your exhale, allowing the light to expand out around you in an orb of light …

Feel the millions and millions of particles of light, the divine frequency flowing through your body, flowing around your energy field, generated from this single point of light within your heart that expands out around you to bless and benefit your entire being.

We invite you now to simply move inward, once again, moving into the heart, into the open space within your being, moving into the singular point of light, and just allowing an opening of your heart center to occur.

If there are thoughts of the mind, distractions that arise, return awareness to the breath, breathing into the centermost point of the heart, and on your exhale, tuning into the radiating quality of your heart center …

The energy expanding out around you in the orb.

And with your breath in, return to the very point at the center.

Dive inward, plunging into the space within, the still, calm place of presence within your heart where infinite possibility resides, where love, peace, compassion are prevalent, are activated.

Feel these qualities strengthening your energy field, resetting your energy, preparing your physical and subtle energy bodies to embody more of the truth of you–the truth of you as Source, as Spirit, as Divine embodied as a physical being.

The light within your heart circulates and builds to support you in letting go, clearing out, allowing any limiting beliefs or old patterns to be dissolved, transformed in this warmth and light.

Focus on the radiance of your heart center …

Allowing your heart to simply be, allowing your heart to simply open on its own through simply moving inward with your in-breath.

Allow your awareness to dive within, to the place of peace, stillness, and expanded awareness within you, the place where pure potentiality resides.

Center in this place–tuned into your breath in and your breath out–allowing the light to pump and pulsate through your entire energetic being.

We in the archangelic realm now pour our blessing upon you …

Archangel Michael on your left, Archangel Gabriel on your right, Archangel Uriel in front, Archangel Raphael behind, Archangel Sandalphon below, Archangel Metatron above.

And in the center of the archangels, there’s a sacred space and opening for your soul presence, the divine in you, the divine you to emerge, to step forth, to move in from all around, to powerfully, lovingly embody through your open heart center now.

Allow the divine in you to merge with you as a physical being, allowing your heart in this moment now to expand.

Soften, open, allow love to be reset, light to be rekindled–soul wisdom, soul presence, divine truth to reemerge.

Feel the point of light at the center of your heart glowing brighter, more radiant, accelerating in frequency, being activated with the forces of divine love, compassion, and embodiment.

Allow this heart light awakened to expand out from the center of your chest into your entire physical body, allowing love to circulate and bless every cell, allowing your awakened heart light to pour forth from your heart.

Allow light to flow into every organ, every system of the body, every cell blessed with the love of your spirit, the love of the Divine in you, as you, flowing forth through you in this moment now.

Feel the light flowing through your entire physical being–light pouring into your etheric energy body, light pouring into your emotional body, centering the emotional body.

Become aware now of a core of light, a pillar of light extending from your heart, down, all the way to the crystalline core of Gaia, Mother Earth, and extending upward from the earth, all the way through your body, along your core.

Experience your central pillar of light, opening, activating, centering, and aligning.

Feel it moving upward from your heart, into your throat, your third eye and crown, and lifting up above your head, in this central pillar of light, into the higher chakra energy centers above your head, activating divine faculties of your higher chakras, activating higher light, divine wisdom.

This divine intelligence pours down upon you, further supporting the illumination of your emotional body, illuminating your emotional body with love, your mental body with clarity, with warmth, with joy and ease, with stillness and presence within the mental body.

The light continues to pour in from above, from below, from the archangels who bless you all around, pouring light into your causal body, your spiritual body, your light body …

All are illuminated, activated through the light of love.

And from this place of elevated awareness and elevated vibration, standing in the truth of you as a divine being, we invite you to tune into a quality of the divine you choose to cultivate, a quality of the divine you are now choosing to embody in your life:

“I am love. I am compassion. I am power. 

I am joy. I am centered. 

I am clear. I am trusting. I am courage.” 

What quality is your soul urging you to step into, to claim as truth, to claim as you?

Repeat this in your mind:

“I Am.” 

And now, from above, a great influx of light pours down upon you, a waterfall of divine light, divine intelligence and frequency pouring down all around you, cleansing and purifying your energetic bodies, your physical body on every level.

Allow the light to pour in, to elevate your frequency. Open to receive the blessings, allowing love and blessing and divine qualities to circulate through your energy.

And we invite you now to consciously send forth blessings from your awakened heart center towards Mother Earth, towards humanity, towards all beings, sending forth your love, sending forth the blessings of your light, the blessings of the divine qualities embodied through you to bless and benefit all beings, bringing all hearts into this field of coherence, of love.

And when you’re ready, gently place your hands over your own heart center.

Take a moment to just tune in and claim all of the love and blessings that are available to you, tuning into your heart.

“I love you. Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you…”

And as you receive the love, you empower love to expand and flow forth.

The flow of love, the flow of blessings are realigning–through this force of love–with the new possibilities, the soul blessings, the highest divine timeline meant for you; you are realigning with the path of love that is now opening more fully than ever before for you.

Open your heart. Open your mind. Open to the love that is here for you now–waves and waves from the cosmos, from the Divine, for you.

Feel the love within and all around you, and when you’re ready, gently gently begin to move your fingers and toes, to begin to shift your awareness back into the physical, into this present point in time while retaining this higher perspective of divine love.

Bring higher consciousness, divine qualities, radiant frequency back with you into your life, into this present moment, into the new you, and this new timeline now emerging for you.

When you’re ready, open your eyes as you continue to allow love, awakened heart light, blessings of the Divine to circulate through you with your every breath, your every step, your every movement and moment, blessed, a blessing of love.

And so, it is…

Thank you, thank you, thank you…

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