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Creating with Christ Light

Christ Light Channeling the Guides and Angels of the Light- Part 13

This is the thirteenth and final post in a channeling series with the Guides and Angels of the Light by Melanie Beckler… If you would like to start with the first message in this series… Click Here!

I ask that we be surrounded with light and angels to raise our vibration. I ask the highest guides and angels of the light, please come in, connect and channel through me now.

The light in you, Christ Consciousness, Divine Love, the second coming—there has been much prophecy and focus in your realm upon this future date, the second coming of the messianic Christ.

And we say to you, this time in which you live is now. You live in the time of the return of the Christ light. But know that this light is not some external being. This light lives in you, and lives in all.

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Your world is now experiencing a great influx of cosmic energy—accelerating the field and everything within from intense frequency bursts radiating from the center of your galaxy, accelerating your realm and pushing you to fully connect with your light, your spirit, and with Christ consciousness within you.

The return of Christ does not speak of one man, but talks about the evolution of humanity as a whole. As you enter the new age, embracing the spirit and light within you, you are able to access the field that Christ tuned in to, of miracles, of manifestation, of unconditional love.

As energy pours into the earth from the cosmos, the stars, and your sun, you are given the opportunity repeatedly to develop and grow your psychic and spiritual abilities. And the more you effectively focus on this, the more profound the results you will achieve.

Ultimately, to fully open to this light, to Christ consciousness, to your spiritual body and your full awareness—fully awakened, fully tuned in to your multidimensional and spiritual self—all you must do is remain focused on love to let the truth of love define you and your life. Let love flow in and all around.

Fear is a long-standing belief here in the physical realm broadcast by media and focused on by all at some point. And the accelerated energy, the crystalline light pouring to earth offers you opportunity in every now to let go of all of your fears, to surrender the dense, chaotic fears of the past and let them go.

Like holding and then dropping a pen, so too can you release the fear and focus on love within your heart.

Choose to respond with compassion towards others. Choose to treat yourself with love. And through this powerful, emotion and energy vibration, the light within you becomes bright, and the Christ light awakens Christ consciousness, present on earth within all.

When you choose love, when you choose to open your heart, you effectively choose to tune in to your Christ consciousness, to tune in to your ability to perceive reality beyond the physical; instead, tuning in to the realm of love.

You see, reality is very much filled with illusion and yet you are able to create within this realm. With your Christ light burning bright, with love leading and guiding you through your life and down your divine path, you truly have an unlimited ability to manifest positive change, blessings, miracles and love in your world—the same love and healing that Christ was able to channel into the world.

You too can access the divine knowledge, teaching, wisdom and love. You too can nurture your spirit, honor your soul, and tune in to the love and light from within your heart. Feel the divine love all around you, and let this into your being.

Let the cosmic energies from the center of the galaxy enter into your experience by letting go of fear, by quieting your mind, and by allowing your heart to open your awareness to expand.

Breathe up and breathe in to the spiritual being you are becoming, a light being divinely inspired. You are able to affect the field, to manifest your desires, to manifest blessings, to create love as the Christ consciousness awakens more and more, thanks to this flow of accelerated energy.

You have the ability to bring about great and lasting changes, empowering more of humanity to awaken, to recognize the illusion, the message of fear, the chaos portrayed by media, and to realize that you can choose your own truth. You can know when stories are concocted creatively to manipulate, to control, to spread more fear.

Whenever you come across a situation in your world where you fear, recognize that illusion is present and that, with your bright shining light, you are not threatened but you are safe. And responding to the trigger, responding to the events around you with love, enables your light to burn even brighter.

The masters who have come before you, the Christ, Buddha, Kuan Yin and more, all had one thing in common: the ability to return to love in the now, time and time again. Self-love, love for all, love for the Divine, love brightly shining in you activates your DNA to your full potential, awakens you to your spiritual body, your spiritual energy, your multidimensional self. It enables you to heal yourself, your earth, your family, and to bring light, to shine light to heal across the lines of time.

By simply choosing in this now, balance, peace and love, those choices ripple out across the web of interconnectedness, creating positive change in the past for your ancestors, for your parents, for your children and for all. The growth you individually experience does not end with you. It ripples out and creates continued change enabling you to make a difference in the life of another.

As you awaken more and more yourself, then those who are still asleep to their inner divine light, submerged in the illusion, they too will begin to awaken to inner light, inner power, connection with spirit and connection with source and love.

This powerful combination truly allows you to bring blessings into your realm, to redefine your beliefs about your reality, and to quickly change the way you perceive, experience and manifest in your world—to fully open to your Christ consciousness, to your full spiritual light, spiritual nature, divinity.

Choose love in your now. Let go of fears and limiting thoughts. Open your heart. Share love, compassion and joy with all you encounter. Realize that you are a physical being here; yes, but you are spirit. And this spirit that you can tap into, that you can flow through your body holds divine intelligence, knowledge and wisdom to guide you in your life.

The chaos and turbulence and struggle of this earthly realm are no longer needed. The great blessing of this transition, of this ascension, of the accelerated energy is that you are able to leave behind the limitations, to open to your full ability in the light, to the full awareness and knowing that you are a divine being.

This is not exaggerated, cocky, or aiming too high, this is the next step in human evolution: mind, body and spirit united as one, united in love. With this alignment, you will know your truth that you came here to create. You will know your full path, one step at a time.

Take your next step. Share your light, and love with one another. Know that as your light, your Christ consciousness burns brighter, you encourage others to awaken and to activate their divine potential as well. You are all interconnected. You are one.

And so the growth, the love, and the light you open to does not end with your experience. It is connected to all. And so your growth, your transmuting fear and choosing love, allows increased love to take form in your realm, to take over for fear, chaos and doubt. This will let the earth, once again, return to the joyous, peaceful and loving center that it is becoming.

Your role is to open, to trust, to surrender, and to allow the divine energies to flow through you. Awaken from slumber.

Create your world by design.


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