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archangel michael meditationBreathe, relax, and lift in the unconditional love of the angelic realm, with the assistance of Archangel Michael, and your team of guides and angels of love and light.

Archangel Michael connects in this new 13 minute .MP3 meditation to assist you in infusing your personal vibration and energy signature with white light of the divine. You will be guided to cleanse and elevate your energy, and to connect with your team of guides and angels who can most serve you now.

Experience the presence of your angels, receive their unconditional love, blessing, and guidance, and finish this meditation feeling rejuvenated and uplifted.

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Greetings dear being of light present in physical form, indeed, I am Archangel Michael and I am pleased to make this connection with you now.

You are indeed able to elevate your personal vibration now, by focusing within, by tuning into the light that is all around you, by finding your center, allowing yourself to ground to the Earth, feeling your connection to Earth, to the light of the Earth, and to All That Is. Now lift up, going up in light and in consciousness, elevating in vibration, you are able to now link with the angelic realm.

Enter into this realm of healing, love, and enlightenment, and directly connect with I, Archangel Michael, who surrounds you now with an orb of white healing light to assist you in elevating further, to lift you up into the angelic realm, to purify your vibration and your aura, releasing any energy that is not your own, any energy which does not ultimately serve or which weighs you down.

Let go. Breathe and lift. Feel your vibration becoming lighter and brighter. Feel yourself lifting up to experience the realm of angels and as you lift, your team of guides and angels indeed enter in, surrounding you in a circle. Each guide, each angel of the light now broadcasting a quality, a frequency, a pattern of thought, healing energy, and vibration which will most serve you at this time in easing tensions and frustrations. These benevolent beings of light assist you now in learning your lessons, and traveling forward in awakening, in love, and in service to make a difference in the world, in the lives of those whom you encounter through your actions, through your intention, and through your every moment. Your energy, your aura, and your light interacts with all you come in contact with. As you receive and embrace the love, light, compassion and frequency offered to you now, (gifted and given to you now) you are able to pass this on through your encounters and interactions, through your presence and awareness.

The orb of white light is still around you, and now another orb of light appears above, which begins to rain down a divine waterfall of light, (white light, sparkling and glowing) elevating your frequency even more. White light pouring down upon you, bathing you in Divine love, cleansing your vibration, your aura, your mental body, thought patterns, intellect, consciousness, your emotions, and your physical body, indeed. Open up to this flow of white light. Breathe it in, and let it repair your aura. Let it flush out negativity and density from your physical form, elevating you and linking you to your inner light and power.

Focus within now and breathe as Archangel Raphael now pulls upon on any cords which are draining you, pulling out the roots, as the cords are cut, and the roots and cords and any attachments and any lingering foreign objects in your aura and in your vibration including any negative energetic imprints, and anything that is not yours, that does not serve, is hereby released into the light of the Divine. The waterfall of light continues to flow down around you, repairing holes, repairing your aura, filling your vibration, and aligning you with the Divine truth of what you are here to experience. Aligning you with your authentic, complete, oneness with source, with spirit, and with your full, vibrant, and radiant light. This alignment serves your life in what you create, and this manifests positively for all.

Wherever you go and wherever you are, is your opportunity to shine, to share, to love, to be aware, to complete your light work, to make a difference, and to love. This is no small work and you are infinitely supported in this. The guides and angels with you here and now reassure you of their presence.

Notice how you feel, for your guides and angels are present in this now. Notice and be aware of their energy.

Receive any message they may have for you. Notice thoughts you have, and feelings you are receiving.

Claim now your ability as a Divine being, as an empowered spiritual being, to live your life consciously, to reflect upon where you have been, and to choose to move forward in the direction of love, in the direction of your choosing, in the direction of of your highest and greatest good. You are fully and completely supported, you are uplifted, and you are loved.

At this time feel your energy flowing down, all this light of the angelic realm, all the love of the angels you have received, all of the positive attributes, flowing down, passing on these blessings to the Earth.

Now, what you give returns to you from the Earth tenfold, cleansed and purified.

Light from above, and light from below, uniting within your open heart like a lotus flower blossoming within the light. Let yourself love, let yourself shine, let yourself move forward trusting, acting, and knowing that you are so loved, blessed, and lifted.

Indeed, I am Archangel Michael. I leave you with one thousand blessings from the Divine mind, heart, and spirit to you and to yours. And so it is. I am complete. Goodbye for now.

Thank you for reading this beautiful channeled message by Archangel Michael.

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Melanie Beckler

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