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As we begin to step into the new year, I'm happy to share with you a powerful new free angel message with Archangel Metatron!

Archangel Metatron connects with a ‘Divine Recalibration' of angelic love and healing light.

This channeled message by Melanie is set to the beautiful music of Thaddeus channeled by Sanaya Roman.

I hope you enjoy!
With love, gratitude, and heartfelt wishes for a happy new year!

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Divine Recalibration for the New Year~ With Archangel Metatron

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Greetings beloved one. Indeed, I am Archangel Metatron and I am here. I am pleased to make this connection with you now, broadcasting a gentle and yet uplifting angelic frequency to assist you in integrating the more drastic light energy sweeping change into your life and paradigm now.

Know that many improvements in your life are possible in the near future to come.

Know that great advancement on your spiritual path and awakening to your full potential and authentic purpose can be accomplished. This all is supported immensely when you allow yourself to finally, fully let go of what has been, of any attachment to what is, and what was. This paves the way for what will be to be aligned with divine purpose, centered in love and grounded in the potential for mastery of your purpose, of your unique mission, and reason for being alive. For, indeed, there is this, there must be this, for you are here.

You exist and you are a spiritual being who is alive and present in a physical form so that you can love and make a difference at this time, in your own unique way. You are here to bring enrichment and learning to your own soul’s records and to touch the lives of other spiritual beings here in this classroom of life.

All souls are present here to learn and love and grow and advance forward on the master path of awakening to your full potentials and to your highest good.

And so the light of the divine, which is all around you now, pushes and pulls you forward at the same time, encouraging you to leave behind, to leave in the dust what is done and what has been. The past is past and there is no use in dwelling upon it any longer. It simply holds you back, ties you in the present to a past vision of who you were and what you were able to accomplish, and this is no longer your truth.

And so with this gentle energy of the angelic realm, which is broadcast your way now by I, Archangel Metatron, and by your team of angels and guides and loved ones from beyond the veil who are with you, applauding you and encouraging you. Beings of love and light serving you on your path, on your journey through physical reality as a spiritual being.

These spiritual beings in spiritual form, help usher you further into your destiny, into the highest possible manifestations for this life. And so this light which is all around you serves to recalibrate your energetic field so that you may receive the blessings, the realignment, and so that you may be cleansed of attachment to anything which was and which has been including all pain or illness or suffering or doubt or fear. Acknowledge these aspects and attributes of you and it’s ok that you have experienced them. It is divine that you have experienced them. Acknowledge these aspects of your shadow which have been, for in this acknowledgement and now letting go and releasing, the full power of the spiritual being that you are is able to be realized.

You are able to step forward out of the fog, to step forward out from the shadows, into the bliss and vibrant well being and love that is the vision we angels and guides of the light hold for you.

Embrace the lessons contained within your challenges so that you can overcome them. So that you may be freed from suffering, freed from fear, and aligned fully with divine love which pours in and all around you now.

Breathe in this love of the divine as you are cleansed of any and all attachments to this past year, to this past lifetime, and further back to any lifetimes past. Cleared from any ancestral beliefs, cords, and karmic ties, cleansed and elevated, recalibrated with the radiant essence of divine love broadcast by the angelic realm, by your guides, by I, Metatron. Let this in.

Light pouring in through your crown at the top of your head and flowing down your spinal column, bringing with it any tensions or toxins, any stuck energies or stagnant feelings or emotions. Let these go. Feel them flowing down with this mercaba star of light now.

Flowing down and grounding to the light at the core of the earth, the radiant light below you. This light in a mercaba star form now once again flows up; purifying, uplifting, recalibrating each of your chakras, your spinal column, your DNA and continues to flow up, up into the light above you, up above the light into direct presence with source and with all healing, with all inspiration, with all that is.

You are a part of the one energy making up all of life, you are one with all, and you are now recalibrated to cocreate within this oneness.

For you see, your opportunity is now to claim your power, authentic spiritual being, to manifest blessings in your life and in the lives and path of another. Align with purpose, with passion, and with the enlightened perspective that you are divine love, and when you allow yourself to choose love in this and every moment, the divine love will usher you further on your path of realization of your oneness with all, and the power you have to create within this quantum field of one.

Imagine that you are stepping forward out of a fog that has been this past year, out of a shadow that has been your life thus far. There have been blessings, there has been great love, and there has been sorrow and challenge and struggle. Now, step in to the light.

Take your first step into the radiant bliss of the spiritual being that you are, living in the light of the divine. Then keep taking steps, for this is simply the beginning, the start, the clean slate, and from this moment on your choice to return to love, to step further into the light, to step forward into love, into gratitude, into the emotions that serve you, that empower you and empower others is your master path of awakening.

The master path of enlightenment, of returning to all the knowledge your beloved old soul carries within.

Embrace this power, live this authentic truth, shine ever present in the now and this light will illuminate your next step before you.

Keep taking steps. The magnificent possibility for change is before you. Grasp this by releasing the pain of the past, acknowledging that the pain was there, yes. Acknowledging that, indeed, you have experienced pain empowers you to let it go into the light, handing it over to your angels and then replacing those old outdated toxic and heavy emotions with love, with light, with joy, with bliss, with authentic being, with compassion, with hope, and with divine love… For this you are, beautiful being of the divine, of the light, of spirit.

Step further into your awakening, and into your becoming. Step into the next level of what you are able to accomplish, of how you are able to serve in a way that is joyful for you and empowering for others, into your authentic purpose and truth for the highest good.

You are needed, necessary, essential. It is why you are here, it is why you have been given the gift of another day, another breath, another opportunity to take a step, to take your next step centered in love, empowered with trust, claiming your ability to create with your thought, with your intention, within the field of all that is.

And so take a few moments to stay in this energy as we continue to flow the re-calibration of divine love around you. Take a few moments to plant the new seeds of thought, to set your new intentions, which will bring you joy and fulfillment and greater love. Intentions that will align you more fully with your vibrant health, radiant spirit, full living and expressing as the spiritual being that you are in physical form, for change is happening. Intend how this change will sweep through your life, how your life will be improved and benefited and how you will overflow these blessings to others.

Set your intentions, open your heart, step forward in love, into the new, into the light of the divine that you are a part of and that when you embrace, this light is able to benefit you in so many ways and benefit all.

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When you claim your ability to create and to live your life inspired and filled with love, all starting with the intention, and expanding further with every choice and every moment. Choose to drop in and quiet your mind, re-programming your mind to return to love, for this is what serves you now, in the days and years to come, and always.

Beautiful spirit, divine light, step forward, and receive a final cleanse of light around you, a waterfall of light pouring down, rinsing away fear and stress and tension, empowering you to brilliantly shine and to claim the wisdom of your soul and the power of your spirit to co-create hand in hand with the divine energy you are a part of.

You are so supported and loved and uplifted. Go now in peace and love and joy to make a difference in your life and to overflow these blessings all around.

I, Metatron, bow to you and to the full magnificence of the divine spirit and being that you are, and that you are stepping into. Goodbye for now.

~Archangel Metatron channeled by Melanie Beckler

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