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Enlightened Love Channeled Message

Channeled Message with the Guides and Angels of the Light

enlightened love channeled message

Connect with the power of love in this channeled message on enlightened love with the Guides and Angels of the Light channeled by Melanie Beckler.

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Greetings, we are here. We are the guides and angels of light and indeed a powerful energy, a high vibration is present on your planet now. Know that indeed the energy of now is conducive for you to connect with your full light, your Christ light, your inner Buddha, en-lightened self, your power.

We broadcast this message now from the realm of spirit which is deeply intertwined with your physical world. The spiritual and physical realms are co-existing, inhabiting the same space in multi-dimensions.

We broadcast light now, lifting you, as you tune inward raising your vibration. Open your heart and look within to find your own source of power. Connect with your light, dive into it, surrender to it, allow your light to build and grow, focus your awareness on your heart to begin to feel this your spirit. Experience your light, your divinity, your enlightenment that is already, that always has been.

Breathe in the light, feel yourself lift and allow the peace of the now to wash over you, to cleanse your energy, your spirit, your body.

Feel your heart beating inside your chest, as your life force energy throughout your being. Feel your connection in this now to your light, to your higher self, to divine love. Feel the peace, experience the well-being, standing firmly grounded in the light. You are indeed.

Is Your Love To Grow You are in the process of transformation as your inner ideals align with your outer world. Acknowledge the changes, the growth that you have encountered and allow yourself to see, to dream, to remember your highest potential, the full essence of your light. Within this meditative state of having an open heart and a pure connection with love, know that there is nothing you must do… Simply be.

Imagine looking down upon yourself from above observing this very now, observing your response, your thoughts, or the lack thereof. However, these words and energies and frequencies are affecting you, watch, feel and listen.

From this place of observation know that everything is well, everything is on track and you are connected, you are in the presence of divine energies of love, your higher self, your angels, your guides and of the enlightened beings indeed.

All the wisdom of those who have walked before you can be attained, realized, experienced by you right now. Enlightenment, ascension, your Christ consciousness, inner Buddha, is not outside of you, no, it is within and it is here in this now. Know that it has always been here, you have always had full access to your power, to the universal knowledge, wisdom and light.

It is your mind that wanders and judges and doubts, but your heart has known the truth and as you open your heart now, your mind will be unable to deny this presence. Not our presence connecting with you, but your presence, your spirit, your heart, your light fully present in this now.

Your light which originates in your heart center but continues throughout your body and being.
A white column of light running down your spine, opening and activating the centers of light therein, your chakras, are aligned, awakened and opened.

Your energy body does not end here, indeed it continues above your head extending into the sky, tune into this place, tune into your light body, your spiritual energy centers allowing you indeed to connect with your full experience of Divine. The balanced masculine and feminine energy that makes up your soul, your connection to cosmic consciousness and to divine love.

You have always had this power, had this light, you have always had this connection to the Divine and yet the mind and beliefs and conditioning have caused many to forget. And so at this time now, we intend to help you remember, remember that you are love, you are spirit first and foremost. And with this memory, with this connection to your spiritual source and power, the alignment of your inner desires and your outer world will meet.

There is an opening now, an access point, a possibility that you are able to let go of struggle. To release suffering, to surrender trying to make your life work. There is an opportunity now to step into the flow, the light, the well-being that is all around you. Not judging or worrying or wondering, but simply being present with this light, with your light, feeling in this now the interconnectedness of all that is. Feeling your ability to make a difference, to help and to grow by allowing yourself to be illuminated, which is of course your natural state of being.

It is your mind that thinks you cannot, that thinks you are small and powerless, but the truth is that your body, your spirit, your consciousness holds great power indeed. Accept, align, integrate your light into your body now. Relax and feel the incredible connection that is here, the spiritual you, the light being that you are, filling your physical self, expanding your awareness, your perceptions as you open to your light, your gift, your truth.

Open to your willingness to speak truth, to love and to share. Open to your memory of your divinity, the knowing of your light, and the love on your path. Open to the understanding of your Self in this very now, for now is your new start, your fresh opportunity to be the observer and the participant in your life, to flow with the changes and developments on your planet, to dream of peace, to hope for the well-being and connection of all, and to create the blessings you seek.

Your light brightly shines within you and your heart center expands beyond your physical being. Feel your energy grow and lift, be willing to become bright, bright light on earth making a difference, illuminating a world in dark.

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Do not fear the darkness, shine your light, and the well-being, the abundance, the joy and the love that this light encompasses will bring your true internal desires and intentions that are in line with consciousness into being.

You are in the presence of angels, you are in the presence of your guides and we are in the presence of a powerful, loving, spiritual being… You! 🙂

We acknowledge your suffering, the duality that has brought you to now, but know blessings and happiness await. Joyful bliss, enlightened being, trust, love, radiance and passion await.

Through your open heart you are able to stay connected to your full spirit, stay open to full possibility, allow blessing in, allow love in. Open to receive the well-being and the light we offer you now.

Love yourself for you are divine and love is your fuel, love is your power, love will unite you all, and love will bring the new paradigm for your planet into being.

Allow our love to wash over you, to soothe your body, your mind and your spirit, and know that you too hold this gift to offer your love to one another to support each other and yourself.
Love holds more power than you may comprehend. Play with the energy of love, open your heart to love and your enlightened paradigm on Earth will, is, already has, so it shall come to be.

We love you and your love indeed holds great power, tune in to your heart and allow your love, your light, to build and grow and lift, you are love and you are loved.

~The Guides and Angels of the Light as channeled by Melanie Beckler

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Melanie Beckler is an author, meditation guide, and the soul behind Her meditations, angel messages, and bestselling books, including "Archangel Michael Speaks," inspire individuals around the world to realign with their higher potential, inner light and soul purpose. Her work is rooted in love and compassion, empowering you to shine brightly on your unique spiritual journey of growth and transformation.

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