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Eclipse Meditation~ Energy Clearing & Reset Into Higher Light

Energy Clearing Meditation with the Archangels Cleanse your energy and reset into alignment with the full presence of your Higher Self and Highest Divine Light.

In this channeled meditation and frequency transmission, Archangel Michael, Metatron, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Haniel connect to support you in releasing all that no longer serves and reconnecting with the core truth of you and your inner Divine Presence.

Reset into higher light and reconnect with your soul gifts, abilities, and highest Divine Perspective so you can embody your True Soul Vibration now.  

Channeled by Melanie Beckler

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38:36 set to the meditative music of Thaddeus

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Energy Clearing & Reset Into Higher Light

At this time, find a comfortable and relaxed position. Close your eyes and begin to let go.

I now ask that we each be surrounded with Divine light, with love, that each of our teams of Guides, Angels and Ascended Masters of the Highest Christed light enter in. Fill this space with Divine Love and Healing Frequency. Support us each in quieting our minds and opening our hearts to tune in to the Divine love, presence, wisdom, and healing that will most serve now.

Greetings from Archangel Michael, Metatron, Uriel, Gabriel, Raphael, and Haniel…”

Energy Clearing & Reset Into Higher Light

Indeed, we connect with you in this moment now, surrounding you in a sacred octahedron of Angelic energy and healing light. Know that you are safe, loved and protected now. Able to let go of the part of your mind that wants to stay in control and to drop inward. Entering inward into your heart center. Where you relax, open, soften, and let go.

The energy of love, frequency, and blessing flows in all around you…

From the North, Archangel Uriel blesses you with light.

In the South, Archangel Michael blesses you with love and frequency.

From the West, Gabriel blesses you with clear divine connection and wisdom. 

From the East, Raphael blesses you with healing wisdom and love.

From Below, Haniel connects you to the purified earth energy.

The blessings of nurturing, healing, and life therein.


From Above, Metatron blesses you with the energy of the Crystalline Christ Light Grid…

bestowing the blessings of the infinite upon you.

And in the center of this octahedron of Light, where you are present.

Your mind becoming clear and your heart open…

Your highest Divine Self, your true Divine presence, your soul radiance, and higher light, steps down, steps forward, steps in.

Allow yourself to open, relax, and allow yourself to merge with your Highest Divine Presence now. As the frequency in light step up, and your vibration raises to allow this next level of embodiment, you are supported by the Archangels around you, by your team of guides and Guardian Angels of letting go.

Let go and release any energetic blockages weighing you vibrationally down…

Any past contracts, vows or decrees, which you have taken across lifetimes, which ultimately do not serve. You may experience these appearing before you in the symbol of a book, a scroll or papers, or an energy that feels heavy. Weighted or low.

Along with these past contracts…present beliefs, fears, insecurities, patterns of worry, anxiety or fear, are pulled into the front of you, where you can face these things now.

Where they are symbolized as an object, a color, a quality of energy, and now supported by your team of guides and angels. Allow this all to release into Divine Golden White light. Let it go…

Let go of all that no longer serves you in embodying your Highest Light and Truth.

Allow the past contracts, tension, and insecurities to release.

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Let go and release into the light. A sacred portal is opening a portal of light, assisted by Archangel Metatron above and Haniel below, so that you release into the light anything in your energetic field that is no longer meant to be there..that that does not support your highest embodiment, your truest integrity.

You living vibrantly well…connected to the truth of your power and light.

At this time, Metatron places the Metatron’s Cube around you. The sacred geometry of 13 spheres. The Star Merkaba of Light begins to spin in a counter-clockwise motion.

Become aware of this spinning sensation of energy…

Below your feet, above your head, and all around. Feel the tension being pulled out and released, from your jaw, your neck and shoulders, your back, hips and knees.

Releasing resistance, releasing blockage, taking a deep breath of air, of light, of life force energy.

And as you now exhale, release.

Release into the spinning sphere of light…release over to the angels and to the Divine. Release and let go…from body, mind and spirit of all that no longer serves you.

Creating an opening..a space.

For more of your vibrant soul truth, for more of your mastery, for more of your true divine nature of love, peace and bliss to reconnect with you, to embody through you. To emerge from within you, to appear.

At this time from the center of your being, your heart center…you may experience a Golden Light shining, radiating out around you.

Your Heart Light, illuminating. Your physical, mental, emotional being, shining from within you the light of love, into every style.

Blessing every cell of your physical body with this golden and rose gold light, that as you tune into it within, tuning into the light within your heart center. But golden and rose gold light manifests around in your space to clear.

Golden light shining in from above, flowing down through the roof along the walls, coating the floor..

Rose gold light flowing into every possession, every piece of furniture, every material, which comprises your space, flowing into the space between matter…in your surroundings and the spaces between matter of your physical form, as within an all around now.

You receive the blessing of Divine Source Light, of golden radiance, rose gold compassion, healing, and love.

At this point you may begin to feel your hands glowing with light. Your core, illuminated with a presence that is nothing short from Divine.

Recognize that you are this Divine Presence.

And as you focus deeper within, focusing within your heart, going in further into the center of your Multidimensional Being, you are able to reach a place of peace, bliss, serenity.

Knowing that indeed in this moment now, all is well. You were able to connect with the remembrance of your Oneness with the infinite light of the Divine.

The infinite presence of Source, to recognize your intricate connection with Source light, flowing throughout all that is, touching all beings.

At the heart of all is this same spark of divine light. That when focused upon, as you are doing now, focusing your awareness on the Divine light within you, you empower it to shine.

You empower it to build. You empower it to manifest within and all around.

You are a drop, a spark of light from the infinite ocean of divine fire…the infinite ocean of energy, light and frequency.

That is the Divine.

As you tune into yourself as a drop of the infinite, a spark of light, and allow the divine mind presence to open up and to expand out from within you….you may see or feel the ripple, the wave of positive energy, a brilliant light frequency that you create beyond you.

Flowing light out from this present point in time across space, you cross the lines of time, receiving, embodying, and shining forth the light of the Divine.

Receiving the light from above that flows in, in a column of light, in through the top of your head, and down along your spine..into your mind, your heart, your abdomen, down through your legs and out the bottom of your feet, anchoring light into the present.

Illuminating your core, illuminating your True Divine Presence, unlocking from within you the Highest expression of your truth, unlocking the soul gifts and abilities, wisdom and perspectives that are available to you now, but you are able to embody through the state of embodied Divine presence, continue to receive the blessings, that influx of light from above which fills your physical body, which fills your mental being, which fills your emotional body, which fills your Aura, your energy, replenishing the life force energy able to anchor into your physical vessel now.

Seven Chakra points within your physical form are open, balanced, illuminated, to receive the Divine light blessings, to replenish Divine life force energy, to strengthen your etheric body now.

Your Crown Center at the very top of your head, receiving the blessings of infinite light.

Your Mind's Eye in the center of your head, receiving the blessings of Divine Mind.

Your Throat Center receiving the blessings of divine communication, clarity, and love.

Your Heart Center, receiving the divine blessings of wisdom, connection, tranquility…

Your Solar Plexus, receiving the blessings of willpower, Solar light, Soul embodiment.

Your Sacral, receiving the divine blessings of purity, innocence, creativity,

Your Base Root Chakra, receiving the of divine stability, grounding the Higher light into your root, into your body.

The seven chakra energy centers uniting as one column, as one pillar of golden light. Allow your awareness to enter into this pillar, to access the core peace, bliss, Divine I AM presence that is the Truth of You.

Becoming aware of this pillar anchored all the way down to the crystal core of Gaia, Mother Earth. Receive the blessings of life, the blessings of earth, the blessings of living and learning and growing in physical form.

And now from the Crystalline Core of the Earth where you're able to feel and become aware with your Oneness with the Earth and with All.

Let your awareness lift, in this Golden column of light, up through the bottom of your feet, through your legs, your calves and knees, through your thighs and hips and abdomen, up the central core of your physical being.

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Up through your sacral, solar plexus, heart and throat..up into the very center of your head, where your mind is filled with light that is Divine. Where the web of thought, flowing out from your mind, across the lines of time, is purified and illuminated with this Golden light energy.

A pulse of Divine mind, a pulse of light, a flash of Solar Divine presence, sending out from your Mind's Eye to illuminate the Highest Timelines and possibilities for your life.

Receiving and sending forth the blessings of Divine Love.

And now in the column of light, continue to lift up, from the center of your mind up to the crown center at the top of your head, and up above into the light, up above the light.

Continuing up in a central column of light up in, to the light above the light above the Angelic realm, up into direct presence of the Great Central Sun, the light of source, manifest in the Physical and Spiritual plane.

Allow the blessings of Higher light to completely illuminate your being, to activate and turn on the cellular memories of your Divine truth.

To activate and turn on the cellular programs of healing, abundance, wellbeing.

The Golden Solar light…to prepare your physical vessel..

Elevating your frequency, repairing any tears or holes or weakened areas in your aura, and in the structure of your cellular form, so that you may embody, receive, download, shine as the divine you.

Your Divine I AM Presence, your Highest Soul Light, your Highest Soul Truth anchoring into physical form now.  Anchoring through your mind, and the Golden light glowing therein.

Anchoring through your heart and the rose gold light, brightly illuminated, anchoring through your Will’s Center and the Sky Blue Light of Divine Manifestation, anchoring your Divine I AM Presence along your core. Breathe as the Divine being you are and know

As the Divine light you shine. See, how intricately connected you as a Divine being are with all of Creation, and how through your embodiment, you impart the blessings of Divine light, to anchor, to flow for, to manifest, to shine.

Not only in your life, but rippling out far beyond view, across space and time.

Anchoring the Highest Possibilities of Divine manifestation…

Anchoring the Highest embodiment of Divine Love…

Glowing with love, frequency, truth and serenity.

Anchoring and embodying the Highest levels of your Divine Love.

Filling your mind, illuminating your heart…

Filling your abdomen, Divine presence, brightly shining along your core, empowering you to receive all that is available to you from the infinite.

All the support, the frequency, the downloads, the blessing, the healing, the love.

Anchoring it, into the present moment now into your present point in time.

Anchoring, Divine blessing and infinite possibility, into the earth, into the physical plane, into your life.

Where your feet touch the earth. See the ripple of positive energy, the glow that is created. As your Divine light awakens within the earth. The Higher light, aligning you with a sense of grace, ease and flow.

Feel the vastness of your light…your divine presence shining way above, far beyond way below, far and wide.

And now allow yourself to call in, to call forth, to return home, all energy that is yours, cleansed and purified.

Returning home to your Divine I AM core. Integrating into your physical being, increasing your radiance that shines forth from within your core.

Your core of light is illuminated, is replenished, is so vibrant. Tune into this light of your core, letting it so brightly shine.

Knowing that this manifests the Divinely bright possibilities around you, in space in time.

You empower the highest possibilities for your life, as you allow your awareness to…

Remember the Core of light, that is Your Truth. To let it shine.

Become aware once more of the Sacred Geometry, the Octahedron, of our Angelic energy around you.

Sealing, the Divine blessings of love, well-being, bliss, light and frequency into your present time…

Blessing you from Above, from Below…

From the North, South, East, and West, from Within and all around.

Anchoring the Highest and best of Divine possibility, the Highest and best of Your Truth, your true divine nature, your radiant love.

We love and bless you.

Keep shining, and then look for the manifestation of your Divine light, both glowing within you and also beginning to manifest around.

We love and bless you.  And so it is.

Channeled by Melanie Beckler 

Melanie Beckler



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