Instantly Ease Tension, Melt Away Stress, & Release Feelings of Spiritual Disconnect … By Rekindling the Truth of You!

NEW Rekindle the Truth of You Series

Shifts You Into Alignment with Your Core Light & Truth

The Rekindle The Truth of You Series Goes to Work Right Away For You:

All you have to do with these recordings is press “play,” listen, and relax. The Archangels will handle all the rest!

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Now look...

Do you ever feel like time is speeding up?

If so, you’re not wrong.

Accelerated change is the new normal these days, which means there are accelerated opportunities for miraculous healing, awakened consciousness, and abundant manifestation.

And yet …

This also means that all of life is coming at you in a faster way. 

Which can manifest as more stress, anxiety, and uncertainty … plus a busier schedule, longer to-do list, and the need to almost constantly adapt!

That’s a problem because …

As Your Life Becomes More Out of Balance …

Your Challenges Start to Multiply!

Stress has a tendency to snowball, causing things to get a whole lot worse … before they get better.

For example, as your life becomes increasingly frenetic, you may find yourself turning to unhealthy habits like comfort eating, drinking alcohol, smoking, inactivity, reckless spending, or poor diet choices … 

And while these habits may make you feel better in the moment … they can intensify your problems by leading to low-vibrational feelings of guilt, shame, and discomfort. 

Or you might find yourself acting withdrawn, distracted, oversensitive, or even short-tempered with your partner, friends, and family …

Alienating the people you care about when you need their support the most!

Those problems are bad enough, but what’s worse is that …

When Life Comes at You in a Faster Way …

It’s Way Too Easy to Forget You’re an Unlimited Divine Being!

While all these issues are going on around you, it’s normal to forget who you really are.

So, rather than remembering that you’re divine spirit here in physical form … and that you have a huge team of spiritual helpers who can help lighten your load …

You start feeling like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders …

And that you have to handle all your challenges on your own!

While you may know intellectually that you’re a powerful divine being, who is One with All … you don’t feel that way in your day-to-day life.

Instead, the divine feels farther away than ever before …

And you identify more strongly with your ego … rather than your true divine nature.

That’s the bad news, here’s the good:

There IS something you can do to remain centered and balanced as life swirls around you …

The Key to Successfully

Navigating Change with Grace & Ease

The best way to stay centered and balanced amidst change and turmoil is to remember the truth of who you are …


That you’re not just a human being here in a physical “container” …


You are infinite spirit  - limitless, wise, and powerful … and you have tons of spiritual helpers who are ready, willing, and able to assist you with all the challenges you’re experiencing.

Simply remembering this on a deeper level increases your vibration …


Strengthens your divine connection …


And makes it easier to attract divine solutions, inspired ideas, resounding clarity, and miraculous miracles that can dramatically improve your life.


Yet, here’s the problem …

Although you already know all this, it can be really difficult to reconnect with your core light and truth without external help.


That’s why I’m so excited to share with you a series I recently created …

Introducing: Rekindle The Truth of You

The Rekindle Your Truth Series is an audio journey with the Archangels that awakens your

remembrance of the divine being you truly are … so you effortlessly navigate life’s changes with grace and ease.


The series consists of 5 incredibly powerful meditations that cleanse and transmute distortions, fears, and insecurities …


As you’re lovingly refreshed with divine light, you’ll feel a deeper sense of peace and well-being …


While finding it easier to embody the HIGHEST truth of who you really are -- on a day-to-day basis.


This guided process is incredibly powerful, because not only will you recall your divine magnificence on a deeper level, but you’ll also feel more connected to the infinite field and abundant love …


Plus, as you lift higher and glow brighter, you’ll open yourself up to:

☀️Greater ease, calm, and adaptability

☀️ Divine guidance

☀️Inspired, healthy changes

☀️Stronger relationships

☀️Profound spiritual experiences

& More Bliss, Love, and Joy!

By rekindling the truth of you, you naturally begin to manifest blessings in your life in alignment with your inner wellbeing and vibrant inner light!

Perhaps you love the thought of that …

But you’re wondering how you’ll find the time to meditate, which is why I want to gently suggest the following …

Rekindling Inner Truth Is SO Important …

That You Must Make this Time for Yourself

Look, I get it …


It’s way too easy to be caught up in checking things off your to-do list and scrambling from one place to the next.


However, you don’t want to let those activities overshadow your soul’s purpose – which is to live life as the lightworker you truly are!


While your soul understands you do have some work to do in the outside world, that’s not the main reason you incarnated …


Instead, you always intended …

… to expand, lift, and elevate your vibration, while increasing your capacity for love …


… to stay attuned to your true divine brilliance as consistently as you can


… to inspire others by bringing an energy of positive change to humanity …


… and to remember above all the truth of who you really are.

Those are your true, divine priorities …


And the easiest way to achieve them is with meditation.


However, you have to make the time for meditation … by viewing it as an essential component of your spiritual journey.


Fortunately, the meditation process I’ve developed for this series simplifies that process because …

The Rekindle The Truth of You Series

Is Incredibly Easy to Use!

The Rekindle The Truth of You Series is a self-paced program that will work for you—whether you’re new to meditation or have years of experience.

And if you struggle to visualize, don’t worry because …

All you have to do with these recordings is press “play,” listen, and relax.

The Archangels will handle all the rest!

To use the series, simply listen to the meditations in order at a pace that’s comfortable for you.


For example, you can listen to a new meditation once a week, repeating that meditation throughout the week, as time permits.


Or if you want, you can go at a slower pace, taking several months to complete the series—each time you listen, you’ll deepen your remembrance of who you truly are.


Even better …

The Rekindle The Truth of You Series Goes to Work Right Away …

Instantly Relieving Tension, Dissolving Stress,

& Shifting You Into Divine Alignment with Your Highest Truth!

From the very first meditation session in The Rekindle Your Truth Series, you’ll start to notice a change as tension, stress, and overwhelm melt away …


You’ll feel lighter … freer … happier … and more connected to the divine.


You’ll become aware of your own spiritual perfection on a deeper level … and the incredible power you’re endowed with …


As you continue through the series, these feelings will deepen as you realign with your vibrant inner light.


While of course, you could try to make this shift on your own, most people – particularly when they’re stressed -- struggle to do so as quickly as they’d like.


The Rekindle Your Truth Series speeds up the process … so you can immediately experience the benefits of remembering your true divine magnificence.

Rekindle The Truth of You

Energetically Aligns You with Your Highest Potential

Once you begin this meditative journey, you’ll start to:

Feel Calm and Peaceful –  From the moment you press “play,” the angels will help you instantly release tension, stress, and disharmony. As your divine remembrance grows, you’ll feel deeply at peace more of the time, while finding it easier to maintain your tranquil disposition, even during the midst of change!

Strengthen Your Divine Connection – By working directly with the Archangels throughout this process, you’ll feel a much stronger connection to the divine. This connection will enhance your knowing that you’re fully supported by the spiritual realm … while making you deeply aware of the angels’ unconditional love for you.

Achieve Balance –  The energetic recalibration you’ll receive in this series will put you on the same frequency as the angels. From that higher perspective, you’ll receive inspiration on simple changes you can make that will help you feel more calm, balanced, and centered.

Boost Your Health – With the angels’ help, you’ll melt away dis-ease causing stress and tension while feeling greater inspiration, confidence, and motivation to overcome unhealthy habits. As you feel more emotionally balanced, you’ll find it easier to make the healthy changes you desire.

Improve Your Relationships – As you remember the divine being you truly are,  you’ll find it easier to stay calm and centered. Like a wave in a pond, these high-vibrational emotions will have a ripple effect … strengthening your relationships with your partner, friends, and family.

Manifest Your Happiest Future – Remembering the truth of who you are will help you absorb more light and love energy. Happily, this light and love is of a higher frequency, so it increases your vibration … and with this energetic recalibration, you’ll become magnetic to more love, joy, abundance, miracles, and exciting opportunities!

Bottom line?


The Rekindle Your Truth Series is the easiest way I know to navigate life with more bliss and ease … while fully remembering your own divine magnificence!


But don’t just take my word for it …

Read What Students Are Saying About

The Rekindle The Truth of You Series:

“Eternally Grateful. This was the cake with diamond icing on top!!!!!!!” ~Maureen


“Wow!!! Thank you. I am vibrating from head to toe! Love it! This was just what I needed today! It feels like the weight of the world is lifted off my shoulders.” ~Cindy


“I am shining so bright now and so high with the energy of my angelic divine presence … I'm ready to embark on my highest timeline with Divine Love, Presence, Success, Prosperity and Financial Abundance!”  ~Christopher


“So enlightening and peaceful. I suddenly experienced the biggest smile and pure joy. I couldn't stop smiling.” ~Stephanie

By now, you’re probably wondering what you can expect with the Rekindle Your Truth Series, so let me tell you about that …

What You’ll Get with the Rekindle The Truth of You Series:

The Rekindle Your Truth Series consists of 5 beautiful meditations that I co-created with the Archangels.

You can listen to the series just once or use these meditations again and again … each time you do listen, you’ll experience a profound shift in consciousness.


The meditations you’ll receive with the Rekindle The Truth of You Series include:

1.      Let Your Inner Light Shine (29 minutes) - A $27 Value!

Your divine journey begins with a wonderfully healing cleanse. In this meditation, Archangel Michael guides you to let go of external concerns, the day’s events, and your to-do list. As you fully relax, distortions, lingering densities, and limiting beliefs melt away like ice in the sun … while you become more deeply aware of your inner light’s true brilliance!

2.      Aligning with Your Soul Presence (23 minutes) - A $27 Value!

During this blissful session, you’ll become aware of your soul’s presence and the depth of its devotion for you. As you forge this deeply personal connection, your soul will help you understand your life’s blueprint, increase your vitality, and reconnect to your power … so you accomplish all you intended to when you chose to come here!

3.      Rekindle the Truth of You (28 minutes) - A $27 Value!

By this point in the series, you’re ready to shift into divine alignment with your highest truth. As your guides wash away extreme emotions, fearful constructs, unhealthy thought patterns, and distorted frequencies, you find it easier to remain calm, serene, present, and reflective … regardless of what’s going on around you.

4.      Sync with Your Highest Path (18 minutes) - A $27 Value!

The angels want you to have the peaceful, happy, loving, abundant life you desire, and in this meditation, they’ll actively help you create it! As the deep-down feeling that “all is well” rises to the surface, the angels will guide you to DREAM BIG … while unlocking the most brilliant, vibrant possibilities for your future.

5.      The New You (25 minutes) - A $27 Value!

During this meditation, Archangel Michael will unhinge the chains of old insecurities, so you can move forward with confidence. As golden iridescent light brings blessings to all areas of your life, your happiest future is secured … while you joyfully become the best, brightest version of YOU!

Plus, The Rekindle The Truth of You Series

Uses Angelic Musical Sequences to Deepen Your Experience

To amplify the power of the Rekindle The Truth of You Series, the meditations have been set to the transformative music of Thaddeus, an angelic being channeled by Sanaya Roman.

Thaddeus’ gentle music uses certain sequences and combinations of tones to expand consciousness … and help you connect with higher dimensions of light.

Because this music is so transformative, the results you get from the Rekindle The Truth of You Series are that much more powerful!

But, the news gets even better because right now, I’m also making a special bonus available with the Rekindle The Truth of You Series …

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If you purchase the Rekindle Your Truth Series today, you’ll get the following 3 bonus meditations to support you in this process … absolutely free!

FREE Bonus #1 - Gateway of Soul Light (Value: $27)

This 25-minute meditation is perfect for go-getters with way too much on their plate. During it, your guides and angels will help you STOP struggling against the flow of your divine blueprint … as you learn to relax and quit trying to force your experience, you’ll enter a deeper state of allowing life’s magic!

Free Bonus #2 - Soul Light Realignment (Value: $27)

In this 21-minute meditation, a golden sun of fire will purify your thinking, open your clairvoyance, and unlock a higher level of creative expression … harmonically bringing you into resonance with Christ consciousness in a unique and personal way. As you realign your energy signature, you’ll access new levels of gifts to support you in your HIGHEST timeline!

Free Bonus #3 - You Are the Gateway (Value: $27)

This powerful meditation is an amazing way to create a bridge between heaven and earth. During this calming 32-minute recording, you’ll harmonize the balance between the two, while dissolving any barriers between you and the divine … so you develop a profound awareness of the beautiful vastness that is you.

And because I want you to be able to enjoy the wonder and beauty of remembering your own divine and abundant nature, I’m excited to also offer you another awesome BONUS.

When you purchase the Rekindle The Truth of You Series today, you will also receive the profound Tap Into The Flow of Abundance channeling by Melanie on video.

FREE Bonus #4 - Tap Into The Flow of Abundance
Video Channeling (A $97 Value)

In this profound 1 Hour Video Session, the guidance and frequency of the angelic realm shows up fully for you, to support you in clearing the limiting beliefs and energetic blockages keeping you from manifesting the True Abundance that is your Divine birthright.

  • Tap Into the Flow of Abundance is about manifesting financial wealth and boosting the numbers in your bank account, but that's not all ... 
  • It will also work to unlock abundance in all areas of your life too.
  • Manifest vibrant health, rewarding relationships, fulfilling work, deep spiritual connectionpeace of mind, and attract so much more abundance to you!

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So, for less than you might spend on a good restaurant meal, you can experience and embody your true divine nature and …

  • Start navigating changes with grace & ease
  • Melt away stress, tension, and feelings of disconnect
  • Feel more bliss, love and joy
  • Manifest more of your desires effortlessly
  • Make inspired, healthy changes
  • Increase the amount of light you can hold
  • Eliminate patterns that don’t serve you
  • Unlock wonderful possibilities for your future
  • Align with your highest potential

I’d call those benefits priceless :)


But, do know that this is a limited time special price, so to claim the discount, you need to act now.

Plus, you have absolutely everything to gain, and nothing to lose, because your satisfaction with the series is guaranteed!

My 100% Risk-Free Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love the Rekindle Your Truth Series that I’m offering a 100% moneyback guarantee. Listen to the entire series from start to finish, while enjoying all three of the bonuses. If you decide in the next 60 days that you don’t completely love it, I’ll refund 100% of your money.

No questions asked, no fine print, no funny business.

I’ve removed all the risk for you—that’s how sure I am that you’ll love the results you get from this series.

Alright … NOW is the Time!

If you want to instantly melt away stress, tension and disconnect by fully remembering your true divine magnificence, this series is the way to do it.

But, you need to act.

So, to get started, click the payment button below, enter your details, and you’ll get immediate online access to the Rekindle Your Truth Series.

Let me break this down for you even further.

You have one of two options:

1. Your first is to ignore this page.

Sure, you want to remember your divine brilliance, energetically recalibrate, and experience more ease, calm, and peace-of-mind, but you’re not sure this is the right path. So, you keep doing what you’re doing … even though you know that if you don’t take action, your feelings of stress and overwhelm will probably create a future … that’s a lot like your present.

2. Your second option is to follow your intuition and get this series.

Find out for yourself how wonderful it is to feel calm, peaceful, and centered, while fully remembering your divine inner light, improving your manifestation ability, and experiencing more bliss in your life. Risk absolutely nothing because if you try the series, and you don’t get the results you hoped for, I’ll give you a full refund—no questions asked.

Thanks for your time … I can’t wait to hear about the incredible experiences you have with the Rekindle Your Truth Series!


P.S. The easiest fix for anything that’s bothering you is to snuggle closer to the divine. Once you stop feeling spiritually disconnected, everything else in your life begins to improve - automatically! This series is the easiest way I know to bring about that transformation that is so possible and available to you right now! :)

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